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  1. Is there a possibility to access to an editor-created emittler from a script and change his value(s) ?

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    2. Marcousik


      yes indeed thx for the answer it may look like a stupid question but indeed I tried to catch the emittler with entity:Findchild("name") but it returns an error if I try to execute a 

      SetAcceleration(number x, number y, number z) for example on it:

      In the screenshot self.fumee is an editor-created emittler that the script just does not recognize ?


      What am I doing wrong ?

    3. mdgunn


      Ah something I forgot to mention.....you need to cast it to an emitter type otherwise it will appear to be only a generic entity. 

      local emitter = tolua.cast(self.entity,"Emitter")

      Is this maybe the problem you are hitting?

      It's easy to forget this bit when you rarely have to cast in lua.



    4. Marcousik


      Ah yes this should be the solution, right I forgot this thx.

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