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  1. Way back I think there has been mention of possible fire and ice spell/effect/weapon. I've been thinking about this a bit. I'm a bit wary about combat with AI being a possible area of long term interest for the character, and problems in implementation (e.g. AI getting stuck on walls etc.). I was thinking that maybe this freeze burn mechanic might be useful as a puzzle element (and also in combat). In theory it seems that it would be fairly simplistic to use this freeze burn(thaw) mechanic to start stop physics based elements (e.g. using a motor), or perhaps to just use programmed step motion (meaning not physics based). WARNING: I could be very wrong and it there MIGHT be a lot of hassle in trying to pause and resume physics based processes. God of War had some good use of ice and fire in both puzzles and combat. Could be an area for future thoughts if anyone has any. As far as combat usage I did do a bit of testing with item effects (e.g. poison, burning, ice/slowdown) some time ago. Don't think I got it finished but I think it looked like it was going to work out OK. I think I basically passed an effect along to the usual Take Damage function and then use it to apply a setting on the object and start a timer if it was going to be a timed effect (e.g. poison). Anyway, something to think about.
  2. mdgunn

    Dream world

    I'd been thinking the same that the minimalistic style as the first level might be jarring if it is lengthy and different to rest of game. However, I also thought it was quite a neat idea of having some pre-wake up sequence where something is happening to trigger the character out of deep sleep. I believe there's something similar in Prometheus? So, at the minute I would not totally rule out a short dream/wake-up sequence but I think it would have to be quite interesting in it's environment visually but also short. Could then be introduced in a more significant way later on as you say. I like you're thinking here. Maybe there is scope for some simple puzzles and info gathering within rooms and corridors on way to surface?
  3. mdgunn

    Added Models

    Did a quick test with the lights tutorial level. Seemed OK even on high though I'm on Vega56 now. When I originally played with it way back (generally actually avoid it because of past experience) It seemed to have increasingly negative impact beyond the first several clicks up from zero (before half way I seem to recall). Perhaps it is not the volumetric light itself but it's effect on other things such as certain shadow settings. Could be I was on a limited laptop GPU in some of these experiments so maybe this was also a factor. Maybe it operates differently these days. Anyway I'm really pretty sure I wasn't imagining things. It did seem something was occurring. Very possibly side effects of bad setup, but then how would a new user know this if it can be this?
  4. mdgunn

    Added Models

    Yeah volume light is SUPER SUPER heavy on FPS. You can almost get away with it if you keep the setting very close to minimum. If it was present it would probably need to be something that could be specifically toggled off in settings or with a low/med/high setting and it only on at high.
  5. mdgunn

    Added Models

    I can try and do some particles for the teleport if you want me to try that bit. Here is a vid of some I did a while ago. I've probably lost the assets I used here but I can recreate.
  6. mdgunn

    Added Models

    Revised teleport pad. Nothing fancy. Think you will find in Prefabs/Architecture/teleport_pad_v3
  7. mdgunn

    Added Models

    You can change the scale of the instance in one or more directions to adjust apparent if you just want it smaller in a certain direction but yeah it's pretty awful . It was one of the last ones I did. so after doing all the rest just wanted to get something out and stop modelling for a bit. Maybe I'll just do a teleport pad with just a bottom bit. If you wanted any more props or wall/floor elements and stuff like that you can let me know. I don't want to get hung up on trying to finalise lots of models but prototyping some fast ones (e.g. untextured) that even might get thrown away may help solidify a style. So, just let me know if there's anything else. Don't mind doing alternate versions of any, though I might shift focus back to other things for a bit too.
  8. mdgunn

