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  1. Yeah, it is =) Why you dony like square buttons? In Serious Sam First and Second encounter we had squared buttons and they was great! Thanks for feedback =D
  2. In each room there is a small grey button on the wall
  3. I have made a concept level for Halloween Game Tournament And i will continue work with this game! Here you can send any suggestions, bug reports or just share your emotions about this game. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/viewitem?fileid=547820610
  4. Character controller physic model is to small for me. In my game scorpion sops his moving if he collide with some object, but his claws ho throw the walls because of physic model. Can i change the size of physic model? or there is another way to fix that?
  5. I am getting an error "Failed to save settings"
  6. How can I get access to the beta version?
  7. When I started the engine I thought I should combine the Lua and C++. For example scripts to do on Lua ,game logic and mechanics on C++. But everything you can write in C++, you can also write and Lua and I thought - does it make sense to combine Lua and C++? Are there any advantages in the combination of two languages?
  8. Hmm...Now there is no any inertia, but spectator not works. I mean, i can go throw walls and other stuff. Weird, in tutorial Jorn using force, and all working perfect.
  9. Hello! I have problems with creating spectator camera with C++ using this tutorial sphere moving faster then camera, but this is not main problem. I dont understand why, but sphere have the inertia. I mean, when i stop pressing 'w' sphere dont stop movement, just slow down a bit. And also she pushes off from the wall and flies. I cant understand why it hapends! Please, give me advice. There is my code #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Vec3 camRotation; Vec2 centerMouse; Vec2 mouseDef; Vec3 camMovement; Vec3 Temp; float MouseSens; float strafeM; float moveM; float forceM; bool cameraMode; bool App::Start() { // Создание основных коммпонентов window = Window::Create("Learning", 0, 0, 1920, 1080, Window::Titlebar); context = Context::Create(window); world = World::Create(); camera = Camera::Create(); camera->SetPosition(0, 2, 5); light = DirectionalLight::Create(); // Определение переменных MouseSens = 10; strafeM = 0.4; moveM = 0.6; forceM = 1000; centerMouse = Vec2(context->GetWidth() / 2, context->GetHeight() / 2); // Создание спектатора spectator = Model::Sphere(8); spectator->SetPosition(Vec3(0, 8, 0)); spectator->SetScale(Vec3(5, 5, 5)); Shape* spectatorShape = Shape::Sphere(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1); spectatorShape = Shape::Sphere(); spectator->SetShape(spectatorShape); spectator->SetMass(1); spectator->SetGravityMode(false); spectatorShape->Release(); cameraMode = false; // Загрузка карты Map::Load("maps/test.map"); window->HideMouse(); return true; } bool App::Loop() { Time::Update(); world->Update(); world->Render(); context->Sync(false); // Возможность закрыть окно if (window->Closed() || window->KeyHit(Key::Escape)) return false; // Переключение между режимами камеры if (window->KeyHit(Key:)) cameraMode = !cameraMode; // Удерживание указателя мыши по центру Vec3 CMP = window->GetMousePosition(); mouseDef.x = CMP.x - centerMouse.x; mouseDef.y = CMP.y - centerMouse.y; window->SetMousePosition(centerMouse.x, centerMouse.y); // Вращение камеры camRotation.x += mouseDef.y / MouseSens; camRotation.y += mouseDef.x / MouseSens; camera->SetRotation(camRotation); //Движение камеры camMovement.x = (window->KeyDown(Key:) - window->KeyDown(Key::A)) * Time::GetSpeed() * strafeM; camMovement.y = (window->KeyDown(Key::E) - window->KeyDown(Key::Q)) * Time::GetSpeed() * strafeM; camMovement.z = (window->KeyDown(Key::W) - window->KeyDown(Key::S)) * Time::GetSpeed() * moveM; if (cameraMode) { camera->SetPosition(spectator->GetPosition()); Vec3 tForce = Transform::Vector(camMovement, camera, 0); spectator->AddForce(camMovement * forceM); } else { camera->Move(camMovement); }; return true; }
  10. Thanks you! That solve my problem!)
  11. Hello! I have created animation in cinema 4d. Then i have inported id into fbxm and put this into Leadwerks. But when i opened animation into leadwerks it doesnt woked, i saw only model. How can i fix that?
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