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  1. Right thx adebgamesoft and Russel Actually it would be nice to use this shader on a specific material as it seems to turn the entire scene to marble: It is so impossible to compose a scene with old creepy material and marble
  2. Hey Russel Nice showcase. How did you do the floor reflections may I ask? It s cool and realistic
  3. Hey Man you have to check the scripts tutorials, you will find so much what you can do! https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_World_GetWaterHeight https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_Camera_AddPostEffect
  4. The kinematic joint functions are looking first more complicated as they are but it runs ok. Just create the joint in the center - entity:GetPosition() - of the entity you want to move. And the joint:SetTargetPosition + joint:SetTargetRotation are very intuitive. Use a mass of about 3 or 5 not more or it won't move. Feel free to ask if problems About what reepblue said, I suppose that the slider joint will force the rotation as soon as the mass is restored. (but not tested) What you could do is to move a pivot with mass along the slider joint and put your box as child and use point() on the child
  5. Here I don't know how point() function is doing with joint functions... But I would calculate a simple cosinus/sinus/tan math functions to determine the angle you need for your entity to face the waypoint. Then use a joint kinematic on the entity instead of slider: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Joint_Kinematic move with joint:SetTargetPosition() https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Joint_SetTargetPosition So then just apply the angle with joint:SetTargetRotation() https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Joint_SetTargetRotation
  6. This is an upsetting bug I think, but there was a big work done with a second camera used for the minimap creation.. Did Macklabee the script?..sorry not sure but we/somebody should try to export a map including the minimap to see if the same problem appears.
  7. I remember I worked on this, trying to make a savefile too, but it is long ago, well I can remember that Seek could be used with an Intervall of 4. I could not understand why but it works, so something like, Seek(n) Seek(n+4) ----- and not n+1 This should be re verified, maybe it is useful
  8. Yes okay, I understand, so this would mean when using a ray cast with pick(), the PickInfo.entity:Hide() on this would hide all the 1000 spheres. Well should try this, but I am not sure about this.
  9. This is really interesting and weird... I read somewhere that csg are converted to models after the start function. I would really enjoy to know why so much fps difference, like where/for what goes/is used this "fps*energy" ?
  10. What is the concrete application of this?
  11. And what about Navmesh ? This should be updated too, the problem was regarding performances on bigger maps....
  12. Thats funny - I'm thinking about this because that s a must have if a car should become another friction on the tires depending on mud terrain or not mud for example
  13. Is there a way to catch with a script function which material is painted on the terrain where the player actually walks? It could be usefull to adapt the footsteps sounds to the game, thx..
  14. I would set a little box between the 2 gray edges. Not sure if a solution but could be a walk-around ✌️
  15. I have the idea to make an open world offroad map with a lot of vehicles to choose and activities like transport challenges to let the player progress and obtain more cars or upgrades, something like that... Well this is a big thing and I started with building little demos map as part of this big project, trying to add more and more features. Here is one of them with a monster truck little trip:
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