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  1. it stiil work not correctly - it is alpha 0.01
  2. I try import, try choose new, anyway, when i press "open" it write "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"
  3. Yes, but it don't work on two different PC - Nvidia and Intel HD
  4. Whenever i try open any project(But "MyGame" open normally) leadwerks create error "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION". I can't do anything:/
  5. CreativeOcclusion, I'm don't use editor and material. And "Context->SetColor" work normally. Dont work "Model->SetColor"
  6. No. It set transparency for all drawing. I need only one model
  7. SetColor(1,1,1, 0.5) don't work(For each models in fame). I've tried everything. Help, please. What am i doing wrong?
  8. Have anyone code simples whis using sprites(Like a model, for bullets, for example)? It all, that i need
  9. Thanks! That's all I needed
  10. Did anyone know, how to create effects like in ?Code sample, if possible
  11. If you now, fast objekts skip collision check and move through other objekts. Have engine any standart methods preventing it?
  12. Now i have two another problems: 1. Unlit surfaces is monophonic(see picture) 2. I can't set material for this models, it(material) load, but don't using
  13. In Leadwerks i can too. It so much easy for me:D Josh, thanks
  14. Yes, sure. I think, it really normals, but i don't know, how to setting it
  15. I haven't preloaded models, only in-game-created surfases. So, how to calculate normals?
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