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  1. Hi , Top down shooting Game I tried to create during the summer holidays. I wanted to introduce it to the next event, something like "Halloweeen Event" by Josh. At least my Light version. I called the project "Blue Max". Maybe someone still remembers the old game on the Atari 2600. A screenshot I had set on Discord. Light version because my programming skills are very limited and I am still learning and trying hard so there are still bugs in it . You could also "pimp it up". It based on Joshs Game "Astroid" Other wise, I had the days also thought something like "International Karate" but
  2. if i remeber correct this was c++ if it is possible and someone translate it in lua (i am to bad) this was also a nice effect
  3. it looks like I'm very creative today. Yeah, I have a welder. mhm .. ok .. and what now?
  4. no not yet. But I think if you invest more time, you get a nice explosion. My explosion was only a quick version. I have to spend more time in this. maybe later
  5. https://vfx.productioncrate.com/explosion-vfx-categories.html#_ga=2.63300844.238680612.1515842131-1939002152.1515230501 try this webside.. than make a sprite sheet with the explosion
  6. yes thats the way it is so much fun to create spritesheets for this .. I do not know about you, but I play games now with completely different eyes. "oh, I could try that in leadwerks too .."
  7. burgelkat

    Bird Effect

    Hi, Here is an effect to bring more life into the landscape. I used a sprite sheet with an emitter ..
  8. Here the sprite sheet if someone will use it thx josh will try your hints
  9. ok looks with that nice. at the moment only single-shot looks good .. i have to build a spritesheet without a bullet shell so thats my solution for the moment FPSGun.lua
  10. ok something like this .. (its not perfekt) https://www.dropbox.com/s/atjdn8xc7ef5os8/BehindEnemyLines 2018-03-16 09-19-46-90.avi?dl=0
  11. mhm or the problem is because we create the sprite and hide it .. so the material on the sprite is set and run the spritesheet pictures in the backround .. if i now show the sprite and at this moment the 4th picture is displayed, then it looks bad
  12. thats a good video .. but how can i control the pictures in a sprite sheet? the spritesheet shader like the "firepit" shader from shadmar starts random in the individual pictures of a sprite sheets. In the case of fire this is not a problem, with explosions or with Gun Effects it should begin however with the first picture. I have such a spritesheet (muzzleflash .. a bullet and smokes but it does not start on the first picture. And creating an effect with maybe 20 seperatly bictures is a bit exhausting (I hope you understand my english )
  13. i read this post https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/9862-small-entities-fall-through-terrain/ buit if i use force i have to add a Mass so rey cast for this not work
  14. BehindEnemyLines 2018-03-08 12-14-29-40.avi
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