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  1. Marcousik

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    This looks great. But I have to ask: It would have been so interesting for me (and maybe others) to know the issue on how to get a solid car when using the joints system a few members here worked on for a few months.. !! Could/is this now be possible ?
  2. Marcousik

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    Beta now solved this for me 👍
  3. Since today I can't rotate the map from the editor (with right down mouseclick)... Does anybody has this too ? thx

    1. gamecreator


      Works fine for me.  If it keeps happening to you after restarts, try removing Leadwerks.cfg from Documents\Leadwerks

    2. Marcousik


      ok thx, I have strangely no output too when the game is running....something goes wrong


    3. Marcousik


      ok sorry, restarting PC made it work thx for help 👍

  4. 1) It's me or this is just.. amazing?

    2) Google tells me Leadwerks website is no secure ???

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    2. Marcousik


      Incredible is that nearly each tree or each house seems to be an own model. Sometime there will be a better virtual earth :D / maybe while real earth degrade ...?

    3. Rick


      Now imagine gunfire all around you and people dying all over the place like this was a military game. I predict when those games come out in VR gamers will have PTSD.

    4. Marcousik


      Crazy what :D? Like going to supermarket and "Wtf? Where is my sword ?"

  5. Marcousik

    Leadwerks 4.6 Development

    Happy to hear about releasing 4.6 :)
  6. I get a better shadow quality with Light option set to medium as to high... Isn't it supposed to be the opposite ?

    1. Josh


      At high quality the shaders blurs more samples. It probably looks sharper at medium quality.

    2. gamecreator


      Oh my god.  This might be an issue I have with one of my projects!  (And I modified the bloom shader to be less obvious.)  I was going to post asking for help about why it doesn't look great no matter what I do with the texture and other settings.  Will try this first though.

  7. I'm troobleshooted with this: I get 40 fps in a map with much vegetations with the character controller, as soon as I drive in a car I get 100 fps in the same scene ?! :blink:

    1. Phodex Games

      Phodex Games

      I experienced something similar. My FPS drops to 30 FPS randomly sometimes. If I open my ingame settings and activate and deactivate something (e.g v-sync) then the FPS are normal again, but the scene has not changed.

    2. Josh


      Maybe you have very inefficient vegetation collision shapes?

    3. Marcousik


      Hey Hello,

      Well, actually it is not randomly sometimes but constantly. It's very confusing because the only thing that changes is to get in the car. I can't explain this. Even if the vegetation had bad collision shapes, it would not make a difference if in car or not, would it ?

      Here a picture: I get in the car and obtain fps*2 in  the exactly same scene ...


  8. Marcousik


    Up I'm interested in this too, Could it be possible with Leadwerks to diffuse a video ingame like .mp4 ? I imagine like you let it play a sound: local video = Video:Load(path) video:Play() Could this be possible ?
  9. Marcousik

    How to fix character rotation

    Did you try that "Character angle" -> 180 or 90 or ... instead of 0 , I can remember it did it for me in the past...
  10. Marcousik

    Vegetation Tool

    Oh sorry & thx for reminding me- I totally forgotten this... I did not even know you see this signature page when I write an answer...so I did forget this ! I have delete the signature. Please confirm it is ok now ?
  11. Marcousik

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    I got a problem with all of this today too, trying to run a published stand alone LE game: I'm using windows 8.1 - standard 1920*1080 screen option. NO BETA VERSION ! This is what happened: When I execute the .exe, it forced the screen resolution to to highest option: 2715*1527 Then it executes the game in 1920*1080 at the top left of the screen. Going through alt+TAB in the option and set the resolution bachk to 1920*1080 solves the problem but it can't be a good solution.
  12. Marcousik

    Vegetation Tool

    No I didn't - thx great thing - much better indeed
  13. Marcousik

    Vegetation Tool

    I know Josh is very busy so this is no complaining ! I observed and got little bit disappointed recently that vegetation tool's trees (still) don't have a water reflection... Just to remember to get a finish point on this ?
  14. Marcousik

    How can I fix this problem?

    Well maybe it makes sense to study the mouse look in the FPSPlayer.lua (there are examples of how using Math:Curve() ) This is the mouse look in the UpdateWorld(): (I would not change this) And this is in the UpdatePhysics(): And somewhere I would add something like this for the third person view: self.camera:Move(0,0,-10)
  15. Marcousik

    How can I fix this problem?

    @macklebee Strange... I can't find this quoted script part in the Spectator.lua ?