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  1. There is no Context::CreateCustom(hwnd) command?
  2. I'm a noob when it comes to C++. I created a Windows Forms app and included the leadwerks.h file, and also added the leadwerks.lib to the solution. Problem is, whenever I try to use a Leadwerks command I receive the following type error: 1>c:\users\kevin\desktop\testform\testform\Form1.h(29): error C2027: use of undefined type 'Leadwerks::Window' 1> c:\leadwerks\engine\source\Classes/Context.h(7) : see declaration of 'Leadwerks::Window' 1>c:\users\kevin\desktop\testform\testform\Form1.h(29): error C3861: 'Create': identifier not found Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Just downloaded Leadwerks 3. Where is the Project Manager located? There is a Setup.Exe file in the Tools folder, but when I try to run it I get an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error.
  4. Excellent. Looks like I'll be purchasing today!!!!!!!
  5. Does Leadwerks 3 have Custom Buffers so I can use Windows Forms to create my own Tools?
  6. Von04

    My Whacky Moles

    / Don't worry about a refund its going to a good cause I'll just wait for an update.
  7. Von04

    My Whacky Moles

    Paid version still won't install. The Lite version installed correctly but when I try and load the game up with my phone up right it loads up half of the main screen rotated sideways and crashes after 3 seconds. If I load it up with my phone sideways it loads and runs just fine
  8. Von04

    My Whacky Moles

    No I have not, but I'll give it a try and let you know.
  9. Von04

    My Whacky Moles

    Hey Rick. I get an error while trying to install. It says "Error, package file not signed correctly." I downloaded from Google Play on a Samsung running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.1.
  10. Von04

    My Whacky Moles

    Congratulations Rick, and very generous too. Downloading the paid version now. My 3 year old daughter should love it. Now when she plays a game on my phone, she has another choice besides Tiger Woods 2012and PBA Bowling.
  11. I applied the algorithm to my model that makes my head spin, and the model just blew up. Not exactly the effect I was looking for, but hey, at least now I know how to do destructible objects. LOL
  12. Since it is Christmas and all, I was just wondering if Josh would share his code for how he rotates a Model with the Mouse the way he does it in his ModelEditor. Or if anyone else knows how I could accomplish this in Leadwerks, that would be greatly appreciated. I figure it has to do with quaternions, but trying to understand those just made my head spin. Any help or links would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas all.
  13. Try something like this. [UnmanagedFunctionPointer(CallingConvention.Cdecl)] public delegate void MyDelegate(); if using this you'll also want to look into Marshaling e.g. Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate(Delegate d) //Converts a delegate into a function pointer that is callable from unmanaged code. Marshal.GetDelegateForFunctionPointer(IntPtr ptr, Type t) // Converts an unmanaged function pointer to a delegate I needed to use these when calling native functions from the engine.dll for my LEControl. It's how I finally got the GetSize and MakeCurrent Delegates to wo
  14. Is there a way to render to custom worlds using the framework, or do you have to just live without framework for that?
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