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  1. @Panther Yeah it would be great to give the player the opportunity to manipulate the Terrain. @klepto2: That way sounds interessting. I´ll try it out soon. Thanks all so far ^^
  2. I mean Smoothing Voxels like seen here: or 2 Dimensional it would look like this: But i´d like to achieve results like seen in the first picture ... Meaning that the Geometry gets generated smooth around the Voxels ... like here on Molekules:
  3. Good evening all, i have a question. How is a simple way to use procedural generation to create Voxels that are encompassed by an smooth iso surface. That i generate those in a kind of "blocky" form and just readjust the shape to be smooth. Maybe with ussage of the marching cubes algorithm. But if the User manipulates it it has to recalculate the shape again to keep the smotthness even with the adding or substraction of some voxels. Maybe the "Terrain" asset may be usefull for this ? I dont have much experience in Leadwerks and just started using it. Before it i used Unity a lot.
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