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  1. My itch stats looking like avg. 30 views per week, 0 downloads so far https://xtom.itch.io/one-more-day

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    2. Einlander


      Also put the games details as your forum signature, mention and link it in your twitter bio, and put it in your steam summary section.


      That should slightly help with the visibility when you interact with people online.

    3. xtom


      Thanks guys. I've added it to my forum sig and will look into these other suggestions.

    4. Josh


      I've been meaning to buy this, I just haven't bought anything on itch.io yet.

  2. xtom

    8192x8192 Terrain support

    I think 4096 is plenty big imo. You can always load different areas/maps to expand bigger and keep dev easier than trying to custom code something to handle a massive fps terrain + all it's content. Recently played Vampire the masquerade which loads areas in city, yes it's an old example but the gameplay is no lesser because of the map loading except maybe the loading time. I think 4096 is much bigger than what that has game too. But if you want to compare to latest AAA openworlds you would need a comparable dev team aswell just to come close. I guess if you are making all procedural game it's a different story but in general 4096 is plenty big for an indie game imo.
  3. xtom

    Marble Game Template

    With lots of mechanics might need to introduce them gradually over multiple levels. First level(s) should be easy, not too hard on the difficulty curve/frustration. Maybe checkpoints. I like the way that video has red barriers on some of the ends making the level not too difficult. What about a putty ball that splits in half if a saw hits it, or powerups that change from soft to hard ball to beat certain enemies or puzzles. So much you could do.
  4. xtom

    Marble Game Template

    Maybe a turnstile/roundabout where you have to time your exit carefully. And some rubber walls that bounce you more. Didn't realize so many things could be added to a marble game.
  5. xtom

    Marble Game Template

    Sounds good, maybe have a jump/bounce to hop over gaps and obstacles. And teleports to other parts of level.
  6. xtom

    ZERO - a bit simpler approach

    That's cool what modelling program do you use?
  7. OK let's see what happens https://xtom.itch.io/one-more-day

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    2. xtom


      Thanks, I need to record and add a trailer or vid when I get the chance.

    3. Josh


      That's one way to get a guaranteed $4 out of me!

    4. xtom


      Just added a quick video trailer to the page. Day one stats on itch were 60views but no sales. I will post more stats after it has been up a while, not much happening yet though. Hopefully the vid will help.

  8. New version of One More Day uploaded to Launcher. Should be notably faster than previous versions.

  9. xtom

    Editor suggestions

    I would prefer a collapse all option as it would make for less scrolling and easier to browse the scene tree in general. A right click move to filter option within the scene tree itself would be more intuitive and less disjointed to having it as a properties selection but I don't know what is possible and what isn't.
  10. Seeing news that Steam planning to charge for greenlight.

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    2. xtom


      A "recoupable fee", I wonder how that will work and how much.

    3. gamecreator


      The articles I just read make a good point about why Greenlight sucks. From joke submissions wasting people's time to people not voting much any more to not knowing when/if you'll be Greenlit. All of which diminish the value of Steam and its legit projects. Steam Direct sounds good as long as the entry fee isn't too high.

    4. Ma-Shell


      @tom: From what I have read, they are going to pay you back from their split of the revenue your game makes.

  11. xtom

    Editor suggestions

    I use the filters, they are a very useful addition but still even when there are lots of objects under custom filters the suggestions mentioned here would also be very useful to have. Anything that speeds up map making/organising is good.
  12. xtom

    One More Day

    Thanks, next update will be out soon! The houses and bungalows are already converted from csg to mdl in my dev version of the game. I did my best to remove hidden faces in blender. The most complex is the house model with interior walls and floors which turned out 907polys. The non-entry buildings are about 350poly. So in the game a house is now one mesh/entity + any windows/doors/furniture and the benefit I hope is being able to repeat more times with lesser impact on performance, plus they can be hidden out of view beyond the fog using the view range setting. If it was just one or two of the houses then I wouldn't bother converting from csg but for 10,20 it cuts down on a lot of separate csg pieces on the map.
  13. xtom

    Triggers - Latest Beta

    Whoops this is my fault, feel free to close. Name on my player prefab was wrong.
  14. xtom

    Triggers - Latest Beta

    I think latest beta files may have broken trigger scripts from working.
  15. xtom

    Editor suggestions

    Yeah it's a pain moving things up into different filters when there's a lot of stuff. Even a collapse all would be a nice addition but all the other suggestions would be very nice too. A big +1 for scene tree improvements.