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  1. Admin

    Brushes vs. Model Geometry?

    No difference at all. The CSG tools are just there because they are convenient to use.
  2. Steam Workshop was a compelling idea to allow game asset authors to sell their items for use with Leadwerks Game Engine. However, the system has turned out to have some fundamental problems, despite my best efforts to work around it. Free items are not curated, causing the store to fill with low quality content. Some people have reported trouble downloading items. The publishing process is pretty tedious. The check-out process requires adding funds to Steam Wallet, and is just not very streamlined. At the same time, three new technologies have emerged that make it possible to deliver a better customer and seller experience through our website. Amazon S3 offers cheap and reliable storage of massive amounts of data. Paypal credit card tokens allow us to safely store a token on our server that can't be used anywhere else, instead of a credit card number. This eliminates the danger of a potential website hack revealing your information. Invision Power Board has integrated both these technologies into our commerce system. it would not have been possible to build a web store a few years ago because the cost of server space would have been prohibitive, and storing hundreds of gigs of data would have made my website backup process unsustainable. So at the time, the unlimited storage of Steam and their payment processing system was very appealing. That is no longer the case. To solve the problems of Steam Workshop, and give you easy access to a large library of ready-to-use game assets, I am happy to introduce Leadwerks Marketplace. The main page shows featured assets, new content, and the most popular items, with big thumbnails everywhere. When you view an item, screenshots, videos, and detailed technical specifications are shown: How does Leadwerks Marketplace improve things?: Easy download of zip files that are ready to use with Leadwerks. You can use File > Import menu item to extract them to the current project, or just unzip them yourself. All content is curated. Items are checked for compatibility and quality. Clear technical specifications for every file, so you know exactly what you are getting. Cheap and reliable storage forever with Amazon S3. Any DLCs or Workshop Store items you purchased can be downloaded from Leadwerks Marketplace by linking your Steam account to your profile. Easy publishing of your items with our web-based uploader. We're launching with over 50 gigabytes of game assets, and more will be added continuously. To kick off the launch we're offering some items at major discounts during the Summer Game Tournament. Here are a few assets to check out: Get "The Zone" for just $4.99: Or download our Mercenary character for free! Just create your free Leadwerks account to gain access. Other items will be featured on sale during the Summer Game Tournament: After purchasing an item, you can download it immediately. All your purchased items will be shown in the Purchases area, which you can access from the user menu in the top-right of this the website header: Here all your purchased items will be available to download, forever: If you are interested in selling your game assets to over 20,000 developers, you can upload your items now. Sellers receive a 70% royalty for each sale, with a minimum payout of just $20. See the content guidelines for details and contact me if you need any help. If you have a lot of good content, we can even convert your assets for you and make them game-ready for Leadwerks, so there's really no risk to you. Browse game assets now.
  3. Admin

    Summer Game Tournament

    Summer is here, and you know what that means! Yes, it is time for another LEGENDARY game tournament. This year the theme is "Retro Gaming". Create a modern take on an arcade game hearkening back to the days of NES, Neo Geo, Sega, or just make anything you want. Either way, you get this totally radical poster as a prize! How does it work? For one month, the Leadwerks community builds small playable games. Some people work alone and some team up with others. At the end of the month we release our projects to the public and play each other's games. The point is to release something short and sweet with a constrained timeline, which has resulted in many odd and wonderful mini games for the community to play. WHEN: The tournament begins Thursday, June 21, and ends on July 31st at the stroke of midnight. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Publish your retro-or-other-themed game to the Games Showcase before the deadline. You can work as a team or individually. Use blogs to share your work and get feedback as you build your game. Games must have a preview image, title, and contain some minimal amount of gameplay (there has to be some way to win the game) to be considered entries. It is expected that most entries will be simple, given the time constraints. This is the perfect time to try making a VR game or finish that idea you've been waiting to make! PRIZES: All participants will receive a limited-edition 11x17" poster commemorating the event. To receive your prize you need to fill in your name, mailing address, and phone number (for customs) in your account info. At the end of the tournament we will post a roundup blog featuring your entries. Let's go!
  4. New FBX converter is on the way thanks to Brad's help. Normals loaded from vertex normals or smooth groups (previously only smooth groups were used). File units are accounted for and model is scaled to meters (previously the raw positions were used regardless whether the file was saved with inches, centimeters, etc. Updated to latest FBX SDK version.
  5. The latest game tournament brought in a small number of games, but they more than made up for it in quality. Each title that was submitted was pretty fantastic. The tournament was held during an odd month and there was no banner across the forum to remind people about it, so that is something that can be improved in the future. Each entry will receive an 11"x17" poster in the mail. Please make sure your name, address, and phone number (for customs) are correct and up to date in your Leadwerks account info. Without further ado, I bring you the games: Dwarf Beard A solid base that can be turned into a nice RPG, Dwarf Beard pits you and your beard against a horde of goblin sentries. There are several interesting mechanics and the polish is very good. Zelrio This is a fun adventure game with a and well-done visual style that looks and plays great. Find stars, collect coins, evade monsters, and reach the end goal. I was not able to progress past the first level, so I am not sure if there are more levels or not, but it's definitely worth checking out. House in the Hollow A shooter that is literally on rails...actual rails! Have fun blasting balloons in this spooky funhouse ride. J-Train This is a very interesting learning game that teaches you Japanese characters. The interface still needs some work but it's a very cool idea and the polish and execution are excellent. Also check out "VR testje weer" in the game launcher if you like killing chimpanzee zombies in VR. There's no title image so it does not qualify for the tournament...but it has monkey zombies in VR: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1305570192
  6. Admin

