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  1. I'm seeking a shader tool Does anyone use ShaderTool from Steam ? link>> https://store.steampowered.com/app/314720/ShaderTool/ Does it actually work with LeadWerks ? I'm wanting to make a distortion shader since I can't find any good ones that are to my liking. Anyone know of a shader tool that works with LeadWerks ?
  2. how do you set it all up with that sandboxie ?
  3. I loaded up the multiplayer example but it did not show any signs of being online. How do you use it ? There was no chat on and no signs of being online just a blank walled off room that has an FPS player to walk around and that is it. I was hoping to see a working small example template of a multiplayer game in action just to see how it is done. Instead all there is is a blank FPS walk around room !
  4. Does anyone know how I could make a digging system ? Digging as in digging with a shovel ingame or using some sort of tool ingame. It doesn't have to be digging into terrain either it can be digging into a 3d voxel model. But how ? Anyone got any code that they could show me that works for digging ?
  5. Will this code work in the current LeadWerks and not the beta ?
  6. I copied over every single missing file from my old project of 5 years ago into this new install and got it to work ! did anyone else have this problem ?
  7. Is it because I have an old project of the same DLC on my other hard drive from 5 years ago ? Does it check to see if the computer has all the files ? Is it because it detected all the effects and models,etc.. from 5 years ago on my other hard drive ? but the old project is not using the same hard drive as I'm using now 'cos my main hard drive is different and new. This is the only solution as why it is not installing these effects and models, etc. that i can see. Does anyone else with this DLC have problems with it ?
  8. This FPS Weapons Pack DLC is not fully installing. How do i fix it ? Anyone else with this DLC having the same problem ? Why does it not fully install ? DLCs paid for should function after installation but this one does not ? Why ? see the attached screenshot for the errors it gives >> it says it failed to load sound effects, models, materials and prefabs>>
  9. yeah well i havent used LeadWerks for a couple years and i just came back to see how things are so im a bit rusty on these " little things " lol atm im experimenting with LeadWerks now to see if it can do what i want for my new project
  10. nvm i figured it out. you have to maximize that window and go to the bottom right of that screen and hit the install button ! lol that easy ! see attached screenshot >>
  11. see the attached screenshot. i cant download any of the DLCs i bought i restarted LW many times and still wont download them. how do i fix this ?
  12. How would I use this info to create a digging system (mining system) like they have in the game called 7 days to die ? Is it possible ? if so how ?
  13. idk but id like to have all different options available to do whatever and not be stuck with one option as this says >> http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/ChannelPacking Why not have options for all channels ? I would think that people would like to be able to use all channels no ? For example >> i wanted to make a car texture and that would use the metallic option and then for another texture i would want the roughness texture for some texture on carpets,etc. that use fuzzy or furry textures
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