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  1. The compiler might be optimizing out that loop entirely since it doesn't do anything.
  2. An update for version 4.4 beta is now available. The Newton Dynamics library has been updated to the current version. Vehicles are temporarily unavailable, but everything else should work. The Newton DLLs have been moved into external DLLs, which allows the author of Newton to debug his own physics code in Leadwerks from Visual Studio. You can get the update by opting into the beta branch on Steam.
  3. Visual Studio gives two options for creating C++ applications. Console applications use printed text to communicate with the user, harkening back to the pre-GUI days of DOS. The other option is a windowed application with a GUI interface, simply called "Win32 Project" in the Visual Studio project creation dialog. A console application will use the regular old main function you know and love: int main(int argc,const char *argv[]) This is cross-platform compatible and runs on any operating system. A "Win32 Project", however, will use a special WinMain() function that only works on Windows: WinMain(HINSTANCE hInst, HINSTANCE hPrevInst, LPSTR, int) So if you don't want a black rectangle printing a bunch of lines of text, you have to use the WinMain() function. But, there is a way to fix this. We can change a console application to a windowed application in the Linker settings in the Visual Studio project settings. Change the Linker > System > Subsystem property to a windowed application. There's also a way to force the program to use the cross-platform main() function. Change the setting Linker > Options > All Options > Entry Point to mainCRTStartup. Although the application will no longer show a black text box, the printed output is still detectable by a parent application like the Leadwerks script editor. However, if you create a .bat file to run your application, you can only pipe the output to a text file. The text will not be shown when the .bat file runs: MyGame.exe > output.txt Of course, any Leadwerks game will automatically write it's output to a text log already, so this is sort of redundant. Another consideration is you will not be able to see the output when you run your application from Visual Studio. Strange that VS doesn't support one of the most basic needs of an IDE, and has no known method of viewing the printed output of your program when you run it. However, if you want to get rid of that annoying black popup box, and you want your code to be cross-platform compatible, this is the way to do it.
  4. Leadwerks Game Engine 4.4 beta is now available on the beta branch on Steam. This adds support for virtual reality with the OpenVR library. OpenVR supports both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets. To enable VR mode in your Leadwerks game, simply call the command below. If a VR headset is detected and initialized, this function will return true: VR:Enable() Any cameras not attached to a rendering target will render directly to the headset views. Both eyes will be rendered to automatically. The camera's position and orientation will automatically be tracked, and will override any positioning you give it in your code. You can switch between room-scale and seated VR tracking with the following command: VR:SetTrackingSpace(mode) Where mode is one of the constants VR.Roomspace or VR.Seated. Use the command VR:CenterTracking() to re-center the camera, in seated VR mode only. The VR system will automatically shut down when your game exits. You also no longer need to call System::ShutDown in your C++ code, as this will be done automatically when the main() function returns. Controllers will automatically be detected and render in your view. You can use the VR::GetControllerButtonDown(devicenum, button) and GetControllerAxis(devicenum, button) commands to get button presses and movements. The devicenum parameter will typically be zero or one, and the button argument can be one of the following constants: VR.TouchpadButton VR.GripButton VR.MenuButton VR.TouchpadAxis VR.TriggerAxis VR.TriggerButton At this time, you cannot hide the default controllers. Button motion will not be rendered in the virtual world. Camera culling does not exactly match the VR render frustum, and some objects will pop out of view at the periphery of your vision. Post-processing effects should not be used in VR, as they don't always look right, and the VR renderer uses a half-float RGB buffer to store screen positions, since depth reconstruction cannot be used with sheared projection matrices. The current build is a beta and may change before the final release. You can read more about Leadwerks VR here.
  5. An update to version 4.3 is now available on the default branch. This fixes it so the editor is not DPI-aware and will be scaled correctly if scaling on Windows is used. Some small shadow update bugs were fixed, and the animation shaders were improved. If you are having trouble running your game from the editor in debug mode, you need to install the latest VC++ redistributable from Microsoft found here: The version distributed with Steam is outdated and will not work correctly. Valve has been notified of this issue.
