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  1. LW 4.4 East-West Stair Physics Issue

    Problem map is still a problem for me but in a new fresh project I haven't reproduced in recent tests. I was pretty sure I'd reproduced in 2 different clean projects previously. As a reminder the unusual elements here are:- 1. This is happening for CSG steps (though I originally hit the problem with meshes so it may be both) 2. If I rotate the problems steps back to the north south position they seem fine. Maybe Josh has a way of better understanding what is up with the steps. This kinda threw me of my stride for the game competition but I hope to get back into things and plan to build some more maps so I have a chance to run into it again over the next few weeks. I'll report back if it comes up again. Cheers guys
  2. LW 4.4 East-West Stair Physics Issue

    Pretty sure everything was as close to neutral as possible. I thought that I did the map from scratch in an FPS template but it's possible I moved the problem map into the FPS template I suppose. The player controller is the default prefab with no modifications to the script. I will try again with another FPS template 100% from scratch to makes sure things are a clean as possible.
  3. LW 4.4 East-West Stair Physics Issue

    Thanks for the info. I had wondered if it was a mesh issue which is why in my example I re-did the steps just as CSG. Could be that it's still something with how CSG gets converted to mesh, but if it is then that sounds like a bug. I'll do a few more tests.
  4. LW 4.4 East-West Stair Physics Issue

    Interesting.... So just to be clear, you are saying you tried my map and saw the problem in that specific map even with steps 10cm high? But are you saying you made your own map and didn't see the problem even on steps rotated (or constructed) in east/west direction? Also if you didn't see it maybe try steps that run east-west but are not at ground (zero) level. I forget if it was a factor but I remember I first noticed it when I had steps up on a higher level. I usually use pivots attached to CSG steps so I can move and rotate all at once. Could also be a factor if trying to reproduce isn't seeing the same results.. ...thanks for looking into it.
  5. LW 4.4 East-West Stair Physics Issue

    Out of interest. would you go the invisible ramp route? sounds like you may have not needed to do this, so maybe you do different game types where it isn't an issue?
  6. LW 4.4 East-West Stair Physics Issue

    Yeah I mention this in the workaround, but thanks for stating this as I AM interested to know if working around this is wide-spread.: Should we really need to work around it, or is everyone working round something that everyone would hope worked without the need to work around it? My concern is that for this simplistic situation should the physics (or engine) behave with this variance (north-south vs east-west)? In this case a bit or geometry running north-south is fine till you turn it west-east. No problem one way, then BOOM problem. A 16 high step is the sort of scenario where I think it would be fair to expect this issue not to occur. This step size is the officially recommend size so if it has problems best not recommend it. I think other sizes may have been OK actually. Even if bigger. However, as I think Josh probably concluded when making his recommendations 16x24 generally works out quite well. Particularly if building for modular layouts.
  7. When climbing small stairs (only 24 deep x 16 high)running in EAST-WEST direction (if looking in top view) - EAST/WEST IS IMPORTANT! You may often get snagged on a teeny tiny step. Needless to say this is a disaster if you're being chased by a monster/enemy so in my opinion this is a major problem. Baffled as to why I've not heard it mentioned so maybe I'm doing something silly but seems straightforward to encounter to me. Maybe someone else can test and see if results vary? The same steps (copy paste) in a north south direction never seem to snag. Seems to be some physics bug. Affects both meshes and CSG. I think it may get worse if mesh is more complex, i.e. more triangles per step and you simply use polymesh for physics mesh calculation. WORKAROUND: Use alternate CSG ramp (material invisible) or collision mesh with ramp for physics collision. Ramp means there's nothing to bump into but stairs now feel like ramps. I can't remember for sure but it may be more obvious if steps are elevated (so you aren't on 0 plane - may be a false assumption). Test map. Use with default FPS template.
  8. Persistent World

    Am I right in thinking Curl itself is not accessible from Lua (used via analytics so tied game C++ only? least if you want to remain in Lua sandbox??
  9. Simple bar progress Load assets

    OK thanks I try to search that out.
  10. Simple bar progress Load assets

    If you tried this on a mechanical disk and also a SSD would the results vary a lot do you think? I think the SSD may load before 100% complete or the mechanical may say 100% for some time I think. I suppose you could first do a quick estimate of I/O speed by reading a small test file in and then adjusting the timer accordingly to better guess when 100% might hit. Maybe with a larger map you might want something more like a spinner where you are not saying how much is loaded but rather that loading is taking place? Neat example. Never tried co-routines but they seem like a nice easy way to get a simple loading screen going. Thanks!
  11. Learning how to use C++11 shared pointers

    Thanks for the info. Been looking a little more seriously at C++ in Leadwerks. The v5 stuff sounds great, potentially simplifying things a bit for beginners which is certainly attractive.
  12. Try removing the existing Leadwerks.cfg file (take a backup first if you want). <USER_FOLDER>\Documents\Leadwerks You'll lose your history of projects but there is quite a good chance this will sort it out. To get back your old projects you can import them again. You don't need to do a blank project and put stuff back in, the import button will read in your existing project file.
  13. 9mm Pistol Model

    Yeah, nice procedural wood. Good work man!
  14. freeze up

    Sounds kinda familiar from quite some time back....maybe try deleting your leadwerks.cfg file from your %APPDATA%. Good chance you already did this though right?
  15. C++ Tutorial Incorrect about Actor Example

    Yeah, I can get the actor class working fine. The issue for me isn't that that they don't work. The issue is that the tutorial explicitly says there should be an implementation of the Actor class MyActor (extended from Actor) but there isn't one. This isn't a code problem bug report but a web site tutorial bug report. The text on the website should be corrected so it is accurate. Either it should not say a MyActor class is created or the starter source should contain it. If it is changed to not mention the MyActor class then I think we sorely need a nice non-trivial example of a C++ project to go with an extended tutorial. Preferably one that retains most of what people get in Lua. E.g. working menus, illustration of how to manage some simple entities and pass data back and forth from lua to c++. Yeah there is some forum data on this but I think it would be preferable to have a decent official example where a number of points can be brought together into a single place of maintained sample code (rather than potentially eventually non-working or misleading forum post from 2014 or something). Anyway the original point was that there is an error in the web site tutorial but I feel there is more to this issue than that.