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  1. Would it be imaginable to expand the export .obj feature to get a .mtl and .jpg too ? Would give immense possibilities to create your own .mdl, textured.

  2. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    Yes ok it requires a little bit experimenting to get a "smoothed" road but your creation tool is excellent. Happy holidays to you ! Edit - Sorry could not resist to share this; we now have (really cool customizable) roads to drive !!
  3. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    Purchased it, amazing work. Just a question Aggror about the roads, can you (and how?) make the roads going up or down ? thx
  4. Does anybody else can't see the last quoted answer from Thirsty Panther there ?


  5. Introducing the Phodex Framework

    Well this may be a good Idea, I have just one or two thoughts that come in my mind by reading this. The problem I see with creating "ready-to-use" features like inventory or NPC or city etc.. Is that this may be easy for game makers to use but it does not really allowed them to create their own system. That's what I like with Leadwerks; some people will say it is unfinished where others may see the chance to build their own features. In my opinion Leadwerks give (just enough of) the structure you need to be able to create your own game mechanics... That said I understand how cool it sounds to get ready-to-use things. My question is just how should 1000 game makers build an own game with originality with this ?
  6. Border Recon - Improved Movements Animation

    A tutorial on this animation use would be great...
  7. Any news from vehicles 4.4?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Marcousik


      "there has no been any interest in the vehicle" What does this mean ? :huh:

    3. jen


      I think he meant the project is getting no attention. The attention Newton Dynamic gets is understated for sure. There's probably hundreds of thousands of Leadwerks users using Newton Dynamics, not to mention the other engines that also use Newton Dynamics.

      It is getting a lot of attention, people are just not very vocal about it.

    4. Marcousik


      Yea that's right but the guy should know about this...

  8. Lazer Ray?

    thx. This should be uploaded in the workshop ! Edit here are the links:
  9. Lazer Ray?

    So yes using sprites allow more "lighting" effect around the lazer. And if I understood this right, then you have to place the sprite in the middle of the way between startpoint and endpoint, then align it in th e right direction, and finally set the distance as size. For this Jen you are using the pythagorean theorem in 3D am I right ? Maybe using DistanceToPoint() may be good too
  10. Lazer Ray?

    That's nice thx
  11. Lazer Ray?

    Hey people, Does anybody has an idea how to cast a laser ray ingame, (without getting out of memory ) ? "simple" thing like this, something you see in so much games, well, how to make this with Leadwerks ? thx
  12. Game crash when killed by crawler

    There is for sure an incompatibility between a few lines in the kill() function. Commenting only these line solves the problem too: -- self.corpse:SetMatrix(
  13. Game crash when killed by crawler

    True. The bug occurs again here too; strange. It is difficult to test it properly because it is not always occuring under the same conditions ????? But I think it is something in the kill() function. Try to comment the 2 last lines in the kill() function, it seems to run..? -- self.entity:SetMass(0) -- self.entity:SetPhysicsMode(Entity.RigidBodyPhysics)
  14. Game crash when killed by crawler

    Ok problem found after a few tests but I can't explain it. Look at the kill() function on FPSPlayer.lua. Comment the last line in the function: -- self.entity:SetPhysicsMode(Entity.RigidBodyPhysics) And the bug doesn't occur anymore. This "RigidBodyPhysics" seems not to be supported anymore.
  15. Game crash when killed by crawler

    I could confirm this, though this does not appear in LE4.3