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  1. Agree - beats having to refresh constantly
  2. Good deal. I think that's always been an extremely useful feature here.
  3. will there not be a chat any more?
  4. yep looks like its fixed. You can close this bug report:
  5. The bug report had to do with Window styles would always lower case the 'Window' portion of the code when posted in the forum. So 'Window.Center' would automatically convert to 'window.Center' for whatever reason.
  6. what about the issue with the word Window ending with a period, which was a long running bug report for the forum. window = Window:Create("example",0,0,1024,768,Window.Center) Edit- looks like it works now and that report can finally be closed.
  7. This example shows the issue Haydenmango is describing where the child is slow to follow the parent's movement: window = Window:Create() context = Context:Create(window) world = World:Create() camera = Camera:Create() camera:Move(0,0,-4) light = DirectionalLight:Create() light:SetRotation(35,35,0) parent = Model:Box() parent:SetColor(0.0,0.0,1.0) child = Model:Box() child:SetColor(1.0,0.0,0.0) child:SetMass(1) child:SetPosition(2,0,0) joint = Joint:Hinge(0,0,0, 0,0,1, child, parent) while true do if window:Closed() or window:KeyDown(Key.Escape) then return false end p = window:GetMousePosition() p.z = 4 p = camera:UnProject(p) parent:SetPosition(p) Time:Update() world:Update() world:Render() context:Sync() end
  8. Creating a Ball Joint causes the engine to crash. Run the example in the API reference to duplicate:
  9. Slider static Joint* Slider(float posx, float posy, float posz, float pinx, float piny, float pinz, Entity* child, Entity* parent=NULL) Syntax Shape PolyMesh(Surface surface) Parameters
  10. It appears there's something in the scene it doesn't want to render? Have you tried removing objects from the scene panel to see if the issue stops?
  12. hmmm this may explain why none of my vehicles work....
  13. I would expect 100 rigged crawlers to have a more significant expense when moving than 100 collapsed crawlers. The rigged crawler has 24 bones, so the engine is having to update not just 100 models but 2500 entities when you perform a Move(). Same idea with the navmesh navigation. And it may be worse with the character models you are trying- how many bones do they have? Then add animation ontop of that... One way to lessen the animation costs is to perform animation only in the Script:Draw() function. The only thing that might lessen the navmesh navigation is if Josh implements model LOD's at some point (like we had in LE2) - where at some distance the model can be swapped for a non rigged version of the model. As far as FPS though - that's very subjective and will vary from computer to computer, but IMO if you can still achieve a fairly stable 60 fps then you are probably alright. And in some games, you might not need it that high, depends on the game/gameplay, etc...
  14. yeah- this post was about the character controller not rotating unless the controller was moving... because someone wasn't using an up to date version. The problem you are referring to is a completely different issue. And yes, i do see that... but it only occurs on the start of the program - almost like the character physics werent created all the way yet prior to the platform moving. if you jump several times, you can get the character to land on top of the platform and its all okay after that. Definitely an issue, but as Josh is implementing the new newton physics engine version in a new way in this beta i suspect there will be issues. You should definitely make a bug report.
  15. huh? am i missing something? why wouldn't it not rotate if i don't move the mouse?