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  1. I am experimenting in a game with different sounds and music that some of the sounds stop after playing a while. Like Footsteps for example, after 5 min game I don't hear them anymore, anybody else have this ?

    1. tumira


      How about your fps ? Does it drops when this happen ? Using creative integrated or sound card ?

    2. Marcousik


      Well thx for your answer, I did not notice a drop of fps, and this occurs with no regularity, so I can't say much, I will have to check this more in details I know, for now, I just wanted if just me have this.

    3. tumira


      For me there is a problem with the openal implementation with leadwerks. I just need to put 3-4 soldier with a player prefab to an empty map and increase the player health to 9999 and play the map. In less than one minute, the sounds will lags and missing(when 2-3 soldiers are shooting at me at once), fps drops and unplayable. This only happens with Creative sound cards and not my integrated sound card. So something is wrong with the openal thing. Does not happen with other games that uses openal in my system only leadwerks and leadwerks published games. Kinda sad really. Already reported this moons ago and I guess it is not important. If you have sound cards or even integrated sound chip that accelerate openal , I think you might have the same problem as me. Maybe Im wrong. I dont know.

  2. Workshop car "Turbo car for Le 4.6 free" - Uploaded in the Workshop Better optimization for the workshop car released. And possibility to custom the car, feel the difference of the configuration when driving. For Le 4.6. with world:update(4) added to the main script Here is a demo video about the new optimization: Here are the properties that allow to change the car: - The Drive Factor makes the car drive feeling more or less heavy: With a value of 5 it will feel heavy, and it becomes much lighter using a value of 25 for example - The car mass can be changed: Range about 50-200. - The Tires mass can be changed: Range about 5-20. - The motor speed will change the car too:Range about 5000 - 50000. - The brake force has an impact on the time the car will need to be stopped - The springs force value determine how the car bounces on the tires: Range about 500-10000, depending on other values. Enjoy trying it !
  3. Beta car 4.6 has been updated, after the 4.6 update. Just test it for a drive  I'm happy about critic or suggestions ! (Download workshop)



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    2. Marcousik


      That makes my virtual life rolling much smoother :D. Great thing

      Hinge() joints get crazy with a mass like body 1000/ jointed piece 100. Is this buggy ?

    3. Marcousik



      Demo with world:Update(4). Seems to me to as good as 4.3 cars if not better ?

    4. Admin


      @Marcousik Please post an example of your joint problem in the bug reports forum. Lots of small issues getting fixed!

  4. I noticed It just do not run if the player goes on. But it plays right if you put a stone on it.
  5. I noticed you use a (new?) function SetDamping() Nothing in the doc about this, can you explain what is this for ?
  6. I think something still goes wrong with the joints... Acceleration and steering just don't respond with the car? Edit 1: seems that lowing the mass of the jointed items make it run Edit 2: Tested just a little bit, but seems to get very good stable Physics with the springs 👍👍👍 Hope this stays like this
  7. I made a better optimized car for Leadwerks 4.5 - uploaded in the workshop.

    Little demo:


    1. gamecreator


      Thanks for sharing this!  I hope it can help Josh with a solid version with ideal no glitches (though maybe he already figured everything out).

    2. Marcousik


      The beta car 4.6 was definitively better with the upgraded SetSpring() function; for now (since last 4.6 update) something runs total wrong with the joints.

      I don't know if Josh plans to restore the vehicles, but it will be (I really hope) possible to create good cars with what we have among the joints functions.

      Leadwerks without cars is not totally Leadwerks ;)


  8. My beta 4.6 cars are total disturbed 😢 was the joints so much changed ?

    1. Josh


      Another update is coming soon.

    2. Marcousik


      Ah ok.. SetSpring() seems out of control... But I'm not sure

    3. gamecreator


      I hope the documentation is updated with a working example on release.

  9. https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/18490-crash-if-start-with-object-with-mass-beta-46/ Yes this is solved ☺️
  10. I tryed one more time and the bug occurs as soon as a box has a mass AND vegetation tool (pine tree) WITH collision. If you remove the collision from the vegetation tool, the bug disappears ! Did you test with vegetation tool collision checked ?
  11. Sorry, my bad, the function works right, I was trying out of the perspective view () but it required side view to work I just forgot this. So it works fine! You can clear this !
  12. Hey Yue, You should create a topic for this... This has nothing to do with "Hope for vehicles 4.6" but ok whatever... The simple reason for this is that other people may have this issue and they will not really understand why this is reported under "vehicles 4.6" I have no problem with the properties, in windows 8.1 64 bit. If this worked fine in 4.5, I don't understand why should this now be a memory problem in 4.6... Well the requirement for Leadwerks to be used correctly under Windows is 2 gb RAM (source steam)
  13. Finishing this today, I'm happy to publish this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1662222417 The car is funny to drive, the prefabs is ready-to-use but feel free to change the script variables to test it. Drop the prefabs in the map, it uses the classical FPSPlayer from Leadwerks. The car is based on joints: 4 wheels, 4 damper and 2 Hinges for the directions. The script incorporates smoothing damping modifications to get the car stable; modifications on the velocity. There is a funny speed boost system added. Here is a little video test: Have fun
  14. The skew function seems to be down, acting like the translate function.
  15. Coming soon Workshop car 4.6...



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