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  1. Thank you, Rick. Now it's a lot clearer to me, although the blog post is confusing. For me, Leadwerks 3 is an interesting and attractive alternative to Unity 5 and Unreal 4 (both of which utilize component-based design). The main draw is Lua, of course. And the fact that you can actually alter the main loop.
  2. Hello, guys. I'm coming from Unity and having played around with the Steam demo of Leadwerks 3, I'm very curious about how you normally go about composing your game objects. In Unity, you create components (scripts) where each component adds some kind of functionality to any game object you add it to. I read on a blog about how the devs of Leadwerks want to compatrmentalize logic in small chunks (much like Unity does it I guess), but in the example maps I see no such thing. You have an object (say, a CSG primitive) and you can add a single Lua script to it. So how do I add multiple scripts to a single object where each script adds some functionality? From what I've seen, both FPSPlayer and AIMonster had their own movement, health, and damage handling implementations. A lot of the same (or very similar) code copied over. I find this worrying. Is there a modular way to do this? Note: I'd prefer to work in Lua. Coz Lua rocks!
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