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  1. Thanks for the info. Could you try to disable a vert sync in the settings, please?
  2. Try using: self.entity:Hide() instead of self.entity:Release() I suppose it's not a proper way to destroy an entity from a working script attached to it. If you would like to release it anyway try to do it somewhere else (in an asset manager for example that you could write yourself).
  3. The Cemetery An entry for the Halloween 2017 Game Jam Hello everyone, After a month of hard work I finally finished my first game just for Halloween Game Jam. It's a short adventure with a spooky theme. Definitely the game needs more polishing and could be extended to a bigger story but as we know we had only a month to complete our projects. This is a third project I have had a chance to release with Leadwerks. The first two have been abandoned due to many reasons. This particular one wasn't created fast and smooth. I had many problems with crashes of the Leadwerks player and a wierd behaviour of the engine, like: On some machines vertical sync should be disabled or the game crashes randomly Game crashes if player has been killed by the monster with the MonsterAI.lua script attached to it (self.entity:SetMass(0) should be commented out in the player script as found on the forum (!)) Changing some object position on the map, save and run causes crash but only first time - next were fine Suddenly the debugger stopped to work for me. Anyway you're invited to check out this game. Have fun! Here is the link to the game on Itch: https://rozen.itch.io/the-cemetery . Regards.
  4. Animated characters are always welcomed! If I may suggest you to add more standard (casual) animation types like: run, panic, dying sequence etc. would be perfect.
  5. Hi, I'm just thinking about how would I patch my future released game? There are three cases, considering the standard edition: 1. Leadwerks engine patching - new dlls must be downloaded and replaced to new ones. 2. Scripts, game logic (C++) and the main exe file - this is little confusing to me. Do not know what to replace 3. New content: maps, models (assets) - most things are compressed and secured. An entire new game version could be replaced of course but let's imagine that my game supports In-app content. How new maps, models and other assets could be downloaded to the client and patched correctly? How can I achieve that? Does LE support such things or if doesn't, will do in the near future? Do you faced such problems? Thank you, regards, Piotr
  6. Yes, I checked it out and entity:GetCountChildren() returned 1. In my case this entity (your chamferbox) is a prefab and loaded dynamically. I did workaround it by attaching a script to the emitter entity: function Script:Reset() self.entity:Reset() self.entity:Play() end and invoking it: self.emitter = self.entity:GetChild(0) self.emitter.script:Reset() That's works ...
  7. I have created an entity with one emitter child object. I try to access its interface with the code: local emitter = self.entity:GetChild(0) emitter:Reset() Unfortunately Reset method is not executed and a nil value is thrown. Does someone know how to correctly access an Emitter interface from LUA script in such situation? Is this possible? Thanks, Piotr (Leadwerks 3.5 beta branch, Standard Edition)
  8. I have standard edition of Leadwerks and I'm working in beta branch now (Leadwerks 3.5). After last update I have noticed a problem with flowgraph editor. My function: function Script:EnterType()--arg return self.collidedEntityType end is not reflected in the flowgraph and therefore I cannot trasmit this agrument to the input function (with --in) Only output and input methods are showed in the graph. Arguments are not. (Windows 8.1, GeForce GTX 460)
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