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  1. Added: If I do everything below except without the pivot the cylinder sinks halfway into the ground (due the to axis being in the centre of the model) and it approaches me and bounces off. This might be easier if I explain in detail what I am trying (just as a simple test). Note: I am not interested in having character animations (other than moving) or sounds at this point. Starting conditions: I have a simple box (as a platform to walk around on) and a character controller which allows me to walk around on the box. The nav model is already setup covering the entire platform. Steps: 1. Add a pivot 2. Add a cylinder (Rigid body, Prop) 3. Make the pivot the parent for the cylinder (to compensate for the fact that the cylinder's axis will be in the centre of the model) with the pivot at the bottom of the cylinder. 4. Make the following changes to the pivot - Physics Mode = Characeter Controller - Collisoin Type = Character - Mass = 10 - Character Angle = 0 - Scipt file = MonsterAI.lua - Swept Collision = unchecked - Nav obstacle = unchecked Running the program results in the cylinder and presumeably the pivot doing nothing at all. If I add in the "Crawler" prop he works just fine and attacks me.
  2. OK, clearly I am completely new to this by asking this question so please keep that in mind. I am testing out making my own "enemies" rather than simply grabbing in a prefab. I figured, incorrectly it seems, that I could simply make an object, apply the MonsterA lua script and voila. When I do that I get nothing out of my object/enemy. It sits there and does nothing (Yes I have Nav paths and the prefab monster works just fine). What I'm actually trying to do is to setup a predator/prey (carnivore/herbivore) simulation. I thought I'd begin simply by assigning the MonsterA script and altering it as necessary. Clearly it's a wee bit more complex than I was hoping for. Can someone point me towards a good tutorial that might assist me in this endeavour?
  3. @Josh Thanks. I was merely curious. My chief interest in Leadwerks is for fast prototyping and as a tool for scientific research. It fits the bill pretty darn well for what I want although I clearly have allot to learn.
  4. I am completely new to Leadwerks so forgive me if this is a commonly asked question. I tried to do a quick search of the forum and found nothing nor did I see anything in the API reference. Is there support for VR?
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