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  1. Hi, thx i think there is no short trick to get my which.. i miss the time:getcurrent somewhere and i think if(badguy.frame <(=) badguy.animlength) and the +0.3 stops animation in some cases before the last Animation frame. My try in lua is nearly the same..so i blow my code to get it more robust for different animation length/speet.. cu Volker
  2. HI, is there a short code snippet to do a time dependent single cycle animation. my trys with an animate not close to the end or to fast... cu Volker
  3. Hi, make an hidden helper sphere at cannon pos and point it to the target then get y-rotation from this helper sphere and put it to the cannon (maybe add 180 to flip) tryed quick code down there but not tested carefull to free the helper... helper = Model:Sphere() helper:Hide() helper:SetColor(0.0,1.0,1.0) helper:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition(true),true) helper:Point(self.target, 1, Time:GetSpeed() * self.rotSpeed) self.entity:SetRotation(self.entity:GetRotation(true).x,self.helper:GetRotation(true).y+180 ,entity:GetRotation(true).z,true) cu Volker
  4. just a "copy to"... new Name... Button in the Project Manager would be fine. I think Git is something for real programmers nothing for an script kiddie...
  5. Hi, need an button to copy an project so that both are accessable in projectmanager, to keep working versions of an game for restart at past position or investigate why something no longer works.. something like MyGame.001 MyGame.002 ... cu Volker
  6. Hi, Failed to load texture "C:/Users/.../Leadwerks/Projects/pumpkinkick/Directional Light" Failed to load texture "C:/Users/.../Leadwerks/Projects/pumpkinkick/Materials/Effects/default.tex" how can i prevent running into this error after some work on my projects... they still compile and work but it looks not clean... cu Volker Holschuh
  7. start a discussion in steam: navigate on Leadwerks pager to Games - Steam Games - search the game and klick View in Steam Community cu Volker
  8. Hi, if i give the mass later back to the entity dont act as it have no Forces on it. i do this in update physics maybe that is the Problem? cu Violker
  9. Hi, Is there a way to remove physic forces completely? If i temporarely set collission to None for cinematic Animation and later put it back for further physics the old physic forces also come back. if window:MouseDown(Key.LButton) then self.state="ball" self.childv = self.entity:FindChild("Daumen R") entitydb.kuerbis:SetMass(0) entitydb.kuerbis:SetCollisionType(Collision.None) entitydb.kuerbis:SetParent(self.childv,false) entitydb.kuerbis:SetPosition(self.childv:GetPosition(true).x-0.1,self.childv:GetPosition(true).y+0.4,self.childv:GetPosition(true).z,true) else self.state="normal" entitydb.kuerbis:SetParent(nil) entitydb.kuerbis:SetMass(0.01) entitydb.kuerbis:SetCollisionType(Collision.Prop) end cu Volker
  10. Hi, most is mass > 0 for your bullet and adding a force to it, look in this tread for inspiration it is about arrows but it is nearly similar:. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/12473-noob-q/page__hl__arrow cu Volker
  11. HI, self.entity:SetViewRange(Entity.InfiniteViewRange) don't work in Lua Max.. Near.. working fine but not Infinite.. Script Error error in function 'SetViewRange'. argument #2 is 'nil'; 'number' expected. greetings Volker
  12. Sound may to handle with an global table adding all Sound and parse it to pause them. But there so many other things not time dependent.
  13. Hi, the Name in the LE Editor cannot proofen with GetKeyValue("name") Try to set the key by code.(SetKeyValue("name","entity1")) http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/api-reference/_/entity/entitysetkeyvalue-r774 cu Volker
  14. Hi, you have to handle sounds(noise.lua) by yourself - souds Play and Play and Play... cu Volker
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