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  1. Which one ?
  2. May be the same problem I reported here ?
  3. Forest with different models using the vegetation tool: enjoy
  4. Hello ! I need help with this: I created a map 4096*4096 with 3 paint textures, and 3 vegetations models: When I get to this map using a change map trigger ( -> I obtain this: The trees have disappeared ! The shapes of them are still there, because you get invisible collisions where the trees should be. I'm NOT in beta version. The bug occurs only if you go through the changeMap trigger through the start map ! I uploaded the project here:!AiVBgjDAyIXLjWM4RTrAwbxQsQzs You can get & use the model car animated for FPSPlayer as in the map as you want !! It's an unresctrited use aston martin model Keys are: E- use NumPad 2,4,6,8- move NumPad 1- start BackSpace- quit thx Edit: 1) I found the problem: Set the car Mass to 0 solves this and allows the trees to be loaded correctly. 2) I add a 1000 mass to a box in the scene, loaded through the trigger -> all trees disappear looks like there is something incompatible between objects with mass and the veg. tool when the map loads through a changeMap trigger...
  5. Demo of a river + waterfall I made today
  6. Great to hear this
  7. Interesting I worked on this and wanted to ask the same about catching a brush surface because of need to use GetVertexTexCoords() Or is there another way to make this ? It's a bit strange because with Model:Box() I would get no problem. So another way would be to construct with Model:Box() the same Brush as edited (assuming it is a box) and apply GetSurface()... I also wanted to ask about changing texture scale (easy to change from the editor) with a script function on brushes ? thx
  8. I still have the question about getting the surface of a csg..! > "After runtime", do you mean after start() ? > if the csg cannot have an added script, how do you want to get the surface ??? thx Edit I checked this too
  9. Yes part 2 here is part 1: The bug page 21 occurs when looking from the engine too and is not fixed yet thx
  10. Just would like to share this because I find this very beautiful and it could be source of inspiration for all people who are creating other realities: enjoy
  11. Great funny beautiful Idea, I enjoy trying this Just few ideas: What about implementing an auto-save feature at which the player quit the game ? I got stuck at the pizza service (sorry spoiler) I brought the first pizza and then I directly took the pizza for table 4 and I get stuck because I couldn't drop the pizza anymore. Maybe I should have first bring the coca or something else... No importance great atmosphere, you're an artist, very beautiful terrain painting
  12. Can you explain this a little bit more ? After trying a few things I don't see why a little oblivion could not be possible, for example. Furthermore to get to see the videos examples of "The Zone" that has been created with Leadwerks just let think that something like Stalker is makable with the engine (is oblivion much more complicated...?) thx
  13. I was just looking at everything in the workshop, tired after works, then suddenly this: Page 20: Page 21 Page 22
  14. The last creation I did in a few hours, with Leadwerks, very satisfying performances, love building new atmosphere:
  15. I obtain this when trying to load my map In No-Beta does not occur... I never got this before..