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  1. Posts like this I think should have a special section on the forum. Anything that offers helpful information, tips, tricks, etc. There is a lot of this kind of stuff strewn across multiple sections between all the questions that are nice for those that regularly keep up on the forums, but that newcomers may never stumble across, or that even those that saw them may lose once they get buried under dozens of other topics. Or if not a dedicated section, perhaps a stickied thread that is actively updated serving the only purpose of indexing and linking to threads such as this.
  2. Wanting a better overview of the FPS my map was getting, I came up with the following. Thought I would offer it up in case anyone else may find it useful. In app.lua, at the top add local FPSTable = {} Somewhere add these 2 functions function f(a, b, ...) if (B) then return f(a+b, ...) else return a end end function Average(n) if #FPSTable == 200 then table.remove(FPSTable, 1) end FPSTable[#FPSTable + 1] = n return f(unpack(FPSTable)) / #FPSTable end Last, replace the original DrawText line with self.context:DrawText("FPS: "..Math:Round(Average(Time:UPS())),2,2) Instead of showing the FPS as it is calculated at every frame, it will show a rolling average over the last 200 frames. The number of frames to use can be changed in the first line of the Average function.
  3. For #1, I can confirm this and I have a workaround. This block of code in FPSPlayer.lua --Throw object if holding one if self.carryingEntity then if window:MouseHit(1) then needs to be changed to --Throw object if holding one if window:MouseHit(1) then if self.carryingEntity then as it is, if the left mouse button is clicked, when you hit E on a box afterwards, the MouseHit(1) triggers immediately after the item is picked up, causing it to be dropped. While the above change does work around it, I think there may be some other underlying bug causing the need for this in the first place as I don't believe the mouse click should be "held" as it seems to be until that block executes.
  4. I think it would be very nice if even short changelogs were posted when LE updates are pushed out to Steam. Since we already have to copy the default scripts to avoid being overwritten whenever there is an update, it would reduce the need to also go through and try to figure out what exactly changed so those changes can then be incorporated into our existing copies. My current workflow is before taking any updates, to copy the default assets to a new folder, take the update, and then run a diff between the folders. Especially with frequent small updates, this becomes tedious. I'm sure I don't speak for everyone, but as developers, taking updates blindly without knowing what was actually changed is a huge turnoff, especially when it involves an SDK/API. This would also enable better feedback and bug reporting if we knew when something was supposedly fixed, added, changed, etc.
  5. I played around with your blend and it looks like you did not assign the 2nd material to anything on the plane. Once I assigned it to the outer faces it appeared fine in LW. One way to catch this in Blender is to switch to GLSL shader mode. I'm still pretty novice in Blender so perhaps there is another way to go about this, but is how I was able to fix it.
  6. I have the i5 model with 8GB and yes it does run. The FPS controller tutorial level gets 60fps, but most anything beyond that is more like 10-30 depending on what's going on with lighting.
  7. Well, yes this is true.. but you can do the same in every app that has ever added an external editor option..
  8. Until the script editor gets beefed up with some new features (if that is even in the plans), it would be nice to be able to select an external editor.
  9. I'll chime in here with a slightly related comment. In a fairly simple scene at 1024x768 I get 60fps, I light my campfire and it drops to about 35. Now at first I would think this is maybe perfectly normal. However, when turning off vsync, even at 1920x1080, I get 500fps without and 200 with the fire lit. If the engine/my system is capable of 200fps without vsync, why in the world would it ever drop below 60fps in this scenario with vsync?
  10. Aha, thank you very much. Little things like that keep biting me and I end up overthinking them a lot more than necessary. But I did learn some things while creating my version of the door script so it wasn't a total loss.
  11. I see. My first attempt was to use the sliding door script, but it seemed to get stuck on the building model and would just kind of shake in place so I made my own. My Lua skills have increased since I made that so I guess I will revisit that and try to come up with a better solution or try to understand the problem with the built in script in my setup. Thanks!
  12. Is there an easy way to prevent a child object from being able to trigger the Use() function of its parent? Also, is there a way to make an object invisible to this? For example if I have an object that partially obstructs another, and the one behind it is what needs the Use() trigger. Just for example say you have an iron fence in front of an object with a trigger, to make it so you don't have to position the crosshair between the bars to interact with it.
  13. Any plans to correct this in the exporter? That issue was logged about 5 months ago now.
  14. This thread compliments another that I was asked to start a new report for. A map/project showing the issue can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6I7ft5g9GMfaVBUeV9oak0ya2M/view?usp=sharing To reproduce the problem, open the barn door, stand in it's path, and close the door while staying still. The door will pass through the player, and upon moving afterward, the player will be ejected out of the way, sometimes even being killed in the process. If the player is moving in any way, even just with the mouse, when the door hits, he is pushed out of the way as expected even if you stop moving after you begin being pushed. (Occasionally a directional key has to be hit before physics kick in, but most of the time just looking around works) Edit: I am using the beta
  15. LW when idle sits between 0% and 0.2% CPU usage. When the Flowgraph window is open, and idle, that jumps to (and stays at) about 17%. Enough to keep my fan at a medium speed by itself. This isn't really a big issue, but seems a little severe for what I imagine it should be, especially when compared to realtime render which uses about 5%.
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