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  1. EDIT: Aaah. Sorry for the trouble. I just realised I was typing "math:random" instead of "math.random" Really need to get me some Intellisense in the editor Thanks a lot for the help
  2. Hey there! Not entirely sure if this is just on my side, so feel free to delete this if I'm wrong. I'm using Math:Random for my everyday needs in random numbers but it seems like I'm getting the same numbers every time. z = Math:Random(-10,10) So even after restarting my project a few times, z always gets the same value. The info-page states that LUA uses Math:Rnd instead but that just throws an error. Sorry for the inconvenience if I'm just using it wrong but I can't find any other way so far. Greets
  3. Thanks a bunch, guys I'll try that later.
  4. Hey guys, So I'm currently trying out Leadwerks during my free-time and must say, I'm really happy with it. As my first Learning-project I want to create a simple BrickOut-Clone (Maybe better known as "that Pong-game where you try to destroy blocks") Now most of this works out fine for me and I'm starting to understand the engine-concepts but I can't seem to get the ball-behaviour right. Usually in those games the ball hits a barrier or the player-paddle and reflects its direction without losing any of its velocity. If it choose to make the ball a rigidbody the reflec
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