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  1. Hello and thx for answer. I made more tests. And it is clear that it happens after a long time of loading vegetation models on the map but not edited with the vegetation tool whereas generated with script. Disabling the script-loaded vegetation make the map load quicker and emitters are back normal. Edit I'm afraid you mean this: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_Emitter_SetReleaseQuantity Well if so then, no, it lost control.
  2. Marcousik

    Current Work

    @JoshMK well that is a little vague to me but sounds interessant maybe you find time to share that with us here sometime with more detailled ^^ @gamecreator thx can you find a link to this? I use actually the spline tool with beautiful roads creation possibilities - it is really nice - BUT it works with pivots and as the roads are built with the start() function you can't really see before in the editor where the road is going through. So level design becomes much more difficult. How do you want to place a building (or trees) along a street if you not even exactly know where the streets goes??? So I dream of a possibility to see the splines before or to have a paint tool that would adjust the terrain to road (advanced flatten function?) That made Jorn and would be enough for me ! (sorry it is not really the theme to topic here...)
  3. Look please at that video out of a map 4096*4096 Emitters are strangely summoning all particles at one time... Particles are going her way as defined in the editor...then all particles disappear together. are particles not supposed to be summoned randomly ? Did anybody had to to with this? thx TEMP 2020-05-24 22-13-15.mp4
  4. Marcousik

    Current Work

    I remember Josh gave much much work in finishing version 4.6 and I'm still have the positiv feeling that if you want/can put the work on it, it is really possible to get a satisfying building game experience. I'm missing some tools too - like hey I would give a three day party for a road tracer included in the editor - but well there are work arounds possibilities. For example for cars you can build your own with some joints functions that offer great possibility. Is there any documentation online on this technology you are speaking about? Or is this a kind of secret commercial move?
  5. I think this is worth a try. The invisible shape CSG shape should be parented to each bone, it is a good idea. (you could seperate the mesh and passing them to each bone simply with blender if necessery)
  6. Hey people gta V is given for free on epic store.

    1. gamecreator


      Through May 21st.  Got it, even if I may not play it.

    2. Marcousik


      Same. Just like a piece of collection sit on a shelve.

  7. No sorry I mean the tutorial as you can find one in the examples map Josh made. So you want to avoid loading time by initialising the map am I right? I think in the principle, moving a shaped element and becoming consequences of this has something to do with massed object and that s why joints and no animation will be used. It seems to run as if animations are into the domain of "decoration" while shape, collision, mass more like supporting "behind the scene" ground elements. Sorry not sure if I can express this good.
  8. Is there a reason why you don't just use the joint possibility as in the examples/tutos for doors opening?
  9. All this is about to become really cool, isnt it? Between Ray tracing and this Nanite modelling (whatever its name..) games will become such beautiful in 100 years. But we will sadly not experiment this future. I just hope games will not loose for this its story quality. Like: In the past RPG paper "games" to read were 90% story and 10% fight with dice cubes. Now, it is 95% guns/sword fight with 5% poor story. Like could you make a morrowind game with Ray tracing and this Nanite modelling ? (I know I should not be so pessimistic, witcher 3 was a very nice game.) The challenge for Leadwerks 5 could be wonderful if fincluding such "woaw" high tech combined with its traditional "easy-to-use" loved feature.
  10. @reepblue Sorry I am working in lua in LE4.6 But I don't understand how you solve the screen detection problem, how/where do you get the current windows user resolution ? This seems to select as before the biggest value " System::CountGraphicsModes() - 1 " ??
  11. This is a good question, because I had a lot of problem with this with my little race game. Starting in fullscreen mode was buggy because it selected automatic the biggest resolution possible, so only a part of the image was projected on the screen. The player had to change manually the resolution in the options to get it running ok, if the user windows screen resolution setting was lower as the biggest possible. Some weird thing I never get solved. And this is no way for commercial games. I had to start the game in windowded mode to get it run fine.
  12. Hello I need help with this. I found a le_beam_class that I downloaded from here: How should I do to tell Leadwerks to use this? I got a .h and .cpp files I tried to put them in source directory or in the include classes but it had no effect / Leadwerks ignore them. Thx
  13. Did you try on the camera on your player script? After the camera is created, add the function to enable or disable the fog. I can remember I use this on the camera of the FPSplayer.lua and it was OK but well it is a while
  14. I focused my imagination on game art, trying to create a beautiful world where players may want to explore and drive. The first quest could be: Find a way out of the forest. Here is a little showcase of what I made: Edit: 27.04.2020 The goal was to get the better I could out of a 4096x4096 map, after months work trying all possibilities I obtained a good decor and great area for an offroad game. Performances are a bit slow but so much models was added - I never thought I could obtain this until I found that the shapes and the collisions are slowing the map extremly and did ruin the positive effect of using SetViewRange(Far) or (Medium) on the models to get better performances. So I developped a method that removes the shape and add them to the models that are only near the player, in a dynamic way. And now almost an infinity of models can be added 🙂 And all the trees or the stone can possibly get a script to be cut down or harvested or whatever. Each model stays unique. So this density could be possible:
  15. Try the function on the camera.
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