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  1. So, I put some spot and point light in the scene and remove the directional. Now, with the orthographic camera, the lights doesn't work at all. Only the ambient light allow me to see the objects.
  2. Hi, When I change the projection mode of my camera to orthographic, the shadows disappear. Is that normal? Did I miss something?
  3. I have removed the camera from the default C++ template. I confirm this. So, how leadwerk manage to find the good one? Changing extern Camera* ActiveCamera; don't seem to work for me.
  4. While trying to getting a camera present in a Map from the C++ side, I found there is 2 cameras (according to world->cameras.size(). What is the second camera ? How leadweaks choose the camera to render the scene ?
  5. Just an update to explain that it works. My goal was to chain pivot entities to create a path system. My Camera has a script with a first entity value that point to Pivot 2. The Pivot 2 has a script with a target entity value that point to Pivot 4. ... In the Camera script : if self.first then self.from = self.first:GetPosition(true) if self.first.script and self.first.script.target then self.dest = self.first.script.target:GetPosition(true) end end
  6. Hi, I should have an error in my lua script but, because my C++ application crash right after launching it, I can't see any error. The console log also disappear. The crash is produced by the Map::load() function. Is there any solution to make the content on the log windows appear in Visual Studio Express?
  7. Hi, Because Leadwerks use only bones to animate 3D models, I created a simple scene is Blender with 2 disconnected bones that allow me to translate an object. After exporting it to an .mdl file, importing it into LE and open the model editor: the animation is present but my object doesn't move. Is Leadwerks need bones to be connected together to be animated? scene-test-1.zip
  8. Thank you for the answer. So if a user do not set the right lua script in the second entity, the first script should be ****ed up. This should not be very serious for the abstraction level covered by the lua scripting. But what about c++ side?
  9. Hi, I would like to access a property of a script (the one that appear in the Script panel of the leadwerks editor) inside an other lua script or with c++. How to do that? Something like: entity.script.myProperty or entity::GetScript<Entity>('myProperty')
  10. I found that creating a C++ project for Windows generates errors in the Linux project and conversely: the environment path is wrongly setted. To fix the first one, open the .cpb CodeBlock project file in the Projects/Linux folder and look for name="LeadwerksPath" in the XML and change it to value='"$(HOME)/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Leadwerks"'
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