    Destroyed Convention Center

    Looks good!
  7. The standalone enterprise edition has been updated to the now-stable version 4.5. The new installer is available in the client area when you are logged into your Leadwerks account on our website.
  8. Admin

    Version 4.5 Updated

    An update for Leadwerks Game Engine 4.5 has been pushed out on Steam. The following fixes have been made: View projection for Oculus Rift VR headset is fixed. Added VR.AButton, VR.BButton, VR.GripAxis for improved compatibility with Oculus Touch controllers. Fixed terrain collision bug. Added missing Workshop toolbar icons on Linux. Fixed script editor not opening on Linux. Fixed LoadAnimation bug. Fixed missing fall damage on player controller. This update is available now to all users.
  9. In the above screenshot, it would be in "Templates\Common\Materials".
  10. Admin

    Future City Soundtrack

    Version 1.0.0

    An Audio Soundtrack comprising of 9 tracks. The perfect Soundscape for Future Worlds & Cities. All tracks produced by Arteria utilising retro Hardware analogue synths/outboard fx, and digital DAW plugins. Track List City Lights - 2:43 Cyber Streets - 2:56 Droid Police - 1:48 Future City - 3:24 Neighbourehood Boogie - 2:40 NightClub Back Streets - 2:38 Street Stories - 2:56 Sunrise Over New Tokyo - 2:32


  11. Admin

    Fantasy Battle Music

    Version 1.0.0

    8 tracks feature in this Fantasy Battle Cinematic Music. Produced in the Arteria Music Studios, featuring an array of Orchestral ensembles, and intense percussion, this pack is essential for your cinematic battle scenes, for medieval or fantasy settings. Track List A Heroes Charge - 2:37 Battle at Hell's Gate - 2:17 Charge of the Warrior - 2:05 Darkness Falls - 2:06 Storm of the Blade - 1:41 The Dark Rise - 1:55 The Horse Lightning - 2:04 The Orcs Rise - 2:07


  12. Today we are pleased to announce the release of Leadwerks Game Engine 4.5. Version 4.5 introduces support for VR headsets including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and all OSVR-based hardware, allowing developers to create both room-scale and seated VR experiences. The Leadwerks virtual reality command set is robust yet incredibly simple allowing you to easily convert your existing 3D games into VR titles. To help get you started the source code for our Asteroids3D game has been updated for VR and is now freely available in the Leadwerks Games Showcase. Leadwerks Game Engine is uniquely well-suited for VR because of its fast performance, ease of use, and the availability of C++ programming for demanding VR games. Several optimizations for VR have been made including combining the rendering of both eyes into a single culling step. The stability and accuracy of Newton Game Dynamics means we can have in-depth physics interactions in VR. A new VR game template has been added to provide common VR features including teleportation locomotion and the ability to pick up and interact with objects in the environment. Visual Studio 2017 We've also upgraded Leadwerks Professional Edition to build with Visual Studio 2017 so you can take advantage of the very latest Visual Studio features. Instructions for upgrading C++ projects from version 4.4 to 4.5 are available here. Other Improvements Added fog settings in editor and into map file format. New joint scripts and enhancements. Updated to Steamworks 1.41 You can pick up Leadwerks Game Engine with a discount during the Steam Winter Sale.
  13. Admin

    [Linux] Flushing Keys and Mouse Presses.

    Fixed in next build.
  14. Admin


    Version 1.0.0

    This highly realistic Modern Day Sewer Environment Pack provides you with a construction kit set of mesh pieces to make your own sewer environment, whether small, or large. Simply connect the pieces in your 3d game editor, to lay out a level setting.


  15. Admin

    HTC Vive Accessories

    Version 1.0.0


    This package contains controller and base station models for the HTC Vive VR headset. These can be used to create modified controllers or skins.