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  1. It generates shadow and light maps, so the lighting is static but it is of a far higher quality, than you could get with dynamic lights. To me, the output looks like what you'd get with a ray tracer. So it depends on what your goals are with your app, if you want to pick up objects purelight has lit and throw them around the room, it would not work. LWs dynamic lights still works with it, but there are limitations. For instance if you are carrying a torch, the static lit object shadows will not move because they are pre-calculated. However the areas they already affect will change in brightness. So again, you have to think carefully about what your goals are and make the necessary trade offs. Some people create simple programs to show off architectural designs to clients. Purelight is the perfect app for this. Others want to make games where static lighting with a gorgeous ray traced look, makes their game look stunning. Purelight is perfect for this as well. Have a look a their demo vids on Youtube to see what I'm talking about.
  2. Davaris

    You must see this

    They also said the same about the last one which was a cog. However I prefered the previous one, because the image of the cog and the factory sounding name reinforced each other. Anyway I've gotten used to the new one now.
  3. I don't know if this comes under best practices, but I had quite a bit of trouble getting shaders to work, when I was first learning to use them. So I'd suggest a list of what frag and vert files work together, as well as a link to the wiki with a few more shader samples. I assume this is going to be a sticky topic right?
  4. >Or if you prefer, you can set the editor to always perform conversions automatically. Does that do a batch convert, or does it remember the individual conversion settings for each asset?
  5. Yes! While I would like to see a couple of libraries added to the engine, I don't want to pay for what I have no use for. I also don't want Josh to be distracted with this kind of work and fall behind in the race for better graphics. The only thing Josh would need to decide if he chooses to go that way, is how it should be done. Should he hire people to write and maintain these plugins, or allow a community of plugin providers to spring up around LWs? If it was a community, then people would have to compete for customers and the standard (in theory) should be high.
  6. Its certainly got a creepy adult feel to it.
  7. Davaris

    An almost Silly Blog Post

    Inheritance is fine as long as you don't fall into the deep inheritance trap.
  8. Don't forget the female gamers, they like characters that seem alive and they are 51% of the population. Matt Chat 75: Interview with Megan Gaiser and Rob Riedl of Her Interactive
  9. Klepto has done a great job with day/night. daynightvideo.avi DayNightSunMoon (this one is very pretty) As for weather, I have seen people discuss how to do rain and if I remember correctly it can be done with shaders. Do a search on it. We already have a waypoint system. See Lumooja's game code. I've forgotten what its called.
  10. From what I've seen, people make animations of the mouth doing the basic vowel shapes and then a plugin detects what sound is being played and sends ids to represent the shapes. The other major issue, is you need to animate expressions for the face as well, which would be a lot of work. Anyway, I can't wait till someone figures out how to automate this kind of thing.
  11. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. But Indies can be and are just as much professionals, as people in the big studios. If you want to make things for yourself, or for the art, then it's fine to do whatever you like. But if you want to make a living as an Indie and some people do, you have to understand, you don't work for your own pleasure, you work for the enjoyment of your players. So if they demand things and they do quite often, you have to listen to the ones that are the most profitable to listen to, or not sell much at all. Its all about choices and consequences.
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