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  1. Map -> load shows "Failed to load page data."
  2. Good question, Josh was working on a great UI library but no news about it :/
  3. @Evayr thank you for the summary This may split the community and delay the progress of the main engine.
  4. I missed :/ Can someone please share a sumary of the hangout?
  5. looking good There is no more a games section? I think ppl may want to see and play what Leadwerks users are making.
  6. What is Steam Audio? Steam Audio adds physics-based sound propagation on top of HRTF-based binaural audio, for increased immersion. Sounds interact with and bounce off of the actual scene geometry, so they feel like they are actually in the scene, and give players more information about the scene they are in. Official site: Steam community post with demos: There is a C API too.
  7. looking forward for the tables tutorials. great work so far
  8. Woa, the example in the video is great
  9. Not really a marble game, but I think the level design and the power ups in this game is very fun and addicting.
  10. I added a option called "mobile shaders" in case you have a weird overlay glitch on the screen. Looks like that old/mobile nVidia cards have trouble to run shadmar's _hblur.shader and _vblur.shader. Still figuring out why.
  11. Thanks for the support Josh, I think that with more and more good LE games on Steam the better for all of us. Community exposure is always a good thing Everyone should also support the amazing work that AggrorJorn is doing with his videos, subscribe to his YouTube channel and share with your friends
  12. I'm already converting some of my music tracks to .ogg .The performance update is now for 4.4?
  13. Awesome solution guys, in my game I was using triggers to change the array of the sounds. (not good)
  14. Hype! I guess I'll wait for full 4.3 to release a new build of my game
  15. Looks great