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  1. it's not there, came from here: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/GPU-5003.aspx but supports more than just alienware branded stuff.
  2. Just so people with AMD hardware can test, it's working for me with this driver(14.502.1002)
  3. Getting instant crash, 0 bytes in leadwerks.log Console output on my c++ project: Loading shader "C:/Users/xxx/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/MyGame/shaders/model/diffuse.shader"... ..\tier1\fileio.cpp (4002) : Assertion Failed: m_nNumRegisteredWriters == 0 Assert( Assertion Failed: m_nNumRegisteredWriters == 0 ):..\tier1\fieio.cpp:4002
  4. I don't think so... engine.exe is a console application.
  5. up to something

  6. yeah, I really miss that... really.
  7. this is either horrid to watch... or really entertaining... still not sure.
  8. well, that's even more confusing to me... this is the leadwerks forum right? I only get engine.dll and engine.exe... so, what exactly does he mean by crossplatform?
  9. I think GetAsyncKeyState is your answer // get async status on all keys SHORT myKeyboardState[256]; for (int x = 0; x < 256; x++) myKeyboardState[x] = GetAsyncKeyState(x); // now if you want to know about the up arrow key you do this if(myKeyboardState[VK_UP] & 0x8000) { // check for most significant bit // it's currently being pressed }
  10. Thanks for the comment. Glad it helps you.

  11. panoramix


    Any art pipeline news is great news, this is just off the chart!
  12. You can't beat ctrl-z undo, a couple of levels (even 1 level!) would be fine for most. This reminds me of the days we didnt have scale in the editor... There's no fighting the need for undo! It's just an unavoidable feature to have in any editor.
  13. panoramix

    Next up...

    Have you asked anyone in particular to animate the soldier? I mean I can do it if you want (at least the walk/run/idle animations).
  14. That's all nice, I've been around the intanced models thread, but what use is it here if there's no editor to paint a terrain this way? unless texture atlases become somehow handled internally, exposed from the engine, and sets become selectable in the editor... wich leads us back to feature requests ;]
  15. glad to see you fixed it, in C it should be double backslashes (because backslash is a escape character) RegisterAbstractPath("D:\\Program Files\\Leadwerks Engine SDK"); your solution works as well, but I'm not sure why... RegisterAbstractPath("D:/Program Files/Leadwerks Engine SDK");
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