  6. Leadwerks Game Engine 4.3 is now available. This release adds support for Ogg Vorbis audio files. Ogg Vorbis is a compressed audio format specially designed to shrink the size of large audio files. Using Ogg for large music files can significantly reduce your game's size. Leadwerks Game Engine 4.3 features numerous performance updates, with performance improvements up to twice as fast as Leadwerks 4.2. Finally, numerous small bugs have been squashed to make Leadwerks more reliable than ever. Version 4.3 is a free update and is available on Steam now. C++ projects made with Leadwerks 4.2 can be updated by adding the following header search paths: $(LeadwerksHeaderPath)\Libraries\libvorbis\include $(LeadwerksHeaderPath)\Libraries\libogg\include
  7. The Winter Games Tournament is complete, with a long list of fun mini-games made by the community. This tournament saw the release of many new and innovative types of games you want to be sure to try. To claim your prize, go to "My Profile" in the drop-down box that opens when you click your name in the upper-right part of this website: On your profile page, click the button that says "Edit My Profile" and enter your name, shipping address, and shirt size. Lone Water: Prologue Lone Water tell a history about a flooded world. You are a lone survivor in this world and you must find clues to figure out why the world is now all flooded with water. On the Road Again On the road again is a little racing game where a track is randomly generated with a given seed. You either use a car or a ball to complete levels. Compete with others as you can see their highscores via the Steam leaderboards. Snowmageddon Build your own base and defend it against evil snowmen! This game was built just for fun, and is still a little buggy. It has 11 waves of snowmen, and 13 different structures you can build. The controls and instructions are in the game. Feel free to comment if you find anything wrong, or one of those dreaded misspelled words. The Van Just another slow day at the biotech firm. You work at the main research facility as a mechanic for vehicle maintenance and general odd jobs around the place. You don't exactly know what they manufacture here. Very secretive need-to-know stuff and the non-disclosure papers seemed pretty clear about not talking about what you see here, otherwise the consequences are severe. Ball Hopper Bounce across platforms to reach the finish, but make sure you get all the checkpoints along the way! The controls are really simple, but don't think it's going to be easy! Water Bottle Flip America’s latest craze is now brought to PC! You heard that right – Water Bottle Flip captures the thrill of lobbing perfectly good drinking water in plastic bottles through the air and trying to land it upright on various surfaces. This authentic polymeric encapsulated aquatic simulator realistically captures the exquisite arc of the bottle as it sails effortlessly through the air and onto the target! Throw as many water bottles as you like in the comfort of your own PC gaming chair without having to worry about spilling actual water and soaking your carpets! How many can you land consecutively on the table? Can you trick-shot onto the vending machine? Can you simply just land one before casting yourself out into the void out of frustration? Try it out and see! Home Sweet Home You wake up to find you are on a deserted Island. Rick Powers After waking in an unknown facility, you find and connect psychically with a future tech orb which allows you to teleport to places you throw it to. Use the sticky ball powerup and the ball sticks to anything. Use the bomb powerup to create an energy blast to break things. Can you escape? A Long Journey Now whether that's what I've created for a WinterTournament is enough, no clue. But I hope you have fun. So far, there are only two maps. But there will be more. In total there are 10 maps with different scenarios, effects etc. Pig's Adventure Dodgeball This game started out as a typical dodgeball game but then morphed into something a bit different. At any rate, the object of the game is to try to break down all of the boxes on the target platform before you run out of balls. Jimmi the Rabbit Guide Jimmi to his house before time runs out. Collect as many carrots as you con. Spinguins Evil snowmen are planning to invade your planet! Quick, hop into your rocket ship and blast them away! Make sure to steal their hot choco for some Health & Power boost! Sot Kaal It works, but it's unfinished. Second level isn't there, I'll update soon. Snow Riders Snow Rider is an arcade snowboarding game. Enemy Z Prepare your defense against waves of the undead. WhiteOut Race against your friends and the AI and be the last one standing! Up to 8 racers at a time. Mass Micron The game is supposed to be a boss battle within a single room. The boss will be invulnerable to direct fire but elements in the room will allow you to take him down. E.g disable missiles, reduce boss reaction time etc. Structura Game type real time strategy game.
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. The correct function to use is Camera::GetRange(). That page was written before the deferred renderer made lights an extension of the Camera class.
  9. Leadwerks Game Engine 4.2 is now available on Steam. This update adds new features to make game development easier than ever. The free update goes out today to over 10,000 paid users on Steam. Version 4.2 integrates analytics into Leadwerks games with a free account. This allows developers to view statistics on player behavior and identify any trouble spots their game might have as players progress through levels. By viewing a summary of all player behavior, developers can make data-driven decisions and get real-time information instead of relying solely on written feedback. New graphical features make Leadwerks games more beautiful, including fast ray-traced reflections with a new post-processing effect called screen-space reflection (SSR). Easy heat haze, glass refraction, and soft particles can now be added to games just by dragging a prefab into the scene. Textures can now be added to spotlights to project an image onto walls. New animation commands and a built-in animation management system make it easier to display game characters with fluid movements. Just set the sequence to play, add a transition time, and the engine will auto matically manage and play a queue of blended animations. A bug that sometimes caused animated characters to render incorrectly on Linux has also been fixed. It's now easier to purchase items in the Leadwerks Workshop Store. Clicking on the buy button in the editor will open the selected item in the Steam client, instead of requiring you to log into the Steam website through a web browser. The professional edition has been upgraded to Visual Studio 2015, and is now compatible with the latest version of GCC with C++11 support. The Leadwerks Winter Games Tournament is running until January 15th, and there’s still time to create a mini-game and publish to Steam Workshop. All participants receive a prize, including stickers, posters, shirts, hoodies, and even Steam controllers. Leadwerks Game Engine and the Professional Edition DLC are both on sale during the Steam Winter Sale with an 80% discount. Leadwerks Game Launcher can be downloaded for free on Steam. ABOUT LEADWERKS SOFTWARE Leadwerks Software was founded in 2006 to make game development easy and fun. The company launched Leadwerks Game Engine on Steam in January 2014 and has experienced steady growth with over 10,000 paid users. Leadwerks Game Launcher was released as an early access title in September 2015, allowing developers to publish games to Steam Workshop for free, with no waiting period and no approval process.
