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  1. Yet another amazing contribution by shadmar. Thank you! This is amazing!
  2. In the Scene panel, I am unable to select multiple items with the CTL or SHIFT keys. CTL + A does work, but I cannot modify the selection afterwards.
  3. I am using the latest beta build, but this issue occurs on the stable release as well. I am completely unable to drag and drop assets of any kind into my projects. This is only a minor issue, as I can still open the folders and/or use the "Import" option to successfully bring in assets. It is only a convenience issue and thus not a high priority if it's something more than an easily-resolved bug. While I'm here, I am also unable to delete assets from anywhere but the scene explorer. I have to right click and choose "Delete." I am no longer able to simple press my "Delete" key, nor is there
  4. What a fun little game! I only made it to level 3. When the ice blocks fall to the edge of the rink, it becomes quite difficult and calls for some creative finagling. I had a good time. Thanks for your contribution.
  5. Has anyone managed to resolve the drag and drop issue present in Windows 10? The issue I'm referring to is the complete inability to drag and drop any asset from either Explorer or the desktop into Leadwerks. There is a discussion concerning this on the Leadwerks Steam discussion group. The only workaround I've discovered is completely disabling UAC via the registry. However, in Windows 10, all universal apps have a dependency on UAC and thus will not function with it disabled. This is, to say the least, no minor frustration. However, I have an investment and can't really switch to Li
  6. Glad you got it working!
  7. Off-topic, but I love your models! Especially the snejkka longship! Very nice! Custom?
  8. Well the problem I'm running into is that I'm running my splash from the main App.lua script. I suppose I could plunk down a pivot, attach my SplashScreen.lua to it, and import it, but I was trying to get a more permanent solution. The point being, of course, that I am not sure how I would apply a post-process to App:Update(). :/ Agreed! However, that's a bit beyond where I'm at now. Before I start thinking outside the box...I need to learn what a box is first.
  9. I agree. Going with this instead. I'm not a designer, by any means, but I see the worth in this from a development standpoint. It's artful AND easier than my original notion. Thank you for the advice! Now I'm off to learn about post-process effects and shaders and whatnot. I know nothing of them.
  10. Thank you for the script, liam. I would like to point out that by adding the two further parameters (width, height) to the DrawImage() function you can resize it (as per documentation). It works just fine out of the box. However, I am having an interesting issues in which my two splash screens (LE logo and my own logo) are repeating infinitely, despite the flag being set to 0. Any reason that might happen, or is it just the result of having no other code to follow? More specifically, it will load self.splash1, then wait (Time:Delay(5000)), then it draws self.splash2, and then waits ano
  11. Thank you, drarem! I was literally coming to the forums to ask this very question. The fact that we are allowed to NOT include the Leadwerks logo makes me want to include it. Represent! Is there anything legally ambiguous about this, by the way? EDIT: I was also able to access the press kit with no issues.
  12. Bumping this to see if anyone has any further thoughts/comments/suggestions!
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