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  1. Ubuntu is a very popular linux distro. Would be good to see these fixed.
  2. bringing back teh telefrag

  3. Keep in mind that Josh does often say "x wont happen" only to implement "x" a short time later. He would be better off saying something along the lines of "x is not planned, however thank you for making the effort in providing this feedback, I will place x in the ideas bucket for consideration" Bluntly rejecting community feedback will only lead to getting his financial supporters off-side and scare away potential buyers. Embracing feedback and maintaining control of a project are not mutually exclusive, just requires some finesse. Anyway, for better or worse, it is up to him how he runs things. I hope this feedback is received in the spirit it was intended.
  4. Adding support for playing oog sound files would be a valuable improvement to the Leadwerks engine.
  5. Glad to see Josh made the right decision despite earlier reservations. Good job and keep up the good work.
  6. Is the asset inclusion object and corrosponding methods exposed via the API?
  7. Doing the robot

  8. Even for those of us that are coders, having the GUI streamline workflows is important for productivity.
  9. Automated behind the scenes tagging works, however automated stuff can often go rogue due to conflicts and/or bugs. Would be nice to have the flag exposed via the API so it can be called on by advanced users if or when its needed. Having the flag accessible is inline with the Leadwerks marketing material.
  10. I would like to see the Engines GUI have a feature for flagging assets as either "include" or "ignore" so they're excluded when the game is built/exported as a binary. Not sure if an opt-in or opt-out system would work best, but its wroth exploring. This would make the flow of updating and further developing the game easier instead of having to delete and then re-import assets very time a build is performed.
  11. Edit: Nevermind, OP got a refund for his purchase and no longer has a copy of Leadwerks
  12. Making the things

  13. The absolute path is pretty embarrassing.
  14. Built a basic HUD today by incorporating and expanding on the above code. Example: https://github.com/abyssusj/Leadwerks/blob/master/Scripts/Objects/Player/example-player-hud.png
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