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  1. What needs to be uploaded. The whole zipped source folder? In this case there is really nothing special in the scene. I created some CSG boxes gave them a mass of 5 and put them on top of each other. I duplicated the stacks to make sure there were a number of similar things in case some did not exhibit a problem. The boxes were are all duplicates of 1 box created and placed with snapping on so should be identical to each other and lining up to the snap grid in dimensions and placement. There are some meshes in the scene which do exhibit the same problem, so not limited to CSG. As this seemed so basic I imagined others are seeing this without providing the source for such a simple situation.
  2. I see much jigging about if you stack physics objects. I imagine this is due for fixing. Beta branch Release branch (non-beta) Beta branch
  3. GRENADE, GRENADE, GRENADE...OK I think I've got it this time.
  4. Unfortunately I started work on completely the wrong weapon, a portal gun! I only just realised now so no submission from me. Still the competition got me doing something I might not have challenged myself with and I hope to get it completed sometime. Hope to have something for the next challenge, which I hope continue.
  5. Sounds like I'm doing the same thing. I'm on a laptop with integrated Intel graphics, which is very usable with LeadWerks for simple stuff, but I think this rendering to a material from a camera may not work. I can't test this on my desktop for a few more days but I suspect it will work when I retest there. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. EDIT(My post title a bit mis-leading - not sure I can edit - I'm really trying to set things in the editor with minimal code, so setting a camera 'Render Target' not setting this in code). I was fairly sure I'd had this working before but I can't remember if there was anything special I did to do it.... I want to render to a texture like someone did here... Here is my non-working version... QUESTION: If you are setting the 'Render Target' on a camera in the EDITOR what else do you actually need to do to get the image appearing on a brush/model? I thought setting render target in the editor to a texture and setting that texture on a brush might be enough (though I suspected it would not be that simple too). I've seen the security cam scripts but it seems like these are doing some of the work that setting the Render Target of a cam in the editor is probably doing (i.e. rendering the texture for you). My texture stays black. I am using the standard FPS controller (which creates its own camera) and another camera set so I can set the position and the Render Target. Is this maybe the problem where maybe 2 cameras are active at once? Was thinking setting 'Render Target' on a camera handled any switching of cameras as it needed when running. Any ideas what I need to do to get this working?
  7. Good find. Thanks.
  8. I forget...does loading additional LUA libraries mean you can't use sandbox and can't deploy to player?
  9. You mean just the few materials that come with the standard projects, like smoke and tracer? No, the emitters I showed above use all new materials though you can do quite a bit with the the simple default blur and smoke.
  10. OK thanks for the info!
  11. Interesting what you say about GetAddress. I'd not got to using that. Can you explain a scenario you've found it useful in? I've sometimes found it difficult to find problems. Things like objects getting freed up due to reference counting reaching zero and me not realising it. Is this the sort of scenario you a using it in?
  12. There are ways to use PBR in Leadwerks if you use some specific shaders that others have written. I think there are 2 PBR implmentations, 1 I think aimed at Substance Designer. Try here: but someone else also did a separate implementation I believe. Should be something in the forum. I think that one might be out in GitHub or something rather than a workshop item.
  13. The majority of the effect of these is just standard leadwerk emitter (usually multiple). One or 2 (smoke ones I think) use an animated sprite sheet to give a small time variation to the particles over their lifetime but that usually isn't giving the main effect. The spell one (red expanding circles) looks like it could be sprite sheet, and might be more efficient if it was (though limited in resolution), but it's 2 emitters and no sprite sheet at all. For a torch or candle, and possibly some projectile/spell effects, I would probably go with a sprite sheet where the size of what you want is limited, many instances would be inefficient, or the effect it difficult to create exactly with Leadwerk emitters. Most effects I would be aiming to have as proper LW emitters so you can modify them to be what you want. None of these emitters have scripts doing anything yet but that might be an option for some extra control as well.
  14. Thanks, got it working. These look possible. I will take a closer look when back at home.
  15. I had planned a good deal of the things you mention and have early versions of most of them. I have only recently begun investigating this with more seriousness (started just last weekend really), so everything is quite early at this time. Here is a screenshot and video (if I can figure out how you link a video) to show a bit of what I've done. In addition to these I have plans for multiple types of those in the image as well as some or all of the following blood impact billowing dust sandstorm steam impacts - maybe glass/metal/wood/cement/dirt (e.g. bullet hitting dirt) lightning gas (poison) explosions maybe lasers/tracer/muzzle flash water - taps/fountains/rain splash etc. I'd probably be open to any requests. I might do some custom scripts for the prefabs to allow you to more simply control parameters or gain additional programmatic control over things.