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  1. thx for sharing, incredible cool stuff. Especially the clouds generator, with export as .png Great
  2. That's interesting, Josh did you think at that time about how to build the car AI opponents ? There are so much games having a great car AI. With the Spline tools it is possible to simulate something but without ??? How to make a computer-controlled car follow a road ?
  3. Thx the model I used in the video is from sketchfab. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/generic-triple-motorcycle-0897a975845647919728095d117a6255 But for the workshop I need a cco model, because as far as I know Josh doesn't accept the "must credit the author" in the workshop. To avoid possibly complications I think.
  4. Hey thx Charrua How do you do ? Yes it is made with two motorized hinges as you say and lateral forces with AddTorque() for the turning balance. You have to change this in the main.lua, something Josh added that make all smoother: If I find a pretty model cc0 I will make a free workshop bike of it.
  5. I updated the moto I was working on and now the physics let having fun with this.
  6. I think that's more or less the idea I wanted to speak about. No matter the engine (if it is stable enough of course - and I think LE 4.6 is) you can make a fun thing that other people can enjoy. All the challenge is to be creative, finding something fun. Because so much content has been made yet. An re-making games other did better yet gives no motivation. And so the choice of the engine you want to work with has to be in the same line as your game concept requires. If not you are losing your time. It's like in making music, I can buy more and more instruments (like features or assets) pretending I could do better with, but in reality if I do not master them or just find a good use of them, it stays nonsense. The point is the tools have to serve the ideas, and not the ideas the tools. That could be the reason why for my part and for now I don't need another engine.
  7. That's a nice phrase! One problem remains (of course I know you are not my Psy but thx for reading yes 👍) I'm stil having problem to believe I could make a game better than an AAA perhaps existing yet. Looking at Witcher, GTA, Watch dogs, greedfall, Gothic and so much more other "perfect" games I think there is no reason why anybody should play my game !
  8. I don't want to "advocate" anybody if not what I'm feeling No you may not need a team but then time. It s not easy near family and job. Yes that's the best way that may happen, isn't it ? lol about...nothing. I wanted to tell I'm not the person for this. I just don't feel good by advertising. furthermore I have no game ready to sell ! I like the challenge of scripting, animating, seeing things becoming harmonious on the screen, and, if I would succeed to make a bigger project, I would be happy other would play this. But sorry I'm not the person for that, like I'm lacking in this ability to present things like a customer must think "I want to try it". There are people (sometimes include ubisoft too ) that are so good in this that they can sell sh!t for a so good thing, that customers will be disappointed. Like a little bit seems to be happened with breakpoint ghost recon.
  9. I like this thread because we speak about motivation to make a game with Leadwerks and I'm feeling I'm loosing this motivation too. But not because Leadwerks, because the few bugs you are speaking about can be often walk around (make your own character controller, set the tree a far away to avoid or forgive the pop up effect ...) I would encounter the same problems I discovered with an other engine too; The difficulty is the main problem for me, because you should have a team of workers because it is so much work to finish a game properly. Or you need years of work and motivation, with job and family, it is quite impossible, is it ? Secondly - and the biggest thing for me - I personally can't hope anymore that people will play my game, supposing the game would be funny, finish and playable. Why this ? Because this game would fall in an infinity of other indie games and as Hobby game maker I have no resources to make an effective advertising. There is an ocean of games that are inviting players in all sort of different kind of scenes possible, and you need a great idea nobody does, if you want your game not fall anonymous. Maybe I would reach a number of hundred players, well, is this really 10 years work worth ? I'm still working on my dream game but only because I like the challenge to make it. That's enough, but the motivation to finish it may lacking because if you are not ubisoft today, you just have almost no chance anyone notice your game. It is just like art. If you have abilities to draw, it is fine, and then you see on pinterest that other million people have the same ! lol
  10. Marcousik

    Message Boxes

    Is there something like this in current LE4.6 ?
  11. @Josh About the map I provided: I got the problem with this map a few time ago but I don't know how react the save function...I mean: It could be that I saved more times after that the erasing of the painted surfaces occur, so I don't know if it is still a good map to try? Maybe I can provide you a fresh map with the bug just occurred...It is pretty unpredictable how and when it occurs.
  12. Maybe this is true, I don't Know ..I'm surprised because I can run big games like Creed origins or witcher 3 without too much problems.. But maybe yes.. So you speak about vram, dedicated memory that is actually on my system about 4000... Could this not enough .. That could explain why it runs on little maps.
  13. Yes it should, but it is not. I tried a few times and I had to switch back on 2048*2048 because of this painting problem. Could you recognize something wrong or something to change on the map I uploaded ?
  14. @Josh DxDiag.txt @carlb I'm ok with windows 8.1 drivers, you can find everything online, if you mean graphic card drivers ? And windows 8.1 will still sometimes be updated. I was on windows 10 until I got problems with updating that I could not solve, so I returned to win 8.1
  15. thx here in upload is the map with I got this problem for a few days...Well without models and anything, right ? I tried to "paint" the map with 4 textures, one day I loaded the map and the entire map was only the first main texture to see. I would be so happy to see this solved. I never get the bug on 1024*1024 map, even with "complicated" painted muster with over 10 different textures... MainGameT8.map And the gpu
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