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  1. Hi, Unfortunately my daughter has had a severe long term illness since November which she is still suffering from and likely will for quite some time to come. Ultimately she should be OK but it will take a long time. Things deteriorated around Christmas. I haven't had the strength or time to do anything on the project or many other things in my life. Due to these issues I don't really feel I can really commit to anything. I find this a bit annoying as I'd love to have got this into a better state but to get something worth a look at still feels like it would be a good chunk of time. Mayb
  2. Small update: Haven't found too much time. My job and family issues have had to take priority. I have made a small amount of progress and I'll continue to pick away. Hopefully have something to show by the end of this week.
  3. I've begun to pick apart the problem cryo room in an attempt to rebuild it. I may do some additional checkins into the old repository while I pick it apart before moving it.
  4. I had a look at the current project. I will see if I can get together a new version of my stuff. Mostly it will probably be like the original cryo room but maybe with some aspects of what I did when I expanded the ship out. I will try to keep it relatively small as it was originally so we can get this thing done. Will still probably take me a while to find the time to get things done. I will say I will try to have something to show by the end of this weekend and try to have something solid by the end of the following week (8th Dec), if possible.
  5. Hi, This project is often on my mind. I have not really been doing any hobby programming or game engine stuff or 3D modelling for a bit. I will take a look at what is in new repo over the next few days and see if I can see a route to an end point.
  6. Just thought I should say I've not forgotten about the project. Unfortunately, I've struggled to find the time and have not had the energy - due to a really minor, but persistent, virus I can't seem to quite shake. I'll also be away for some time on holiday so it may be the best part of a month before I'll have a chance to jump-start things again. I'll be returning to trying to complete the ship and ship to temple entrance section, and also completing the post-title screen cutscenes. I'm still of the mind that if we can get to the end of integrating and polishing up what we have now (the s
  7. Is it that LW has determined the collision map for this terrain as not what you expect. Is this a single large mesh? If the road is a mesh with the pavement then it may be not taking into account the drop from the pavement down to the road and the collision surface remains at pavement height over the road?
  8. Think there is some confusion here. Perhaps I missed some new document that was put online when I was not around much in January or something. I always had the original document as a Google doc. It was created as such as I mentioned in the original post. I did not have anyones emails to be able to share this original doc. I think at some later point did someone create a second doc based on this? Situation now is that @aiaf uploaded a doc but the formatting is a bit screwed up. So I shared the original doc to him. Is it MY doc that you are saying is out of date or his?
  9. The original doc is already a google doc so has all formatting intact. I mentioned this in original post but I don't think I had the neccessary email addresses of everyone to share it out. I might need to check my last edit was not in some other cope of the doc but this I think was the doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17IWnOOnHY27k2hLLkmP6Q1Q1_pXvChCNcZie46HApFw/edit#heading=h.z6ne0og04bp5 @aiaf if you PM me the emails you used to share the last one (not sure if I can see them) then I can set sharing on this one. Unless there a good reason not too, but loos
  10. Yeah....from the title screen, 3 cinematics See this post This other post also showed the last section taken a little further forward.
  11. Don't know for sure but if create your own loading mechanism (a function which loads all your items using normall API loading calls) and load all the items via code then when you later load the map I think it will use the items already in memory......maybe? If you then don't release the objects then I think any map loaded will load faster as it's just loading its own map data and not loading all the assets it encounters as it realises it already has them. I could be completely wrong but I think this is how it would work.
  12. I'm behind where I want to be at this stage but still mostly pleased that I've been making gradual steady progress. It's been hard to find the time the last couple of weeks and there is a LOT to do to take things from 2 or 3 rooms up to 9. Sometimes it feels that LW is fine for small simple levels and OK if you have all your assets sorted in advance but when you want to build a complex level up from scratch it can be quite a challenge and time is spent managing this challenge rather than moving forward as fast as you'd hope. There is a video of where things are at though some things ma
  13. The detailed explanations are VERY welcome. Thanks for going int the process a bit. I'm very interested.
  14. As I'd mentioned elsewhere I have problems with the single room cryo map not saving if I try to work on it now so I had always thought at some point I'd probably split things out into separate rooms and now seems to be that time. I've put together a ship schematic of sorts to help me figure out a logical structure and where the rooms we think we would need in the story would be compared to others, many of which we may not build. On the left in the image below :- Red outline rooms are ones that are probably required and most of which were present in the single main cryo and asso
  15. Thanks very much for the useful comments! ? I will have a proper look over them later and probably integrate into a v0.04 story path. In having to write it down and merge it together I think it will help make clearer if there are any issues. I'll see if I can pick off some the things you mention, sounds etc if I get a chance in that area while you're in France. Have a good trip.
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