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  1. And the scandal occasionned by selling a broken version of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 - whatever what everyone think about that - shows that not even quality is needed if you do an intense ad campaign to become rich & successfull. This is so crazy today.
  2. Thx for ideas, suggestions help a lot to get inspiration. Yes I'd like to make something like this. I want to add simply mathematic puzzle challenges, and a bit of shoot functions in TPS form to get a little something to loot, and a concept that will lead the player through different little mini games or destinations to get more and more informations on the treasure's place on the map. The treasure once found gives a big loot. But everything should run in a smooth chilling atmosphere, such of games you play to relax after work, with nothing big to loose and nothing big to
  3. [I] - THE TERRAIN; VEGETATION AND WATER: The map is 4096*4096 The landscape is randomly cast: Painting & vegetation. At the end of the video, is a demo of the waves shader I could write using the leaves.shader on the water.shader. The shader is in the workshop for free to use. It is far not perfect but it adds a good animation for ocean water. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2182253514 [II] - THE CARS PHYSICS: In the game the player will have the possibility to drive different cars: Motos, Jeep, rapid cars,
  4. Marcousik


    It looks cool but hard to see in which direction the game is supposed to be "won" or "lost" as every game should provide a challenge. Maybe add some pictures of a suceessfull endgame way to show the player what he can reach after hours of playing?
  5. Cool.. Whats about the licens e of that shader ? Commercial free ok?
  6. @Josh Hi Josh do you think about selling LE5 for a one-pay-for-ever method? Is it possible to get so?

    1. Josh


      There will be a monthly subscription available, or a single payment for each major version.

    2. Marcousik


      What do you think about giving an early access version for a single payment?

    3. Josh


      It's still baking.

      Cat Baking GIF by Bayerischer Rundfunk

  7. That is a nice idea, I will test this thx
  8. This sounds as somebody who wants to make a kind of RPG mechanics - especially open world - with the main difficulty on how to fill it, but this can be usefull for all type of games. And this is a real question because even games AAA become mostly boring when they propose to the player over and over the same of design: Go to point A, kill some rats, get this item (the lost sword of my Grandpa), Go to point B. Just this system over and over in an incredible more and more beautiful painted world. So my answer would be, maybe kind of laborious, but invent a story, don't spare at
  9. TEMP 2020-11-17 07-46-42.mp4 TEMP 2020-11-17 07-46-42.mp4
  10. Thx, yes that was my method but it is not 100%. Calculatoin should be a mix out of velocity and rotation but I can't get it complete in my mind. I used a modified code from the decals used for the bullets tracks on walls. It runs ok if the car stays in a "normally predictable" line of drive but not if the car is suddenly sliding like in the gif. [Sorry I had problems by uploading / deleting example video] TEMP 2020-11-17 07-46-42.mp4 TEMP 2020-11-17 07-46-42.mp4
  11. I tried to write a script function to trace tires tracks. Pretty easy with decals applied on Terrain if the car drives straight forward. But how to calculate the tracks rotation/ direction of such a mouvement??? Any suggestions?
  12. I worked on this and it runs ok in this code order: DISPLAY was the variable I wanted to save written.
  13. Still seeking the best experience possible with car driving to make an offroad game ^^ This should be what the player gets for a full upgraded speed car: Made with enabled joints and using springs.
  14. Hey @havenphillip, May I suggest, you should put this in the workshop !
  15. Hi, Maybe you ran out of memory or something similar... Did you try to load a backup map (a few days old) to see if the images are drawn correctly?
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