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  1. Hello I'm new.

    Free updates for life = dead company walking. You can be sure any software you like that uses this model will die out in a couple years unfortunately. We’re actually moving towards a subscription model, but the single licenses will still be available for those who want that. Leadwerks 5 will cost something, although I have not thought about the pricing for existing users.
  2. FPS Weapons Pack

    Version 1.0.0

    The FPS Weapons Pack provides a small arsenal of game-ready weapons, with no coding required. Drag these objects into your map for the player to pick up and use. Pulverize your enemies with a machete, .22 pistol, combat shotgun, MP5 submachine gun and an M4 carbine. Each weapon includes sounds, effects, animations, and scripted behavior that make it ready-to-use in your Leadwerks games.


  3. Zombie Character Pack

    Version 1.0.0

    The Zombie Character Pack provides you with a horde of undead monsters to slay. Fight your way through the flesh-eating mob or pit them against each other in an all-zombie brawl to the death. All characters are fully scripted and ready to use in Leadwerks, with no programming required. Just drop them into your map and press play!


  4. SciFi Interior Model Pack

    Version 1.0.0

    The SciFi Interior Model Pack provides all the props and textures you need to create your own high-tech sci-fi game environments. All content is ready to use with Leadwerks Game Engine, with no tweaking or adjusting required. Objects are designed to be easily aligned so you can build your scene quickly and revise it as often as you like. The included objects can be reused in many different ways to create a variety of science-fiction themed environments. 25 environment models including panels, pipes, supports, machinery, with predefined physics shapes for each object. 56 materials including model skins, with diffuse, normal, and specular maps for each. Example scenes to demonstrate usage and provide ideas.


  5. Mercenary Action Figure

    Version 1.0.0

    This high-quality character includes high-res 4096x4096 textures, an assault rifle, and a prefab set up to work with the Leadwerks soldierAI script. Drop him into your game, set his team to "good" or "bad", and watch him fight!


  6. Nature Model Pack

    Version 1.0.0

    The Nature Model Pack provides over 30 trees, bushes, plants, and rock models to build gorgeous outdoor scenery with. Paint a dense forest with trees, build a stone quarry, or a grassy field to set the stage for any type of outdoors game.


  7. Leadwerks Software today announced the release of version 4.4 of their topselling game engine on Steam. This version adds a new GUI system, support for inverse kinematics, and enhanced visuals. The free update goes out today to over 20,000 paid users on Steam. Leadwerks Game Engine 4.4 sees the introduction of Leadwerks GUI, a system for creating resolution-independent in-game menus. Custom GUI elements can be created with Lua script, or an item can be selected from a number of pre-built GUI scripts including buttons, tabbed panels, slider controls, and more. Leadwerks GUI is designed for the future, with support for 4K and 8K displays, as well as VR menus of any resolution. Inverse kinematics are now supported, with two new joints that provide fine control over the orientation of physics bodies. These can be used to control the end effector in an IK setup, or for precise control of moving objects. The Leadwerks physics system has been updated to the latest Newton Dynamics 3.14. Post-processing effects have been updated to enhance visual quality. Bloom, HDR iris adjustment, SSAO, and fog have all been updated for improved graphics. A new shader has been added to the vegetation system that scattering millions of rocks across a landscape to make terrain more detailed and realistic. The Leadwerks learning materials have been converted into an all-new documentation system. This allows easier searching and browsing of tutorials, API documentation, and examples. A new series of tutorials has been added to teach the basics of C++ programming, in addition to the existing lessons on Lua scripting. Leadwerks Game Engine can be purchased at a discount during the Steam summer sale. All Leadwerks games have Steamworks support integrated out-of-the-box and are ready to publish through Steam Direct.
  8. How do I make my game look better?

    Add post-processing effects. Add more post-processing effects. Develop a color palette for your scene and use lights to express it.
  9. 4.4 beta water physics and shader issues

    The two visual problems will be fixed this evening. The water physics thing is being investigated.
  10. Building a safer linked list for C++

    The compiler might be optimizing out that loop entirely since it doesn't do anything.
  11. An update for version 4.4 beta is now available. The Newton Dynamics library has been updated to the current version. Vehicles are temporarily unavailable, but everything else should work. The Newton DLLs have been moved into external DLLs, which allows the author of Newton to debug his own physics code in Leadwerks from Visual Studio. You can get the update by opting into the beta branch on Steam.
  12. Visual Studio gives two options for creating C++ applications. Console applications use printed text to communicate with the user, harkening back to the pre-GUI days of DOS. The other option is a windowed application with a GUI interface, simply called "Win32 Project" in the Visual Studio project creation dialog. A console application will use the regular old main function you know and love: int main(int argc,const char *argv[]) This is cross-platform compatible and runs on any operating system. A "Win32 Project", however, will use a special WinMain() function that only works on Windows: WinMain(HINSTANCE hInst, HINSTANCE hPrevInst, LPSTR, int) So if you don't want a black rectangle printing a bunch of lines of text, you have to use the WinMain() function. But, there is a way to fix this. We can change a console application to a windowed application in the Linker settings in the Visual Studio project settings. Change the Linker > System > Subsystem property to a windowed application. There's also a way to force the program to use the cross-platform main() function. Change the setting Linker > Options > All Options > Entry Point to mainCRTStartup. Although the application will no longer show a black text box, the printed output is still detectable by a parent application like the Leadwerks script editor. However, if you create a .bat file to run your application, you can only pipe the output to a text file. The text will not be shown when the .bat file runs: MyGame.exe > output.txt Of course, any Leadwerks game will automatically write it's output to a text log already, so this is sort of redundant. Another consideration is you will not be able to see the output when you run your application from Visual Studio. Strange that VS doesn't support one of the most basic needs of an IDE, and has no known method of viewing the printed output of your program when you run it. However, if you want to get rid of that annoying black popup box, and you want your code to be cross-platform compatible, this is the way to do it.
  13. Leadwerks Game Engine 4.4 beta is now available on the beta branch on Steam. This adds support for virtual reality with the OpenVR library. OpenVR supports both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets. To enable VR mode in your Leadwerks game, simply call the command below. If a VR headset is detected and initialized, this function will return true: VR:Enable() Any cameras not attached to a rendering target will render directly to the headset views. Both eyes will be rendered to automatically. The camera's position and orientation will automatically be tracked, and will override any positioning you give it in your code. You can switch between room-scale and seated VR tracking with the following command: VR:SetTrackingSpace(mode) Where mode is one of the constants VR.Roomspace or VR.Seated. Use the command VR:CenterTracking() to re-center the camera, in seated VR mode only. The VR system will automatically shut down when your game exits. You also no longer need to call System::ShutDown in your C++ code, as this will be done automatically when the main() function returns. Controllers will automatically be detected and render in your view. You can use the VR::GetControllerButtonDown(devicenum, button) and GetControllerAxis(devicenum, button) commands to get button presses and movements. The devicenum parameter will typically be zero or one, and the button argument can be one of the following constants: VR.TouchpadButton VR.GripButton VR.MenuButton VR.TouchpadAxis VR.TriggerAxis VR.TriggerButton At this time, you cannot hide the default controllers. Button motion will not be rendered in the virtual world. Camera culling does not exactly match the VR render frustum, and some objects will pop out of view at the periphery of your vision. Post-processing effects should not be used in VR, as they don't always look right, and the VR renderer uses a half-float RGB buffer to store screen positions, since depth reconstruction cannot be used with sheared projection matrices. The current build is a beta and may change before the final release. You can read more about Leadwerks VR here.
  14. 4.3 Update Available

    An update to version 4.3 is now available on the default branch. This fixes it so the editor is not DPI-aware and will be scaled correctly if scaling on Windows is used. Some small shadow update bugs were fixed, and the animation shaders were improved. If you are having trouble running your game from the editor in debug mode, you need to install the latest VC++ redistributable from Microsoft found here: The version distributed with Steam is outdated and will not work correctly. Valve has been notified of this issue.
  15. Workshop Store purchasing is restored.