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  1. The physics tab in my recently installed 4.3 seams to be missing parts.. I can add the controller but it does not have anything for me to change nor does it work in the level..I can hear footsteps... I of course could be doing something wrong, but I can't seam to find a basic player creation tutorial. It's frustrating as I got this to work with easy in a past project but just can't seam to figure this out... K
  2. Ahh.. so we can't group CSG currently then ?... I thought we could... Maybe that was years ago
  3. Hey guys, hope everyone is well. I'm a real old timer from the forums...several years ago actually LOL and got an email about Leadwerks 3. Is there still an option to try the engine ?.. I can't even find an option to buy anything atm. Any info or link would be great. Thanks chaps.
  4. Greetings all..and Josh Been years since I've posted here but I find myself installing 3DWS again but I've lost my reg Key...Josh should I fire you off an email about it ? Thanks. p.s..might see some new stuff from me soon...maybe K
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