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  1. Here are a few examples of my flowgraphs, Josh has seen them first hand as well, so I think this could help in convincing him to add more features to it. These 2 pictures are from the same level by the way.
  2. Yup, my bad.
  3. First place on track 60 on car. First place on track 60 on ball. Let's see if someone beats my time
  4. I am indeed, not only for endings but for optional choices and other things. I will be making a few graphs and whatnot after a month or so of the game being on sale, see what I did wrong/right and use that to aid me in future projects.
  5. After going radio silent for a week I return with some really, really good news. First and foremost, the last level of the first episode is finished, I'm currently testing it out and seeing if I can break it before I upload a beta build to steam. After a couple days of it being there, if there aren't any issues, I will be launching the game on february 10th. Yes, you can quote me on that. I have to tell you though, making this level was not easy at all, I had so many ideas that never saw the light of day, but I hope that the way I created things work out for the better and I hope to use those scrapped ideas in the future someway. So here's a bit of information for the last level for those of you who've been wanting to play it: There's a way to kill the demon. There's a way to escape without killing him. The last level has 5 different variations depending on what you do. It goes without saying that there are multiple endings for what happens when you finish the last level as well, but I'll leave that for you to find out. That's it for now! I've probably already said too much so I hope you'll like what's in store for you.
  6. Here are my numbers for A Demon's Game since it begun, note that I have never been featured in the front page of anything, the closest thing to that was the game being in the top 100 a couple of times on indiedb, but that has barely any effect on the attention the game gets. IndieDB: 768 Gamejolt: 305 Game Launcher: 633 I was never able to release a demo on itch.io since they don't allow anything over 2gb. Hopefully that will change when ogg support is released officially.
  7. From 3,31GB to 1,2GB. It's quite a difference.
  8. Hey gents! First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my lack of updates the last week, personal life took a big hit and I got extremely busy, but rest assured that updates for the game will follow as soon as possible since I now have time to focus on it. So what have I got planned? First piece of news is the upcoming 0.4.5 update, it will launch sometime after the next engine update. Most important features of that update are: -Performance boosts. (Thanks to the way lights and objects affect each other being rewritten) -Size of the game will drastically decrease. (Thanks to ogg support) -More bug fixes. I will keep you updated on when I'm thinking of releasing this patch, and yes it will arrive before the first episode's official launch, speaking of which... Release date for any game is a critical thing to nail down, and looks like I got extremely unlucky this year, as RE7, Outlast 2, Agony, Scorn and a few others are all big horror titles coming out this year, so I have to pick my fights where there aren't any, I was planning to release the game this january, BUT, RE7 comes out at the end of this month, and the month of february doesn't have any big horror releases, so that's going to be my month to shine. I don't have a specific day to release the game yet, but it will arrive in february. What have been working on lately is a weird mix of learning and developing, I recently got my hands on Substance Designer 2 and it's an incredible piece of software, as soon as I get more experience with it, I will use it for upcoming episodes. The development on the last level of the episode has been slow and methodical, since I need every branching path to find flawlessly, the past 2-3 days have been me exploring the ways the map can branch out while keeping things conclusive and fun. Here's a few WIP pictures, SPOILERS OF COURSE. NOTE THAT THESE ARE VERY EARLY REPRESENTATIONS OF THE FINAL PRODUCT. That's it for now, more updates coming soon! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADemonsGame/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/lxFirebal69xl
  9. Currently, in the latest steam version of the game this is my sound folder. (It's only sounds that the game actually uses, all the other ones have been removed) Yes, that's 1,18GB in sounds that I use.
  10. Thanks for that find! I just told the people with problems to disable DSR, see if that fixes it for them, will update in a bit. I should really drop LEX1 altogether but I was waiting until the GUI update to do that.
  11. The issue fixed was this "In windowed mode the game crashes for me after the prologue with Lucy is done. I tried verifying game files and reinstalling." Not this "I can only run this in windowed mode, fullscreen messes with the screen resolution or something and I can't point-click and select options or new game." Also this guy has the same problem: (added to original post) http://steamcommunity.com/app/569430/discussions/1/154644045358568399/
  12. I will be writing blogs on doing things outside of leadwerks, promoting, exposure, data analysis, things like that. I wouldn't mind showing how I've been polishing my game, and other things, since I got a really big project, I found ways and did things that most users never even thought of doing
  13. Last time I tried, it was only a 1-2 second difference and made the loading screens black. So dunno if I want to go that route.
  14. Due to the game being released on steam, I was able to find a few issues with the game/leadwerks that weren't apparent before. I'll be updating the thread as time goes on for everyone's ease of use, especially Josh. 1 Loading times are long, even using the new --Pause garbage collection System:GCSuspend() --Resume garbage collection System:GCResume() NOT FIXED YET. 2 Switching from windowed to fullscreen is causing the game to stretch more than it should for a user. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15419-switching-from-windowed-to-fullscreen-screws-up-resolution/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/569430/discussions/1/154644045364507570/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/569430/discussions/1/154644045358568399/ NOT FIXED YET. 3 Keypad script making some users crash! http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15409-keypad-script-makes-some-user-crash/ Made changes to the code ( Thanks SRB ) waiting on player's feedback! 4 ClearPostEffects() bleeds out graphics. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15421-clearposteffects-making-graphics-go-crazy/#entry103400 FIXED. I'll be updating this post as time goes on.
  15. Yeah, agree, this is the only shader I'm thinking of using for the game that's dynamic. So I guess I can do it this way without problems.