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  1. Burgelkat had the idea and mdgunn convinced me to suggest this here It would be a nice feature to have decals as part of models for the vegetation layer. Similar to how the engine handels collision meshes decals could be created by simply naming a box decal.
  2. I built a Tree with a box as a limb, named that box decal assuming it might work sort of similar to a collision mesh namewise. Imported the model into the engine and assigned the materials. Simply naming a box decal doesnt make it a decal. To bad... Wouldnt it be a great feature?
  3. Interesting thought. i dont know yet if it is possible to define prefabs (tree and decal) as vegetation layer. If it is possible to assign the decal shader to parts of a model this would save a lot of work. i will sure give it a try as soon as i am home.
  4. Finally able to point a finger on it: i was using Einlanders unity style settings launcher. Its a great tool i appreciate a lot. The issue with it was i set terrain quality to high and everything looked great ingame. The next times i run the map i didnt pay attention to the launchers settings: terrain quality automatically switches to medium the second time and to low the third time. Terrain quality set to low has indeed a massive impact to terrain texture quality... dooh Thanks macklebee you made me build a test map and that really helped ... The whole issue turned out to
  5. Thanks gamecreator, it doesnt make any difference. Do you guys all have cristal clear and crispy terrain textures ingame? i wish i had at least the terrain texture quality the editor shows. Is this all a shader question? Sorry for asking again, this is an important point for me.
  6. Assumed i am not doing anything wrong and it is not my graphics card (GTX 980 Ti) i would love to hear it is indeed possible to improve terrain texture quality ingame. In the editor you can choose the texture filtering, you can assign normal- and heightmaps to the texture layer but at the end it does look blurry. It doesnt make any significant difference if i use 1024x1024 or 4096x4096 textures. i would be more than happy to hear that i again missed a thing, overlooked a switch or am simply using the wrong shader.
  7. oh my... been so focused on things not working as expected i simply didnt look left or right... It was the wrong shader! Thank you so much for turning me to the right direction
  8. Running into some difficulties with blurry terrain texture i was trying to solve them using decals. I painted a texture, added an alpa channel, saved it as a tga file. imported into leadwerks, created a normal map, made it a material... same with png format... i copied all the settings from the engine decals... besides the fact the material got all red when Z-sort was unchecked down below is the result... i can run into the cube and see the decal on its walls but not painted onto the terrain. my question now is what did you guys do to get working decals or the other wa
  9. Hello, is there a way to improve terrain material quality ingame? it does look good in the editor but blurred out ingame. I tried to switch on/off texture compression and/or mipmaps. I changed "#define TERRAIN_LOW_FREQUENCY_BLEND 8.0" to "#define TERRAIN_LOW_FREQUENCY_BLEND 0" as shadmar once suggested.
  10. Thanks macklebee for the helpful hint tho it didnt work for me for whatever reason. But i only gave it a quick shot between getting up and running. Does the texture need any settings like DXT3 or else? I would vote for the engine ability to do project transparent colored shadows.
  11. I am sort of stuck with this: Light is falling through a tinted window as in the scene below. What would you do to get a colored projection of the window on the floor?
  12. This is indeed incredibly cool. Will the clouds throw a shadow on terrain in a future version?
  13. And it worked. Thank you for your quick and helpful advice.
  14. good morning. i am currently building a map using the Nature Model Pack DLC. Now when i have the oak tree in my scene and its shadow switched on the tree itself looks good so far In addition it looks like there are several invisible oak trees all over the scene with only their shadows showing up. Switching shadows off in the vegetation tab lets them shadows disappear which is fine for having no treeless shadows but shadowless trees as well. nvidia gforce GTX 660 ti
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