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    Doors ...?

    So it do, huh. As suspected, my own idiocy is to blame. I had that unchecked on my map. Soon as I check it, it works just fine (well, needs tweaking, but it's not swirling around killing people. Thanks everyone, mystery solved.
  2. Arith

    Doors ...?

    Sure can. The swing door I'm sure has incorrect script settings, as I've given up on that and focused on the sliding door. Speaking of which, Yeah, sorry, I barely name my stuff. However, I've named these doors aptly: Swingdoor and Sliding door. Edit: Remember, attach file. *mumble* start.map.zip
  3. Arith

    Doors ...?

    Yessir. That's the guide I spoke of in my first post. I initially started with the full setup, collision box, auto opening etc. I turfed that for manual door usage because it was acting oddly there too.
  4. Arith

    Doors ...?

    I double checked, no intersections. there's a thin space along all door surface to the nearest objects. The only thing I could class as a bug in the Leadwerks interface was that the scene list wouldn't show sometimes. Something I haven't seen in awhile. Otherwise seems to work (and compile) fine. For all intents and purposes, Mint IS Ubuntu with some extra software (more or less). Everything that is supposed to work with Ubutntu seems to work in Mint (including Steam and all ~100 games I have for it on the Linux side) so I'm not sure that would be a factor for such a specific oddity. Another thing I notice is the behaviour isn't exactly the same between individual uses of the door. For instance the swinging door.. the sinking in and the "murderous tornado" behaviour can happen from one use to another in the same session. Another bit of information, the only thing I've done at the C++ level is the removal of the "default" camera, in favour of the lua scripts doing so by way of fps controller prefab.
  5. Greetings. I'm hoping I have the right area for this, because honestly I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm still learning how to Leadwerks, so I'm betting on my ignorance being the source of my frustrations. I am just playing with doors. I've seen Jorn's video tutorial, and I've read the equivalent guide. Nothing seems to shed a light on how doors are really set up. In the video tutorial, there seems to be a prefab for the door model. I don't seem to have that door, so I set up a scene, with a room and a door with a gap so the door can move up the wall. Assigned the script to the door (just a manual use door) and tried it out. It's really an interesting thing what happens when I use the door. At first it looks like nothing is happening, but then you can see it's gently rocking. Then it sometimes gets more violent and just "bursts" out of the door frame. Then bounces off the ceiling a few times until it forces through. A few seconds later, the door slides seamlessly back down the intended track, as though nothing happened. Tried fiddling with the door script settings (particularly the direction) to no avail. Variations on a theme. In it's current state at the time of writing is the best I've gotten it so far. You know those sliding patio doors? Sometimes they get caught in the track and it jams in the doorway? It pretty much does that, but vertically. Gives up half way, then slides back down. Puzzled, I try out a swinging door. Put together similarly, I try the door. Most of the time the door "sinks" in, then slowly pushes back to the starting position. Other times it'll pivot alright.. then get faster.. and faster.. so fast that if you get near it, you die. Tried fiddling with that door's rotation and pin point to no avail either. I also tried spacing those doors so they're JUST touching other surfaces, or just floating inside surrouding surfaces (door frames/adjacent walls). I also tried chaning the physics type to scene or prop with no change in behaviour. I have no idea what to make of this. The scripts look okay, though I don't have a great deal of lua experience. (read: none) There's GOT to be more than just assigning a door script to an object. Could someone point me in a direction to look? Or, better yet is there a decent set of tutorials out there? I don't like video tutorials. While for instance Jorn's is excellent.. I just have trouble working with them. Not to mention half the time they're showing code I end up squinting until my retinas burst. I've found a smattering of guides and reference materials but nothing that addresses doors specifically (so far). Thanks for your advice. Oh, and (possibly) relevant platform details: Linux Mint 17 and Leadwerks Standard (Steam)
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