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  1. Here is a little description how it was made: I uploaded a first version of the game, playable and challenging. 1) Choose a car: Move to the car and press "Y" to start 2) Keys: - Camera: Move the mouse - Press "c" to change the view point - Use the up/right/down/left to move the car - Press right ctrl or right mouse button to handbrake - Turbo with right shift or left mouse button Try to make the first place ! CREDITS: Auto models Authors & special thx to MindFluX, https://vk.com/3d_zmodeler Here is the download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiVBgjDAyIXLs1ee7xRFyrOx2rNk?e=TVNuUm Download Game.htm Feel free to test, comment & make suggestions ! thx Screenshots/video:
  2. I think FPS are too low for this scene, I mean maybe getting lost somewhere in scripting ? (or sorry it is only debug mode?)
  3. 1] First step: Adapting the Spline tool to build what we need: I combined some of the possibilities that offers the Spline Tool (great thing) to obtain all this in one: - Cars align and follow the roads (rotation) - While using Physics, and so collisions - While using reverse travel (cars go back on the road) 2] next step: - We need speed cars in this game, beautiful , well smoothed, and challenging that can drive a few rounds on a loop racing road, here it is: I'm just thinking there is no way to overtake this car ! So we have here a nice challenging game. Next step will be build a playable race car, maybe able to overtake this. 3] Playable speed car this video shows a little playable demo challenging 3 cars, here I only get the second place: Last step should be adding Speed infos, Time needed, best time, the place.. 4) Here I managed a player interface to get informations like the speed and the place at which you are actually driving. A little bit car optimization, and here is a little funny challenging game. Next step should be adding options like choose your car model and colors, sounds, music, how much players...
  4. Is there a possibility to access to an editor-created emittler from a script and change his value(s) ?

  5. Marcousik

    Voxel Code

    The only limitation I found with the vegetation tool is when using shaped entities with collision and then it is almost impossible to let fall a rain with collision detection (for the splash effect ^^) because FPS are going enorm down. Whereas using shaped models without the vegetation tool + rain was relativ ok And what is a forest without rain
  6. THX Rick. A tutorial on this may be a very cool thing
  7. I found this function in the FPSPlayer.lua --Increase health function Script:ReceiveHealth(healthPoints)--in --Increase health self.health = self.health + healthPoints; --Health can not be more then maximum health if self.health > self.maxHealth then self.health = self.maxHealth end --Call Health received output self.component:CallOutputs("HealthReceived") end I can call this function through the flowgraph using the output Function (example calling the function self:Heal(10) ) of another script but it returns an error about the argument "healthPoints" as nil value, whatever I give as argument. function Script:Heal(healthPoints)--out self.component:CallOutputs("Healing") end What am I doing wrong ? thx for help
  8. Marcousik

    Moon Sky

    thx, yes finishing a game is so much work.. While I just don't think about it, keeping progressing in a way and creating fun things to do in an open world, maybe sometime I'll get closer to a playable thing. For now I'm adding feature after feature, then I have to see if the sum of all won't be too much.
  9. Marcousik

    Moon Sky

    I'm working on night moon Sky here are a few samples: (thx & Credits Shadmar for the great bloom & Godrays shader; without that I would not get that )
  10. I'm near to 3000 hours too. Even if I didn't finish a project, Leadwerks became a great sandbox experience to try every possible simulation. 

    Still missing an integrated road tracer to the 4.6 version, like there was one in the past right ? Is it that hard to integrate this back ?

    1. Iris3D Games

      Iris3D Games

      Leadwerks is a great tooling, it makes others believe that I'm a programmer, I'm close to 1000 hours, however I think the real problem in my case, is to gather all the knowledge acquired, like weapons a puzzle and create a game.

    2. Marcousik


      You mean the technical side of a project, yes there is so much to learn. Then, more problematic for me is to get art. Like this ;)

      Or the quality developers reached in "Days Gone" is just completely crazy unreachable 


    3. tipforeveryone


      mine is 3547 haha

  11. "Learners permit - activate the vehicle script" -> ? Is there an officiel script again?
  12. I am experimenting in a game with different sounds and music that some of the sounds stop after playing a while. Like Footsteps for example, after 5 min game I don't hear them anymore, anybody else have this ?

    1. tumira


      How about your fps ? Does it drops when this happen ? Using creative integrated or sound card ?

    2. Marcousik


      Well thx for your answer, I did not notice a drop of fps, and this occurs with no regularity, so I can't say much, I will have to check this more in details I know, for now, I just wanted if just me have this.

    3. tumira


      For me there is a problem with the openal implementation with leadwerks. I just need to put 3-4 soldier with a player prefab to an empty map and increase the player health to 9999 and play the map. In less than one minute, the sounds will lags and missing(when 2-3 soldiers are shooting at me at once), fps drops and unplayable. This only happens with Creative sound cards and not my integrated sound card. So something is wrong with the openal thing. Does not happen with other games that uses openal in my system only leadwerks and leadwerks published games. Kinda sad really. Already reported this moons ago and I guess it is not important. If you have sound cards or even integrated sound chip that accelerate openal , I think you might have the same problem as me. Maybe Im wrong. I dont know.

  13. Workshop car "Turbo car for Le 4.6 free" - Uploaded in the Workshop Better optimization for the workshop car released. And possibility to custom the car, feel the difference of the configuration when driving. For Le 4.6. with world:update(4) added to the main script Here is a demo video about the new optimization: Here are the properties that allow to change the car: - The Drive Factor makes the car drive feeling more or less heavy: With a value of 5 it will feel heavy, and it becomes much lighter using a value of 25 for example - The car mass can be changed: Range about 50-200. - The Tires mass can be changed: Range about 5-20. - The motor speed will change the car too:Range about 5000 - 50000. - The brake force has an impact on the time the car will need to be stopped - The springs force value determine how the car bounces on the tires: Range about 500-10000, depending on other values. Enjoy trying it !
  14. Beta car 4.6 has been updated, after the 4.6 update. Just test it for a drive  I'm happy about critic or suggestions ! (Download workshop)



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    2. Marcousik


      That makes my virtual life rolling much smoother :D. Great thing

      Hinge() joints get crazy with a mass like body 1000/ jointed piece 100. Is this buggy ?

    3. Marcousik



      Demo with world:Update(4). Seems to me to as good as 4.3 cars if not better ?

    4. Admin


      @Marcousik Please post an example of your joint problem in the bug reports forum. Lots of small issues getting fixed!

  15. I noticed It just do not run if the player goes on. But it plays right if you put a stone on it.
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