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  1. Lucky you and Unlucky you at the same time.
  2. Twerkin

    1. gamedeviancy


      I'm going to punch you for putting that image in my head.

  3. Lurkin

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    2. BES


      STOP EATING MY COOKIES! ...MINE! ...damn lurkers!

    3. AnthonyPython


      you ate all the beef jerky too, damn it and the pizza flavored pringle chips!

    4. Jazz
  4. You disappoint me every other week with some of your comments man. What kind of indie dev supporter are you really? I'm gonna keep this constructive, and say good job for "programmatically" fixing the fire-fox issue... That might be partially because some users feel the need to post in a thread about an OS they do not use... Mmm, preach for me \o\ I can feel the wisdom shining off you!
  5. Gamedeviancy, your avatar I feel like is one upping mine, its just... perfect lol. I literally feel like you have mastered the look xD I can't tell if thats your hair, a towel, or a wig? But its workin lol Also, yes there are wacky scrolling issues with the leadtwerks.
  6. Do you need help editing your avatar? I can help you if you'd like. lol Game creator yours is good! lol
  7. Great Avatar and Yea man, Linux is the way to go.
  8. Yeeee Hawwww Y'all!

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    2. YouGroove


      I hope you are not making Skyrim with LE3.

    3. Ronald Buanno

      Ronald Buanno

      Why would you get that impression? I thought I was pretty clear I'm not using LE3 for anything but my own entertainment right now.

    4. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      ..he dont want to take an arrow in to a knee ;)

  9. I've known for years, it's pointless to give ****s about what people think about you. Also I have learned honesty, to me, is more valuable then deceit hands down always. To me your response it self is passive-aggressive, no one is asking you to read my posts, click else where. Maybe you should make an avatar with cowboy hat and glasses like everyone else and join the party. Thanks for the post Josh, a status report is always nice. DerRidda, I think you pig looks extremely hardcore the way you put that mustache on him, very good choice, a goatee I don't think would have the same effect lol. Here's one I did to match the old avatar style.
  10. To say that he read it. To comment on when he will be addressing these issues.
  11. For video and screen recording, I recommend Kazam. I'm not sure if it works with Arch, but I don't see why it wouldn't. Also, glad to see Josh commenting in in hear. Oh... wait.
  12. Facts... well they are facts..

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    2. MarkusR


      involved by fun.

    3. Ronald Buanno

      Ronald Buanno

      Nice avatars everyone! Now we all are super cool!

    4. Ceveris


      Count me in :3

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