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  1. A new Leadwerks game was released :D https://ragingmages.itch.io/black-as-your-soul

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    2. DoomSlayer


      I'm porting to Linux as we speak :)
      For now just Windows, I will let you guys know when there is a Linux build.

    3. mdgunn


      Nice game.  Played through about 5 levels then had to get on with some work.  It's a shame it doesn't save your progress because I also don't know how far off the end I am and not knowing is probably best anyway. I'll have to find a bit more time.  I liked the later levels more than the start but generally the puzzle difficulty and pacing seemed pretty good.

    4. DoomSlayer


      Hey mdgunn thanks for giving my game a try :)

      Since its really a short game there is no save function for now.
      If ppl like the general idea of the game I'll gladly make more levels and update the game for all owners :D

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