  10. Presently, SSR creates a reflection based on the specular value at each pixel and roughness is ignored. In the future the screen color buffer will be downsampled to make a blurry image, and then used in combination with the roughness value at each pixel.
  11. Game Launcher is also updated with latest game executables.
  12. This has been silently added as part of the new GUI system that is still in development.
  13. At last, it is time for the 2016 Leadwerks Winter Games Tournament! This is going to be a big one, for a few reasons. We're very likely to reach 100 games in Leadwerks Game Launcher, which means it will be ready to move out of early access mode and be an official release on Steam. As an experiment, you're getting two extra weeks to polish your games, with an extended deadline lasting until January 15th. WHEN: The tournament begins Monday, December 5, and ends Sunday, January 15th at 11:59 P.M. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Publish your wintery-or-other-themed game to Steam Workshop or upload it to the games database before the deadline. You can work as a team or individually. Use blogs to share your work and get feedback as you build your game. If you need models for your game, we've got a Christmas props model pack for you to use for free from Leadwerks Workshop. Games must have a preview image, title, and contain some minimal amount of gameplay (there has to be some way to win) to be considered entries. It is expected that most entries will be simple, given the time constraints. PRIZES: Rather than a competition, this tournamant is a "co-opetition". Everyone who participates gets a prize! If this is your first game tournament entry, you will receive a cool Leadwerks sticker in the mail. If this is your second game tournament entry, you'll receive a collection of three limited-edition professionally printed postcards featuring beautiful Leadwerks screenshots. Send them to a friend or put them on the wall. If this is your third game tournament entry, you'll receive the new Leadwerks USB stick, which is perfect for storing projects, code and artwork! The items will be printed with the Leadwerks logo for a distinctive look. If this is your fourth game tournament entry, you'll receive a rockin' Leadwerks T-shirt in the mail. Wear it to show how cool you really are. If this is your fifth game tournament entry, you'll receive the new Leadwerks hoodie! This gorgeous garment makes you look like a Silicon Valley startup geek. This light jacket is perfect for air-conditioned spaces that are just slightly chilly. If this is your sixth game tournament entry, you will receive a Steam Controller. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind. Bonus PrizeEveryone who participates also gets this bonus prize: an 11x17" poster mailed to your door! These posters will be printed only once, only for this event. This is your only time ever to get one, so make it count!
  14. With the Summer Games 2016 Tournament completed, it's time to review the entries. This tournament brought a new level of quality, with several small games that could be considered Greenlight-ready, made in just four weeks! Sound Game Test your spatial reasoning skills in this unique and challenging game. Navigate with your map and lit up clues to get to the end of the maze. Soundscape Solve the mystery in this atmospheric puzzle adventure. Astrotrack Race through this futuristic yet retro world with a rockin' 8-bit soundtrack. Log Riders Jump from log to log in this fun physics-driven game. Realm of the Lamb Explore the afterworld in this atmospheric adventure. A great example of storytelling and pacing. Little Dagon Run. Glide. Shoot fireballs. Any way you do it, you're going to have a blast in this polished and fun game. Leadblocks Jump n' Run Slafstraf is back, not with horror, but with a psychadelic first-person jumping experience. Test your skills with this challenging and (presumably) LSD-driven adventure. Anesthetic Blast through hordes of enemies in this frantic fast-paced action title. Steam Leaderboards let you see how well you're doing compared to other players. Spookemon Go! Race an RC car around your beach house and collect all the Spookemons. You've got to catch them all! Robo Platformer Jump your robot from platform to platform in this challenging third-person game. FPS Nightmare Fight for your very soul. We couldn't have said it any better. The Hankinator's House of Darkness A blend of action and puzzle-solving with excellent game mechanics makes this a must-play! Dino Land Collect photos of dinosaurs in this unique adventure! Also features completely awesome water. Did we mention there's dinosaurs? TinyGom Race a tiny remote-control car through a fun and active setting. Pew Pew Bang Bang Red vs. Blue team-based battles. What more do you need to know? Go play it! Run! Jump! Crawl! A classic side-scroller with satisfying graphics and a fun vibe. Try it out! Crawler's Den Replay the Leadwerks AI and Events map with this reimagined implementation done in pure C++. There's also an interesting blog about the development experience. Grimlight Sneak through the corridor and avoid the enemies. Excellent map design makes this a great entry to check out. World Factions An MMO RPG game where the online is similar to Minecraft in that players can host their own server.