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  1. Video of the first showing of the DOOM 3 tech. Now even LE can reproduce some of its effects 


    1. Josh


      I don't follow you.  LE is much more advanced than the old Doom renderer.

    2. DoomSlayer


      I agree :) I mean game engines come a long way, look how much you can achieve nowadays with Leadwerks

  2. Real Mirror

    Anyone else tried to do a Mirror reflection in your game? Tried "Camera render target" but it looks weird
  3. Unity style settings launcher for Leadwerks

    Thats a great alternative Can you set to run the game in fullscreen too?
  4. Hello, Looks like when you have AMD's VSR (Virtual Super Resolution) or NVIDIA's DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) enabled, the game will use the MAX virtual resolution and not the monitor's native resolution. This causes some systems not be able to run the game and/or getting stuck on a black screen. The engine also tries to run the game on boths monitors systems with dual monitor setup. We have earlier reports of this issue: And now some users from is reporting to me the same issues on my released game :/ I'm trying to bypass this by code, but no sucess so far.
  5. A new Leadwerks game was released :D

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SpEcIeS


      Once you have ported this over to GNU/Linux, I will give it a go. :)

    3. Josh
    4. DoomSlayer


      Linux build released :D

  6. What are you working on :

    A little game that will be released very soon, using some of the latest features of LE 4.4
  7. My first demo

    I did a demo of my latest project and some users with NVIDIA's DSR enabled got the same error. When you have some spare time, can you please take a look into this @Josh ?
  8. Game crash when killed by crawler

    so the debugger is not working for you too?
  9. Monthly Script Challenge August 2017

    Please Josh Anyone saved it?
  10. Monthly Script Challenge August 2017

    that would be great
  11. Game crash when killed by crawler

    Commenting also self.entity:SetMass(0) seems to work. So its a confirmed bug
  12. Graphic quality by changing resolution 4.4

    Wow I was like crazy trying to fix this same problem. Removing 00_Underwater+Caustics fixed my problem. It's a hard task to edit the shader?
  13. Game crash when killed by crawler

    Hey Marcousik thank you for looking into my problem I tried do the same but the game still crashes for me, I'll take another look at the code.
  14. I think that the debugger is not working in LE 4.4, screenshot: