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  1. I really wanted to use the spline tool to make roads because it is a powerful tool but it has a big inconvenient: It builds the spline as you want but then moves the terrain to pass it to the spline - this sounds first ok but using this especially on big maps, you end up with a terrain that shows artificial big too sharpened contours and hollowed areas where the road is going through. To avoid this problem, you have to place a lot of spline pivots and nodes very carefully on the map, following the actual terrain movement. This takes hours and the result is disapointing if you forget one hill, it will shows this ugly sharpened cutted unnatural shapes. That 's why I want to build a tool that operates on the terrain but with the feature to pass the roads to the terrain and not the opposite. It should operates like a bulldozer does: Moving on the hills (and not cutting them!) the bulldozer builds a large passage practicable with a car. Here in this little demo, you simply need to throw 2 pivots on the map - no matter the height where they are placed - and the script calculates the rest: TEMP 2020-08-09 00-29-31.mp4 The next difficulty will be how to make curves out of that.
  2. Second part of this thematic: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/19981-lost-in-a-tropical-dream-landscape/
  3. Whatever, such flashing trailer are wonderful as marketting publicity. No importance if used or not, it lets us dream. What about LE5 ? Do you think about starting an add campaign?
  4. Maybe you have to call GoToPoint() from pathPoint to pathPoint ? I can imagine this would limit the "drunk" effect, maybe check the distance from player to the next path point and reduce the moving speed if coming near to it.
  5. - That would be great yes, but how, maybe shader knowledge too? A lense would round up the complete screen ? - I cannot augment the view distance of the vegetation, because there is no option between far view and max view range (as infinite). The max view range that seems infinite is not supported with so much models (FPS drops <10) But it is possible with shaders to smooth the "pop up" effect of the models. I modify for this each shaders that are used for the materials of the models, using the depth camera.z calculation from the groudplants.shader TEMP 2020-08-02 10-08-52.mp4
  6. Äh thx Josh but I'm novice at this, can you explain what exactly you mean? Actually I require informations from the shader to the script to determine the water level of the waves or am I wrong?
  7. Thx for encouraging 👍 I'm not sure what how this is going to continue. I got for sure inspired from GTA, I have a complete collection of clothes that the character can buy & change. I added a few weapons but this goes so common; certainly it can be funny but so much do that very well, Gta, Far Cry, Ghost and and and... I would rather go in a peacefully way of driving with music and landscape, making gold for delivering, but I'm not sure where to place the challenge if no gun fight. It became so common that someone wants to kill you in a game that it is difficult to think without this
  8. To come back to the titel question, "How can I get the area where two objects intersect?" Does anybody knows anything about communication between shader and script variables? For example: the water level is now moving because the waves; until now I checked in script the position.y of the player to determine if we nead to hear a splash sound as foot step instead of the common footstep sound. But now seems difficult because the water is not constant anymore. Any idea on this???
  9. The map is 4096*4096 The landscape is randomly cast: Painting & vegetation. At the end of the video, is a demo of the waves shader I could write using the leaves.shader on the water.shader. The shader is in the workshop for free to use. It is far not perfect but it adds a good animation for ocean water. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2182253514
  10. Yes it s fascinating. I wonder if the waves could become more than a skin, should actually be transformed in a physics force on swimming objects, if this is possible with a shader...???
  11. Last stand, I obtained ocean waves by adjusting the movement, could be ok but still no foam. I tried to adjust what I found, but the problem and funny is I have absolutly no idea what I'm objectively doing. Leadwerks Editor 4.6 - J__D-dISK_Documents_Leadwerks_Projects_MainGame_Maps_start.map 2020-07-30 00-03-09.mp4
  12. I just wanted to try something: Applying effect of leaves shader on the water shader. In a few minute I could get interesting effect. But far from waves: water.shader TEMP 2020-07-29 18-55-38.mp4
  13. Okay... Could you add waves or is it that difficult? (Sorry I don't know anything about shaders, maybe I will start study this sometime.) Because it seems to be used in so much games... I'm asking if it is that heavy to add? The noise on the water is generated with normals, am I right? Would it not be simplier with shader noise ?
  14. Yeah sure I know about that... I mean WITH waves ! like this shared link here:
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