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  1. Thanks man! I will test it tomorrow. Wrote from my mobile phone.
  2. Just want to create an animation in Blender but Leadwerks don't see it in editor. Leaving you with blender file.
  3. Yea. It helped with most errors but not with this:
  4. Hi. How can I convert inet_ntoa to inet_ntop and inet_addr to inet_pton? I need this with compiling RakNet. _WINSOCK_DEPRECATED_NO_WARNINGS generates more errors. [EDIT] Translations: Błędy: errors Plik: file Wiersz: line Kolumna: Collumn Projekt: project Errors image:
  5. So I can put that lib to the main folder of project and make installer for it. Or just import the source files
  6. Is LuaSocket works with Leadwerks?
  7. Hi! When I used Entity:Move child entities of model wont work. 3D model is moving but Leadwerks stuff like pivots, cameras etc. won't move. I discovered it on that script: Script.object = "" --entity "Starship" Script.pivot = "" --entity "CameraPos" Script.uppoint = "" --entity "FowardPivot" Script.backpoint = "" --entity "BackPivot" Script.camera = "" --entity "Camera" function Script:Start() end function Script:UpdateWorld() objectrot = Vec3() if window:KeyDown(Key.W) then self.object:Move(self.uppoint:GetPosition()) end if window:KeyDown(Key.A) then local oldrotation = Vec3() local
  8. Is it possible to make a character controller which works like these in the most of strategy games?
  9. Hello. When I started creating anything on Linux I discovered that bug. When you run a game window appears, sounds are playing but screen isn't updating (when I walked I heard it saw the window but nothing happened). I used sample projects, and my own.
  10. Thanks. I'm not going to buy that software.
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