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  1. The detailed explanations are VERY welcome. Thanks for going int the process a bit. I'm very interested.
  2. As I'd mentioned elsewhere I have problems with the single room cryo map not saving if I try to work on it now so I had always thought at some point I'd probably split things out into separate rooms and now seems to be that time. I've put together a ship schematic of sorts to help me figure out a logical structure and where the rooms we think we would need in the story would be compared to others, many of which we may not build. On the left in the image below :- Red outline rooms are ones that are probably required and most of which were present in the single main cryo and associated existing rooms in different sections. Orange rooms are rooms that I think might naturally be built next to make the ship feel more alive and if there were more quests to do. I probably will not build out the orange rooms at this stage. Instead focussing on getting what we had in place in place again in new rooms. Grey rooms are rooms that fill out other functions of the ship that probably can be avoided but might have also been interesting places to go. The purple rooms relate to the engines (covering 2 decks). I don't see we necessarily need to go in there and I haven't entirely figured them out but the engines can make the ship levitate (floating island) but also produce seismic shocks that can pretty much turn ground to be fluid like for the purposes of burying the ship where it would later construct an underground factory(or mine) as it has done in part at the start of the story. As usual, there may be errors. this is a WIP.
  3. Thanks very much for the useful comments! 👍 I will have a proper look over them later and probably integrate into a v0.04 story path. In having to write it down and merge it together I think it will help make clearer if there are any issues. I'll see if I can pick off some the things you mention, sounds etc if I get a chance in that area while you're in France. Have a good trip.
  4. Sections 14 15 and 16 could be omitted to reduce work and just have player come from ship via a bridge into temple and up unblocked temple ramp to excavation pit. This stuff is already blocked in (shown in previous images a day or 2 ago).
  5. Here are my suggestions for clarifying what I had in mind for map area/sections in order to get us to a final closure on a first stage of the game and to which we may choose to leave as is as a sort of prequel version of our game. PLEASE NOTE: The following notes WILL HAVE ERRORS AND INACCURACIES in what I intended to put down. I have to do some other personal tasks so this is probably rough. If I've missed something previously discussed it's not intentional or necessarily because I don't remember I may have just temporarily overlooked it while rushing this content down. I had to rush the end sections a bit as I ran out of the time I'd set aside to do this so it may feel a bit rough at the end. This varies a bit from what is in design doc though in general is still fairly close. I might update that perhaps. Feel free to comment. I have no real attachment to anything here (as always). I have a picture in my head of how I roughly see things working out but if anyone has anything else they wanted to bring in or ditch there more chance I'd agree with you than disagree so anyone should feel free to suggest anything really. It's not that easy to tie it all together and make it seem to make sense. I suppose things don't always need to make sense, but I think my head prefers it that way at least. Here's the info. PDF same as text below it. Forth-Story-Path-v0-3.pdf Forth - Story Path WHAT THESE NOTES DO NOT YET COVER I would need to think about this a bit more and I need to move on to othere tasks but I think of note this document does not mention other spells/powers. These could well be introduced....somehow....but as I haven't really worked out how to satisfactorily explain there introduction I haven't tried to tackle it yet. Perhaps you gain them later at other temples/ships. Intro Cutscenes Space to Planet Sky to ground Temple Flythrough - Cutscenes end with cube spinning over ground outside ship. LEVEL SECTIONS SECTION 1 - Ship, Player, AI and Virus Introduction SPECIAL NOTES: Ideally this level would not be a separate level load, but at this time it might be if we are to travel through ship and show fully prop populated level. LEVEL: [level02] Cryo/Ship PURPOSE: Introduce the following:- main theat of enemy virus attack upon ship presence of friendly AI player character present in cryo tube. This section should be cinematic and engaging. Must aim to unambiguously set the scene through action not text if we can. Screens might display additional briefly seen information on attack situation as we pass by. FEATURES: Player has no control in this section. WALKTHROUGH: Cube stops spinning and descends to ground. Cube begins to launch a sort of EMP pulse attack to bring down internal systems. Cube is still closed at this point. Switch to inside ship at cryo tubes. After short pause cyro tube 1 is seen to be