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  1. Marcousik

    Hope for car driving 4.6

    I will try to make a workshop car now for 4.6 because this car in video is from a downscaled world 1:4 - So proportional I calculated the last car I made can reach 140-180 km/h, after this it begins to shake little bit but it is ok as it reaches high speed. But this is I think enough for a little game. I used "fake" things to obtain this but who cares, it is invisible ! I did not use the angular speed, only joints.
  2. Marcousik

    Hope for car driving 4.6

    I tested 100 options to build a passable car and obtain this. In the output window, is printed the vehicle:GetVelocity().xz:GetLength() Edit Preview workshop car 4.6
  3. Marcousik

    Back in Action

    You should maybe hire helpers 😉 It makes me always sad to know how much people do nothing while a few one should do too much 😀
  4. Marcousik

    Driving car experience with 4.6

    You are sometimes kind of mysterious Josh 😁 but ok! I want to say: If you can make vehicles without shaking, it is worth to add them as feature, even if they don't reach ultra speed. Some users may definetly enjoy the possibilities, don't you think ?
  5. Marcousik

    Driving car experience with 4.6

    @Josh If you mean the angular mass or/and the update() functions.. Well I have no idea how to do that... Any tipp ? 😉
  6. Marcousik

    Crash if start with object with mass / Beta 4.6

    Yes, the files updated with the project manager on beta
  7. Using the LE player controller in a terrain with trees. I put a crate with 10 of mass. Game start -> Game crashes. I removed the mass of the crate: Game start -> Game runs. Edit, the bug does not occur if no trees (+ collision) with the vegetation tool on the map !
  8. That's what I obtained for driving experience with 4.6. For me it's ok, just the distance of the wheels to the cars are growing too much while getting speed. Sounds have to get upgraded too I add a video that show car driving possibilities in the down-scaled world I want to create with an own scaled character controller. The idea is to obtain with this a bigger world lol So everything is under scaled, the car too. It's not GTA 6 but it's very ok for what I expect because I like when the car you drive is shaking on the road, as too much polished is not realistic enough, as you could not feel the ruggedness of the world you are playing in . I think the cars in gta 5 are definitvly too polished as you cannot reverse them for example, making the game a way too sanitized. Progress of this update 02/2019:
  9. Marcousik

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    Cool thx
  10. Marcousik

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    Actually it helps me a lot because I try toread the c++ functions. I'm actually wondering what is "mat" used for ? Vec3 scale = entity->mat.GetScale(); Then it becames mat[1], mat[2] and mat[3] but I can't find the definition of this. Can't find where does this "mat" comes out...
  11. Marcousik

    Vehicle Development

    Thx Josh, could you upload a little vehicle prefabs of your own containing an example script for us ?
  12. Marcousik

    Vehicle Development

    My workshop cars that I tried to optimize for 4.5 don't work with 4.6 anymore, any idea why ? Something must have change thx for any tipp...
  13. Marcousik

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    Okay yes, sure..little confusion. Something more: Do I have to replace the vehicles.h with the one you upload here ? What should I do with the .cpp file? Can I use this with lua ? Im a newbie to this sorry
  14. Marcousik

    Vehicle Development

    Josh, are you going to update the vehicles on 4.6 (or make a beta with what you found...) so that we can use slow vehicles ? (Very cool would be a prefabs of your car from the videos you posted)... Or upload on open code Project with that car would be great...