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  1. Well this is my second post in a row on here. I have falling barrels set up and I want them to have collision with the player. If I turn Swept Collision on on the barrel, when it hits the player it automatically kills them. I want a collision where it will knock my player off the tiny cylinder platform, and onto the death trigger so he gets reset to the spawn point. How do I do this? Edit: I got it to work. Just didn't save it after I changed the collision type.
  2. Solved. Thank you It had a Mass of 0.0, thank you for making me check that. It's always something so simple that gets me.
  3. I'm trying to get Barrels to fall from a certain point every 1.5 seconds. I have the spawn point in for it and everything. When I click "Run", the barrel is in the sky where it should be falling from but it doesn't fall, and no more spawn in. How do i get it to spawn in every 1.5 seconds and fall down? The script I have for it: 1.)Script.spawnObject = "" --entity "Spawn object" 2.)Script.spawnTime = 1.5 --float "Spawn time" 3.)local timer = 0 4.) 5.)function Script:UpdateWorld() 6.) timer = timer + (Time:GetSpeed()/100) 7.) if(timer > self.spawnTime) then 8.) local n
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