destroyed alarm starts in ship. Alarm is triggered in ship. Cryo tubes 1-3 are later seen to be destroy so set to destroyed state some time around now. Camera moves to cryo tube 4 and we hear/see AI begin wake up procedure for tube 4. Camera slowly moves forward toward head section of tube and fades to white. MAIN GOAL: Player is automatically switched to dream level 1 [LEVEL:01] at end. Player has no control but aim is for cinematic to set scene for start of story. GOAL RESULTS: None (no player control) SUCCESS RESULTS: None (no player control) SECTION 2 - Awaken Player LEVEL: [level01] Dream Level 1 PURPOSE: Introduces sleep type level. FEATURES: Level has elements of ship floating around to link to real world in this very abstract level. Monolith At end of level to represent the AI reviving the player from sleep. MAIN GAMEPLAY: Figure out how to successfully navigate the platforms to get to the end goal at other end of level. MAIN GOAL: Get to end of level. FAILURE RESULTS: Falling: Player resets to last checkpoint SUCCESS RESULTS: Reach Goal: Player transported to [Level:02] and awakes in cryo room. SECTION 3 - Cube Attack LEVEL: [level02] Cryo Room (Ship) PURPOSE: Introduces cryo room focussing on personal threat (low health) of player with outer threat of some distant external attack. FEATURES: Other cryo tubes are damaged and smoking - reasons yet not clear but cause is system damage from cube EMP attacks outside. Regular (15 second?) attacks still happening with camera shake. Player prompted to find health station. When they use health station they pass out and enter another short sleep level (if we want to do this dev?). Cryo room has VR pod (or user may use any other reachable - none?) MAIN GAMEPLAY: Player should turn of alarm (via switch - otherwise annoying). Player should locate health station or they will keep passing out. When health station used they will lose health much more slowly. FAILURE RESULTS: Player will keep passing out fairly rapidly as health is in 'red zone' until they use health station. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player is more stable....but must stabilise further with bandages which are just outside the cryo room in either a) locker or b) small medical station. SECTION 4 - Unlock Cryo Room Door LEVEL: [level03] VR Level 1 PURPOSE: Introduces VR type levels. MAIN GOAL: Player should locate cryo room door unlock controls in VR. FAILURES RESULTS: Falling: Player resets to start position if fall out of level (it has gaps initially). Puzzle Failure: Player does not complete puzzle correctly and must restart. Health Runs Out: Player passes out and returns to cryo room to re-heal and re-enter VR. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player performs VR puzzle that unlocks the cryo room door. SECTION 5 - Stabilise Health LEVEL: [level02] Ship (Locker/Health Station Area - just outside cryo room) PURPOSE: Get bandages from locker or health station so stabilise health. Cube still doing 15 second attacks inflicting small damage. Player can re-heal at health station. Player exits to main ship common area (essentially main room there before - but probably remodelled a bit to be minus cryo tubes and possibly lockers. MAIN GOAL: Player stabilises health (no longer goes down). FAILURE RESULTS: Player passes out: Reducing Health and/or timed Cube Attacks (ever 15 second) lead to small player damage. If player passes out may have to do short second sleep level again. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player stabilises health. OTHER RESULTS: Player may choose to enter main room without healing at this time but health will continue to reduce until they heal at health station or find bandages in locker. SECTION 6 - Repel Cube Threat/Sphere Entry LEVEL: [level02] Ship (Crane Area) PURPOSE: Introduce cube outside ship through switch to camera panning down to cube outside. Triggered by player approaching crane cab window. Player must use (flashing) crane control switch to try to destory cube in crane claw to stop it damaging ship. Sphere emerges when cube in claws and enters through the tube and into the ship progressing along the tube ino the science area (used to be hangar). Main ship room has VR pod (or user may use any other?) MAIN GOAL: Player must try to crush cube with external claws via switch in crane cab on ship. FAILURE RESULTS: Timed Cube Attacks: If player does not activate claw after prompts cube will continue to inflict timed (15 second) damage which will also damage player (electrical damage?). They may possibly have to do short second sleep level again and possibly re-heal via health-station (but no timed health decrease now). SUCCESS RESULTS: Player triggers progression: By using crane switch Sphere escape from cube and into ship. SECTION 7 - Unlock Science Room Doors LEVEL: [level03a] VR Level 2 (VR1 locking more complete - phase 2?) PURPOSE: Enter VR in order to solve puzzle to unlock science room doors. MAIN GOAL: Unlock science room doors. FAILURE RESULTS: Usual VR room failures? SUCCESS RESULTS: Complete VR puzzle to unlock science room doors. SECTION 8 - Sphere Defeated / Hand Cannon Gained LEVEL: [level02] Science