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  1. Thanks shadmar. Your link led me to SetTextureStageDistance and I messed with the parameters to get a good result. Thirsty Panther: I found that post yesterday and used it to change the draw distance in the game itself, but I wasn't able to find anything there for the editor. It's not a huge deal but it can make it a little hard to paint large things like mountain ranges.
  2. I understand that in Leadwerks 3 a distance blurring system was added to allow for more textures to be used on terrains. This has become quite noticable in my project. It's not too bad for the level terrain when at ground height, but for something like a mountain it becomes very obvious. You can quite clearly see the line where it blurs and where it doesn't. I have Googled for an answer for a few days now and have only really been able to find the blog article talking about the new terrain system (which seemed to mention that there would be a way for the dev to adjust the blur distance), and not a lot else. I have tried messing with a few settings in the terrain shaders (e.g. TERRAIN_LOW_FREQUENCY_BLEND which was mentioned in one forum response, but setting that to 0 as recommended just made the texture low resolution until you got up way too close to it). Can anyone point me in the right direction? On a mostly unrelated topic, is there any way to increase the draw distance in the Leadwerks editor?
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