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  1. My VS2015 is not working anymore since I installed VS2013 Same compile errors
  2. I create a blank project in Leadwerks to try do a simple compile to test my VS2013. I'm getting the follow errors:
  3. Thank you! It's working now There is something wrong with the torchs
  4. Help T___T I tried reinstall the LE, I have the professional edition btw...
  5. I'm getting this error: "F:/Development/Leadwerks/Projects/rpg_template/scripts/objects/player/player.lua" : 58 : attempt to index field 'script' (a nil value) He can't find this script: Failed to load component "F:/Development/Leadwerks/Projects/rpg_template/Scripts/Objects/Cameras/3rdPersonFollow.lua"
  6. Ameshi

    Real Mirror

    Hello nick, And this shader? http://www.sharecg.com/v/81125/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Iray-Mirror-Shader The only way to do a mirror is with Camera render target?
  7. Someone tried to do the same here: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/8381-head-bobbing-problem/ maybe this can help you!
  8. Any news on this? This is the only engine I have in my system that needs VS2013, everyone is using VS2015 by now.
  9. Link is not working :/ I can't find any documentation about getting started with c++ and leadwerks, like link to the right VS2013 version
  10. I just saw this on twitter, anyone know how do this?
  11. Get stuck forever in: Deleting shader "F:/Development/Leadwerks/Projects/Tutorial_Samples/Shaders/Editor/wireframe.shader" And if I try run the object scripts map I get: Failed to load model "F:/Development/Leadwerks/Projects/Tutorial_Samples/fan_blades.mdl".
  12. Ameshi

    Real Mirror

    Hello and thank you for your suggestion, I will do some tests. Maybe we can use some shader or probes to do the same?
  13. Ameshi

    Real Mirror

    Hello guys, I'm trying to do some mirrors, and in my first try I used a Camera render target. Camera render target looks like a good solution for security cameras and such, but as a mirror not so much :/ Anyone know how I could do a mirror, like the one in the video? I mean reflect stuff based the angle that you look at it.
  14. Anyone tried to do this? like use fade in/fade out when changing scenes/maps? I guess I can use a black image and apply alpha values to do the trick?
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