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  1. Hi, Maybe you ran out of memory or something similar... Did you try to load a backup map (a few days old) to see if the images are drawn correctly?
  2. lol that's so good i'm not even able to imagine how this could be improved! I think so much games even on steam doesn't offer such quality. Or maybe I don't have the hardware it requires to see them.
  3. Tropical jungle: I try to run out of this green, but it is almost impossible to get an orientation FPS 30, really ok with this density.
  4. Hi Russel, Maybe check this, not sure if this answers you rpoint but ok https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699303085&searchtext=water https://www.leadwerks.com/workshopitem?tags=Material&queryType=1&fileType=0&fileid=699303085 Out of this I managed to make this: It applies the water classic effect to CSG boxes
  5. @Thirsty Panther Yeah I have bought it. But you can't see the river in the editor before your game start.
  6. Here the spline is viewable from the editor... And it was 10 years ago... Any tipp how to make this today? Was this made with PostEffect or what?
  7. Your level just looks beautiful and the idea with the canvas revealing a secret is great, you have the artist touch that is required to build great scenes with simple assets. Please note that you can change the color of the dissolve effect by changing the last line of the fragment shader: The 1.0,0.0,0.0 is the color, so this would make a red effect instead of blue. And InvAlpha+0.025 manages the width so change +0.025 if you need.
  8. I search for this, because I worked on this in the past... And I found something for you: I wrote a similar shader that works on boxes. For sure I wanted to make something similar but not only on animated models. No importance, look here: TEMP 2020-10-03 22-34-30.mp4 And here are the files: - The shader: use this for the shadow shader too diffuse+normal+specular+dissolve-NoAnim - Kopie.shader - The script you have to put on the box: Dissolve.lua Give it a try, put a box with a material, give the material the right shader here uploaded, and p
  9. Hi Russel, There is a super cool shader for this: Maybe it is not for your purpose, so just check it.. If not, there is a possibility to create an alpha material and downgrade the alpha value to make the object disappear. Don't forget to remove the shape when disappeared.
  10. I tested it. It will run as expected if you don't select "only includes used files" I suppose the publishing procedure ignores the folder "Materials/Resources/Startup/startup"
  11. Ok look at the function description, I think you forgot something very easy: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Context_DrawText DrawText(string text, number x, number y, number kerning=1.0) > The x,y are what you are seeking I suppose, coordinates place on the screen. Btw, nice graphic style you are creating 👍
  12. idk if you can use frames for this, i'm not sure. But you could try using a timer by testing (for example:) if Time:GetCurrent() - self.FirstAnimStarted > 2000 then -- <start second animation>
  13. Hello Russel This is pretty simple: Leave a transparent place in your texture where the text should be written. Draw the texture in blend mode. Then write the text with Context:DrawText() after declaring a Font:Load() varaible. So you can write and change your text as you want.
  14. I have weird issues with ingame screensize options as soon as I put my windows resolution on 2715 x 1527 (2.00x) Everythig works allright with windows set at 1980x1080 Look at those crazy values maybe this could help solve this: TEMP 2020-09-14 17-41-55.mp4 Seems that the bug (or a part of it) runs out of System:GetGraphicsMode() when windows uses "super" resolutions. https://www.itechtics.com/change-screen-resolution/#Method_2_Change_Screen_Resolution_using_command_prompt That could be a work around: You Look at the second method, I tested it a
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