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  1. Could it be possible that the collapse function automatically center the mesh/model to (0,0,0) ? For now it does that only in the model editor, but if I put the model in the scene, I see the mesh is not centered.

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      "You can get the object AABB and reset the vertex positions yourself."

      Thx but how ? For now, I edit the model in blender for that, and it is ok and I'm not stopped for that, but I thought as the collapse function seems to reset the model to its origin, well maybe it could do that for the scene too...

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  2. Motorbike Leadwerks 😀



  3. I updated the jeep for version 4.6 the car can almost drive everywhere The Jeep prefabs can be downloaded for free from the workshop. Then put in your map and it is ready to drive. To find it just need to tip "Jeep" in the workshop Keys: Get in car=E Get out car= BackSpace Motor On/Off = Num Pad 1 Drive= arrows brake= right ctrl Light On/Off= L Change Camera (in car): Mouse Right Button Hope you enjoy ! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=739604432
  4. It's a nice idea, but for this I'm still working with script properties, because a change implicates to change the other values with.
  5. I'm still spending hours of tests, changing and seeking properties to obtain the best balanced car driving experience possible. It's something between the mass used, the joints values, and the smoothing force. This until now the best I get with a car, which is even performing a salto jump at 2.30 and other somersault crashing at 3.15 The FPS are nice, I'm happy with this.
  6. - For the loading bar, I thought maybe a loading animated shader in background could do it ? - For the resolution, sorry, I discover the true problem and it's my mistake: I made a mistake by drawing the first loading image not depending on the resolution of the game but impose the size with those values, sure it could not run: context:DrawImage(texture,0,0,1920,1280) instead I should have use context:GetHeight() and GetWidth() So this may be solved.
  7. I got this only appearing sometimes (odd yes, randomly ???) to me with System:GetProperty("devmode")=="0" (published game) and windowstyle = Window.Fullscreen. But it requires more tests and I'm not able to say why it occurs... Maybe it is good enough to set the default settings to windowed game at 1600*900 and let the gamer change this as he wish.
  8. @ Angelwolf No. I think I'm not precise enough with my (school) english to explain this. It's not a really Leadwerks scripting problem, even if it could be solved with a script function like gamecreator is suggesting. I try to explain one more time, with other words: If your game runs at a resolution of 2715*1527 by default, and your windows system screen options is selected to run at 1920*1280 for example, so it will act like this: So a solution for me could be to check with a script function at which resolution the windows system runs on the gamer screen and start the game at the same default value, so the gamer (I use "gamer" to not create a confusion with the ingame player controller) can see the entire game scene, and if he wants, change the resolution in the options. But I don't know how to catch a windows system value. Another solution could be to make the Leadwerks game somehow "stronger" than windows so that the game resolution defines the actually used screen resolution, over the windows system itself. I think this second solution is most popular used in games I know like I'm used to see modern games modifying the screen resolution as they "want."
  9. Ok thx, great ideas. What about the screen resolution, am I the only one having problem with this ? I read a few thing about fullscreen modus bugs, but nothing really helpfull about this. it seems the engine switch to a random (or simply take as default the biggest?) resolution of the screen. I remember now I had this "bug" too. I started the game and it ran at 2715*1527. Result: You can't see the complete screen if your windows system uses a lower resolution. Is there a script function that allows Leadwerks to grab system information like the user screen resolution ?
  10. Hello I would like to speak about what does exactly do the main.lua after publishing a game, especially this code: local gfxmode = System:GetGraphicsMode(System:CountGraphicsModes()-1) if System:GetProperty("devmode")=="1" then gfxmode.x = math.min(1280,gfxmode.x) gfxmode.y = Math:Round(gfxmode.x * 9 / 16) windowstyle = Window.Titlebar else gfxmode.x = System:GetProperty("screenwidth",gfxmode.x) gfxmode.y = System:GetProperty("screenheight",gfxmode.y) windowstyle = Window.Fullscreen end window = Window:Create(title,0,0,gfxmode.x,gfxmode.y,windowstyle) Because players of the published game become a default screen resolution in fullscreen that seems not to be always the same: Sometimes the game starts with 1920*1280 or 2715*1527 or even 3840x2160 if supported. But at the same time, windows(10 or 8.1) is still running at the own selected system resolution, so only a part of the game can be seen. So I hope this is understandable (sorry my english may be bad) but what I would like to script is how to make the windows system (8.1 for example) selected user resolution (for example 1920*1280), be the game starting default resolution, and not a bigger one that would let the published game not look professional at all. And I wanted to ask if there is a chance to build a progress loading bar that would show a real loading progress ? thx for help This may required a function or a loop in the main.lua that is running while the map is changing/loading... I don't know if something like this is possible / ok thx
  11. Marcousik

    Racing game

    Yes okay but other people got crashed with the fullscreen version, so I don't know if something should be changed in the main script or not.. Detecting which resolution is actually used with the windows version would be great. About the loading thing I don't know where the script is looping while loading and everything I read in the forums about loading progress bar are building fake things. I mean a function should be called while loading so that we could test how much stays to load. Well just some ideas... Yes I should release() the music, but then there will be no music while loading, or I have to try to manage it in the next loaded map.
  12. Marcousik

    Racing game

    Please could you try this thx - it is the same in windowded modus https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiVBgjDAyIXLs1sRcWcLreYzVIM9?e=XRhhwa Whatever it is, it should not be like this for publication, or it will crash for all published games or not ?
  13. Marcousik

    Racing game

    Yes thx I'm just writing about this in the discrord chat... Maybe something doing with that I'll try to upload a window modus version to test it, maybe it is the fullscreen / thx for helping
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