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  1. Ok I will have to admit that too then... Thanks cassius for your answers on this subject.
  2. Yes I agree with you but my point is: how can I be sure that my object will correctly manage collisions in all states of its animation? Imagine a guy who keeps his arms close to its body and then raises them at the end of the animation. So if I set the physic shape to convex decomposition on the first frame then when he raises his arms, his hands will be out of the physic shape (because the shape does not follow animation) and so anybody will go through his hands and will not collide. Am I more clear?
  3. Hi cassius, First, thanks for your answer! I tried your code but my FPS player still go through the sculpture (even when sculpture is not moving). Here are some abstracts of my code: So yes, maybe I was not clear So what I want is that my FPS player (or other characters) collides with my "sculpture" mesh and does not go through it. And this "sculpture" is not a simple box/ball and have animation. So if create a convex physic shape, it will only cover the first frame of animation and the only way I've found until now is to set a big physic sphere all around the sc
  4. Hi, I'm continuing my LW discovery. The new question I encounter is this one: -> If I have an animated model, the physic shape I put on it does not change with the animation (which seems normal from what I've seen). So what are my options if I want to avoid that other characters don't collide with it? From what I understand, I need to set a basic physic shape that will be big enough to cover all the area used during animation. Is there a better tuning option? Something which would be more accurate. I can see mentions of hitbox in the forum but I don't understand if it is the
  5. Yeah!!! Applying a material with an animated shaders indeed solved my issue. Big thanks to all!!! I must admit that before this post, for me a shader was only something related to texture to make the object look differently but not to allow to animate it. Still so much to learn... Great!
  6. Thanks to you all for your feedbacks! Good community here! I'm on Windows 10. I haven't applied any specific texture or changed default names except for the animation action names. I don't know about the diffuse shader because I have used the default settings of the cube but I'll have a look at it. I don't own any other modeler to try but I have tried other blender examples given in forum with discussions around Blender exportation like "man" and "ankh" and I manage to export blender animation to Leadwerks and see the shape moving. So it certainly comes from something I'm doin
  7. I've got exactly the same issue! When importing it into LW, the only thing which is animated is the light (and shadows) but the shape does not move at all... I'm using latest version of Blender. I'm creating the shape, add the bones, create the link between the bones and the shape, then animate it and save it in dope sheet, then export it with LW export plugin. All seems fine in LW, except what I've written above when I run the animation in Model editor window. I've read several message on the subject in LW (and done the tips in it, like the scaling) but it did not help. Ha
  8. Thanks Shadmar for your quick answer! So I followed your advice and used a model instead and it now moves smoothly in the sky.
  9. Hello, I'm back to Leadwerks after a long while and starting to play again with it and C++. I've done a very basic code which moves a door (why not ). I can see it moving as expected but when I'm close to it, there is lot of flickering and it is even hard to keep looking at this moving door. What are the tricks to allow a smoothing move? I guess there must be way to synchronize it with some refreshing update or else... Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks for all your answers! Great community here! Doing like AggrorJorn said (="specify a shape") solved my problem. Thanks! I can now continue to design my first scene. Yeah!!!
  11. Hi, I'm a total beginner in Leadwerks so my question will probably be an easy one I create a new scene. I put a big box (BOX1) in it for the floor, a little box (BOX2) with a mass of 1.0 and a barrel (from "models") with a mass of 1.0. BOX2 and barrel are put above BOX1. When I "run" the scene, BOX2 goes down and collide with BOX1 and stays on it but the barrel goes down and continue to go down through BOX1 and dissapear. I don't understand why the collision is not detected for barrel because all parameters seems identical between BOX2 and barrel. I tried different collis
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