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  1. This is happening because that is the default start map. You need to switch it to you're map.
  2. Favorite Language? >.>

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    2. Bytecroc


      C++ with my own Basic to C++ converter


    3. Wolf
    4. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      ..what im about to say, is some sort of 'shock', provided that I was a major 'hatr' :).. C++ and Java all the way :) ..

  3. あなたの翻訳者を愛する?

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    2. awgsknite


      Hyvaa Jouluaa ! Kiitos !

    3. awgsknite


      Es domāju, ka jūs esat vienīgais latviešu šeit?

      jo es neizmantojiet nereālu dzinēju

      وأنا لا أعرف الترجمة الخاصة بك

    4. awgsknite


      гледате вашия език

  4. So Ron Buanno is temp banned? What rule's did he break?

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    2. Guppy


      By josh's own word only a very small % of users actually use the forum, which is self evident - or do you think there are really only ~10 LE users ? ;)

    3. Wolf


      "there is only junk and good stuff for a customer" black and white thinking usually ends in severe depression...just saying.

    4. YouGroove


      Too much hope and hype on a 3D engines also leads to severe landing on reality. A real break from 3D software is something good for anyone.

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