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  1. Admin

    Problem with screen resolution

    Yes, Leadwerks 5 will support high DPI monitors. The GUI will scale to fit the DPI.
  2. Admin

    Problem with screen resolution

    This is the setting I am asking about:
  3. Admin

    Leadwerks Game Engine 4.6 Beta Update

    Any fixes are going to be on the beta branch for the next version. The fix is in the 4.6 beta. 4.5 will not be updated.
  4. Admin

    Fun with JSON

    I think the majority of loading time will be in model vertex / indice arrays and those are still in binary format.
  5. Admin

    3rd person and Weapons and multiplayer

    @ZioRed why does your avatar say "Senior Programmer" above it? 😲
  6. Admin

    3rd person and Weapons and multiplayer

    For syncing animation, there will be some new functions that save and load the entity animation stacks.
  7. Admin

    Leadwerks Game Engine 4.6 Beta Update

    Why would you expect it to be fixed then? 😵
  8. Admin

    Buying leadwerks

    Same thing. It was first called Leadwerks 5 and then name was changed to Turbo. I'm not sure how I should present it right now.
  9. The beta branch on Steam is now updated. Version 4.6 introduces peer-to-peer multiplayer capabilities with a new multiplayer game template. Check out the new features in the documentation: P2P Lobby Voice The physics library is updated to the latest version of Newton. The editor has some enhancements as well: Model editor view range is calculated from model extents, so if you load a model that is huge it won't be invisible. Model editor displays number of limbs as well as vertices and triangles. Settings file is now saved any time changes are made in the project manager or the options editor. Menu added for Leadwerks Marketplace. Paid Workshop items are no longer accepted. Menu item added for Discord chat. Please test this out and report any errors in the bug reports forum, as this is pretty close to the final version 4.6.
  10. Admin

    New Terrain Shaders

    You probably cannot do that. Maybe there might be a way to use an alpha channel for specularity, but the terrain clipmaps are a pretty specialized system.
  11. Admin

    Buying leadwerks

    The Pro version adds C++ support. The Enterprise version can be installed without Steam. There are probably two more versions of Leadwerks coming out, and they are free updates. Turbo will be the next game engine and will replace Leadwerks, but it's at least a year away.
  12. Admin

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    Here's another look at the physics. It looks very good but there are a couple of problems to work out still:
  13. Admin

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    You could make a tank with this using lots of wheels. I am not making a tread system right now, but that is possible simply by using the hinge joint: Here is the source for the vehicle class. It just uses regular joints. There is one tricky part I have to customize though so the wheel collision is better at high speeds. Vehicle.h Vehicle.cpp
  14. Admin

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    Yes, you can have your own physics shape for the chassis. In fact you can also now have your own physics shapes for the wheels. A search for the term "wheel" will return a false positive if a limb called "steeringwheel" is encountered. Perhaps if the name contains "tire" or if the left five characters are "wheel" or if the name contains "wheel" AND does not contain "steer"? It's easiest to just throw a script on a model, but a C++ example will also be provided.
  15. Admin

    Brushes vs. Model Geometry?

    No difference at all. The CSG tools are just there because they are convenient to use.