    Added Models

    I got it working There are a few things needed for things to work out. You need a property named 'enable' on the script attached to the object you want to use/trigger You also need a method named use in that script. Like this... Script.enabled = true--bool "Enabled" function Script:Use() System:Print("USE CALLED ON TRIGGERMAPMUTATION") end You will find these present in your working script. The other thing is less obvious. The other issue here is that I had to collapse the model. I think in some situation you don't want to do this and I may need to work with this a bit and understand what is going on. I think basically the top level object of the teleport is probably empty like a null or empty so there is nothing for the raycast to hit, even though physics seems to be on. It is probably ON on the lower level objects but not this top level object. By ON I suppose I mean the physics are really defined for this lower child object but there is no geometry at the root for there to be anything to be hit. I think when you collapse the model all the geometry that might be on lower branches all end up on the root so a raycast will hit it. Sometimes you don't want this. For example I think you could make it so that you have a hitbox specifically setup on the HEAD of a character which might be a child of the body. You can then specifically detect headshots if you do the right programming. For the simple raycast that the FPS controller current uses I think it is probably simplistic and just expects to hit something at the top level where the script is attached. So in summary 3 things needed: 1) Collapse any models in model editor if relying on simplistic FPS use/raycast check. 2) Add enabled property to the script (Script.enabled=true--bool "Enabled"). 3) Add Use method to script (Script:Use() ) Any problems just get back to me. It's useful to work through these first teething problems.
  9. mdgunn

    FBX problem

    FYI Josh: Unsure if it's connected but there was a recent FBX issue in the forums. They struggled with importing the tutorial assets. Got a bit better results on an old version 4.1 but never got current version working properly I believe.
  10. mdgunn

    Added Models

    Probably Props collision, but have you added a collision type to the MDL file in the model editor, if not set there to be box, or object mesh etc. then the RigidBody type doesn't have any physics mesh to collide with. On way out so can't check your example but may have time much later when back.
  11. mdgunn

    Added Models

    Though 'dream room' might have been interesting if it had a sort of abstract geometry or even abstract maze you progress through as you unlock info or items or something. Like the walls or floors retract or shift as you progress (maybe that is frustrating and confusing)....thinking a bit like bound (PS4 VR game). Just an idea though .
  12. mdgunn

    Added Models

    Gonna have to head out. When things are entities I think FindEntity may not find them as I believe they actually don't get a name value if an instance. I'm, not sure there is a good Leadwerks reason for this, I was surprised by this too (if we are talking of same thing). It sort of makes sense, if an instance it is not really a full proper copy. May be a way to get round it (in script). I think the easiest thing is if you just go ahead and break the prefab link so it is a full instance (just edit a property to get the dialog up). Keeping prefab links in place is something to watch out for as we further develop but for now a few broken links are OK and probably necessary and quite reasonable so don't worry to much, especially for unique objects. Where we have genuinely lots of copies of something then keeping the link can be more important.
  13. mdgunn

    Added Models

    There are already teleporter with particle effects in the Addon directory. I didn't want to replace your own teleporter with my own. If you want I can do this but my goal was not to get into particle effects but just the model as you can probably appreciate. I have done a good bit with particles though and may have some presets to try so if you want me to do teleporter particles I can just let me know.
  14. mdgunn

    Added Models

    Yeah this is normal. You can break the prefab link and make an instance if you want, or you can open up the prefab (like a map) and modify that if you want if for example you want to add default script properties that make sense everywhere. I have focused mainly on just getting the models ONLY into Leadwerks. There are no physics on the objects. Select the MDL file for the object you want (the monolith) and assign a physics type that fits what you need (e.g. box may be enough, try a few). I have not made all these decisions. I leave some of these choices for who want to use the objects more in their scene than mine. We may need to tweak the physics types later. Moving to model objects provides a large time sink to me if I have to rework objects, re-import them set up physics again, reassign materials etc. Really moving to models represents a real risk to progress forward. Moving to objects and doing these models means I could not complete the other things I had planned. I would like to see more modeled environments too but it's important to appreciate the time that got diverted into me generating about 15 objects rather than spending the same time elsewhere. Don't mind doing the models, it was fun but it DOES represent potentially a lot of time diverted.
  15. mdgunn

    Added Models

    By the way....I HATE the teleporter! Looks like a shower. Some of the others are a bit meh, and I'd redo but for now they provide stand-ins should anyone want to us them. There are more models than this also. Check the directories mentioned, there are also the wall floor and ceiling panels and pipe, cyro pod etc. Basically the VR test room is constructed from panels of power of 2 based geometry (e.g. 512x256). We should keep focussed on mechanics though rather than going to far with models till we have maybe 3 areas to do stuff in and move between.