Area PURPOSE: Investigate tube delivery/quarantine area. Sphere breaks out and attacks player. Room divided into some small areas which player can loop around and trigger an electrical dischage overload in a zone near the delivery tube when the player triggers via switch. Player must time this right. Room doors are locked during this section. Science Room has VR pod (or user may use any other?) MAIN GOAL: Defeat sphere. FAILURE RESULTS: Player killed by sphere through health reduction by electrical(?) attack. SUCCESS RESULTS: Sphere Exploded by electrical discharge. Player gains hand cannon. SECTION 9 - Unlock AI room LEVEL: VR level 3 PURPOSE: Enter VR in order to solve puzzle to unlock ai room doors. MAIN GOAL: Unlock AI room doors. FAILURE RESULTS: Usual VR room failures? SUCCESS RESULTS: Complete VR puzzle to unlock science room doors. SECTION 10 - Manually Repair AI room LEVEL: [level02] AI Room PURPOSE: AI informs that some of system boards (in stacks) are damaged. Player must fix. This could involve getting parts from another part of the ship (e.g. circuits from energy storage section) but initially may be SUPER simple and player just has to interact ('use' action) with (3) damaged boards hidden on the racks and are black rather than green for example. When boards fixed up AI gives user more info. Informs player than virus seems to be defeated but that it could be that it can't detect it being dormant. Tells user to escape the ship in case virus returns or further cubes arrive. Tells user to exit ship (there may be a couple of options here need to think it through some more) but they cannot unlock exit. Use must via VR. AI Room has pod (or user may use any other?) MAIN GOAL: Fix Mainboards. FAILURE RESULTS: None. SUCCESS RESULTS: Main boards fixed. AI now capable of controlling most of ship. SECTION 11 - Unlock Hangar/Airlock Door LEVEL: VR level 4 PURPOSE: Enter VR in order to solve puzzle to unlock ai room doors. MAIN GOAL: Unlock AI room doors. FAILURE RESULTS: Usual VR room failures? SUCCESS RESULTS: Complete VR puzzle to unlock science room doors. SECTION 12 - Hangar Attack LEVEL: [level02] Hangar Area PURPOSE: AI Opens Hangar Door. Player should eventually make way to hangar area where there will be ramp or exit door. Robot drones in this area will wake up as player approaches door. Doors shut and player forced to fight cam bot drones. MAIN GOAL: Defat enemies and Exit Ship FAILURE RESULTS: Player killed by enemies. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player leaves ship into new area. SECTION 13 - Exit Ship LEVEL: [level02] Hangar/Airlock Area (bit undecided) PURPOSE: AI Opens Hangar Door. Player should eventually make way to ship exit ship and begin making way out to surface via temple exit or other alternate exit (cave/factory areas) exiting near temple entrance in excavation pit at surface. MAIN GOAL: Exit Ship FAILURE RESULTS: SUCCESS RESULTS: Player leaves ship into new area. SECTION 14 - Cave Section LEVEL: [level04] Lava Pavement Area (near exterior crane) PURPOSE: Explore cave, possibly defeat more cam bot enemies arriving from direction of ship or hidden pipes or alcoves. Cave leads to bridge over lava. Bridge must be extended to reach inner temple are. MAIN GOAL: Defat enemies and Exit Ship FAILURE RESULTS: Player killed by enemies. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player leaves ship into new area. SECTION 15 - Factory Section LEVEL: [level04] Lava Pavement Area (near exterior crane) PURPOSE: Inner temple is mainly 1 room leading up to surface (but blocked) or through side doors to inner temple area which resembles constuction line area for assembling something such as robots. Further robot attacks from pipes etc in inner temple. MAIN GOAL: Defeat enemies and exit factory FAILURE RESULTS: Player killed by enemies. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player leaves factory section. Enters cave section 2. SECTION 16 - Cave Section 2 (possibly) LEVEL: [level04] Cave Section 2 Area PURPOSE: Explore and Defeat enemies on way to next section. MAIN GOAL: Defeat enemies and exit cave section 2. FAILURE RESULTS: Player killed by enemies. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player leaves cave section 2. Makes it to surface outside temple. SECTION 17 - Excavation Pit LEVEL: [level04] Excavation Area (outer temple entrance) PURPOSE: Player sees there is a larger world out here on the surface. MAIN GOAL: Player must ascend out of pit using scaffolding and or mechanisms. FAILURE RESULTS: Fall damage: Some health packs near by with other unuseful prop gear. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player leaves excavation pit. SECTION 18 - Pit Top (END) SPECIAL NOTES: This is the end point of the first chapter of the game. LEVEL: [level04] Above Pit (near temple entrance) PURPOSE: Player is now in open landscape. Perhaps there is something in distance village, or other temple? Enemies appear from ground protruding vents. Fade to black. MAIN GOAL: Close out the end of this section of the game. FAILURE RESULTS: None. SUCCESS RESULTS: Player leaves temple area for wider world and complete major game section.
  6. As I keep losing track of in forum, or feeling a little unsure on what actions we want the user to take to progress through goals in the early sections of the game I have started putting together some notes. I think I will get this completed later tonight but this is a heads up so that others can consider what they might think of as the current goals.
  7. Early version. Just a rough concept of what I was thinking. This area would be where the seating and table were and the seating and table would be which would be moved to a near-by section (I think). The desks and computers below were not really intended for this area so more of a stand-in for a console. Just an early test. It looks like it might be a bridge area more than a crane cab. I think I may reduce to 1 chair and put a few chunky console and machine parts in roof and side areas.
  8. I hope to be able to build off the basic design of what is there but split the areas up a bit more with possibly 1 or more doors or short corridors or maybe just a few wall supports to split things up a bit. The basic idea of all the things in the cryo room will remain and will probably keep most aspects of the current room just chop bits into chunks. Something like this (remember they may just be sections of the same room rather than long corridors between separated rooms):- cryo pod room locker area (near but possibly separated by short corridor or just bulkhead) crew relaxation/communications area (table, chairs, monitors). a hangar/robot storage ai room observation/loading crane - currently would be where sphere would enter through external crane delivery tube claw thing(!). Small area with control desk, monitor, chair and viewing window so you can see attack happening outside (I think). All these rooms are pretty much what is there now but re-organised a bit. Some other thoughts for possible other rooms science analysis room - rather than sphere going to large hangar like room could go to smaller science analysis room which is more like how I envisioned it. hydroponics/energy storage - simple room a bit like AI room where you may need to get battery from or other task. kitchen/mess area - probably near relaxation/communications area sleeping bunks/bathroom - awake crew would need somewhere to sleep. possible small/ting bathroom section in this room. airlock corridor - short corridor section from hangar to outside storage area - could just be dealt with in the hangar but could be another area office area - small area (possibly off-shoot of other area with formal desk and monitor for admin tasks). I am concious that we do not necessarily want to keep stretching things out so I will probably hold off on developing any of these other areas and just try to getting working again the stuff that is in cryo room but in smaller maps that I will probably first work on in isolation then bring together. I tend to follow what currently takes my attention so it's possbible things might change a bit but I will keep updating forum and trello and pop on discord every now and then.
  9. The sections above are clearly a work in progress so if anyone were to integrate with the map above they would probably need to work on a separate map, which it could remain, but would probably be best if it was brought back in to this one so may be best if elements of that map are prefabs sections which can be brought in more easily than having to reassemble in this map.
