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  1. is there even any point in using VS 2017 before the community edition of it?
  2. ATM just blender bought 3d coat substance painter & designer but finding them very time consuming to learn.
  3. Most of the good stuff in the workshop is free and it feels more secure to buy DLC packs directly in steam. BTW why isn't it possible to watch the comments on the assets when I launch the workshop from leadwerks?
  4. i hope the new AMDGPU driver will be good because catalyst was always **** on Linux, i hope we soon get similar performance in Linux as we get in Windows.
  5. I can't imagine them to drop Linux support after all the excitement about steamOS from Josh it must be an error on steam.
  6. My experience with the terrain editor in leadwerks haven't been that satisfying, I like how the tool work you can do amazing things with it but it feels unusable for me because of the major laggs. Is my machine too weak? My specs. CPU: FX 8350 GPU: Radeon HD 7950 RAM: 16gb 4x4 corsair vengeance 1600mhz Drivers: crimson edition 16.1 windows 10
  7. I may need to give this mod another go, BTW did you make that model from scratch?
  8. would be good if we could see the price of the item in the workshop browser.
  9. DatSexyGrid

    2016 Plans

    I'm hoping for future vulkan support.
  10. It was mainly for single player games like 3d platformers, final fantasy, racing and project zomboid.If it suits games like that I just have to get one.
  11. Kinda sick it will be free really, in many commercial softwares major updates like this cost a fortune. I hope there's a chance leadwerks will be using vulkan in the future.
  12. This is the season for steam users to empty their wallets.
  13. I want that controller too, please tell IF it's good.
  14. Anyone using Akeytsu for animation? The software seems to be very neat.

    1. martyj


      No, but it looks interesting.


      I shall have to try the trial this weekend

    2. knocks


      I have toyed with it and find it quite comfortable to use, its certainly something I'm keeping my eye on.

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