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  1. oh sorry, i want to be able to share my blender files after they have been rendered through email etc. am i right in thinking that leadwerks automatically converts the file
  2. can anyone suggest a good file converter please
  3. thanks guppy, yourgroove i'll check them out
  4. hey aggor, it was both really. thanks for the quick response
  5. could someone point me in the right direction please, i'm trying to figure out how to add a bump map to the textures I'm making from photographs. i maybe completely wrong in thinking this is possible but the idea came to me as i was walking round the village and i realised i had all the backgrounds and textures i could ever want right on my door step. so now i want to figure out how to make them look less flat (if you get what i mean) although i'm not wanting to make a ture 3d game, i'd still like my textures to have some life in them. any help would be awesome.
  6. omg i feel like an idiot, thank you. to be fair though the dlc could do with notes explaining that you have to do this extra step. thanks again dude
  7. thanks for the post but i'm talking about the paid dlc of the steam store, it doesn't seem to be installing everything it says is included with the dlc. for instance i got none of this from the zombie dlc Five zombie character models from various walks of life. Idle, death, walk, run, and two attack animations. All associated materials, textures, and sounds. i dont have any of the guns etc from the others either. unless of course i'm being incredibly dense and its al in an obscure folder somewhere
  8. fugginell


    hey guys, i've just purchased the rest of the dlc and its apparently all installed and working correctly but i cant find any of it, theres no new models or weapons, nothing. am i doing something wrong? or is there a problem with the steam installer?
  9. That's the one exactly now I have alot of self education to do
  10. Thanks guys, one more question if you don't mind. Is a game like ufo possible with this engine or have I been miss informed?
  11. Ok, so I bought leadwerks indie and standard Last night after seeing them on steam sale. After checking YouTube and seeing some of the tilesets they were using I'm feeling kind of silly because, for the life of me, I can't find the grass tilesets or the trees and I've been through every file that came with it. Any help would be very welcome
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