  10. Copied and pasted from discord and reworked a bit so it is in both places. Had to type this quick so may not make the most sense but can perhaps respond to any comments here and refine where we are. --- Currently I am trying to rework the ship interior and also exterior as well. I might be have something to show to help illustrate where I'm up to soon. I'm also still working on integrating switching between the cryo and vr level so we can finish this off. I'd never really been that happy with the hangar area or parts of the cryo room so I'm working towards reworking this (the rooms rather than the pros) to be more like separate areas probably with some small corridors between it. To do this to is quite a big step, essentially scrapping the current level but I'd never got round the errors I'm getting trying to save the current cryo level so don't really have much choice. Something else for Slas to do COULD be a cave level of sorts. Personally I'd prefer if this was done in a modular fashion. So, a few wall /roof meshes, floor meshes, elements to hide mesh joins etc. so these elements can be used flexibly, especially if there is only limited time to get something done. The cave would be an alternate route from the outside the ship to outside the front of the temple as was mentioned on the forum that I was holding off from doing. It could be made that this bridge above the lava which was going to be from the hangar exit from the ship is not extended or something and they are forced to locate the other exit through the caves which would be in the area above showing the ship exterior (and lava column) ....the lava hexagons might make way to a more traditional cave or whatever. Not sure what might be there. Originally I had been thinking there would be some natural hazards such as a poisonous fungi releasing spores or spider, I mention a few creatures in the doc. The temple bit (other screen) was going to be lead of to more of a factory area of a corridor of the main temple entrance which could be caved in or inaccessible. I'll post an image below. Neither the specifics of the cave or temple/factory are specced out much so there is scope for things to be picked up there. I've avoided speccing out in favour of working towards a conclusion on what we have so far. In the factory part of the temple I had imagined there might be a droids assembly line (unmanned but probably manned in the past). The droids would not be enemy droids but just droids - the invading virus subverting ship and droids to 'enemy. After exiting the ship I am imagining subverted droids from ship might give chase and emerge from ship and then emerge from other points withing the temple (but as if they subverted droids from ship not some existing enemy force in the temple). Temple to Factory Area then on to possible cave then surface of temple. The corridor of in the middle right above was to lead to factory area then possible cave then to surface, near where ramp on left would otherwise lead to if not blocked.
  11. Additional prop for use on ship. Not yet in repo. May refine a little more. chari_and_desk.mp4
  12. mdgunn


    I don't have any objections. I think you can go ahead.
  13. mdgunn


    Just noticed I am actually on 4.5 right now - I keep switching mainly for this project - so the error I was getting about mass not being set (see platform.lua) was not a 4.6 thing. I would be interested to know if you see any problems with 4.6 again though as if there are no reasons not to it is probably better that we are on current otherwise it is a pain to have to switch between versions for different projects as Leadwerks does not really support this well. If you prefer we stay on 4.5 then I can try to do that too if you feel now is not a good time to switch though I'm a bit concerned that if I have other projects on 4.6 locally then if I forget to switch back to 4.5 and work on this it may have re-written files and messed things up a bit.
  14. It might not be obvious which thing is nil, which might help understand which link in the command chain went wrong. I would temporarily split each bit into a local assignment and see where the problem occurs. Like this... local currentWorld = world local boxA = currentWorld:FindEntity("BoxA") boxA:Hide() Also be aware that if the item you are trying to find is a prefab it may not find it as it is not an instance and I think I had a situation that it would not find it until I made it an instance.
  15. mdgunn


    I spent a good chunk of time looking around your level. In general I think it's very good. It reminds me a good deal of a game called Kairo. The level design complexity in that game is very effective for how simplistic the graphics are. If you have not played that game I highly recommend it or check out a video. It may give you some ideas about simple things that could be added that might not take long, or I could help with. If you want to of course. It could add much time to put even apparently simple things in place. I think some people would not like Kairo it but I just think it is so effective in the simplicity of the levels but the feeling that is carried by those spaces. I think you will probaly find them similar to your level as I think you can tell a bit from the video and images below: I think you have identified most of the elements that need work above (lack of waypoints for example - but I think you plan to already put these in). It's nice that there are some vertical bits. I think I got about 3/4s of the way up the tower. Think I probably tried about 5 times before exploring elsewhere. The other bits feel about right in degree of challenge and the tower is too I think. If there was something interesting at the top then the pay-off would be quite satisfying. I think I found the collapsing blocks a bit frustrating. Now that there are just a few of them it might seem a little mean that they look identical to the others. It might be better if they were slightly different somehow so you knew you were doing such a section. I think partly it is because I find the LeadWerks FPS controller code to sometimes feel a little spongy or unresponsive in jump situations and sometimes when you want to jump it feels like it is not doing it. I think this is especially the case when ground is falling away from the feet as in a downwards slope or a descending platform. I think I have 4.6 loaded currently and it threw errors from the blocks that have platform.lua on them so initially was throwing exceptions and refusing to load. I'm not sure if they are required in the level. They probably are (one seemed to be somewhat hidden between 2 other blocks and I wasn't sure that was on purpsoe). Might be worth you checking against 4.6 (current release) and if you think things are now fine then we can both stick on 4.6. In general I think the level is heading in the right direction. If you want any more feedback or have other questions about my experience or want me to try something specific let me know.
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