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  1. As I am currently discovering Mafia 2, a game concept art built with so much fine details at all levels of game design, I'm just thinking game developers made no real progress since this beautiful creation. 

    1. gamecreator


      Those games are definitely few and far between, where devs put in extra details that go above and beyond.  I loved the art of the Dishonored series, where you could get lost in the beautiful environments.

    2. Marcousik


      Yes and much developers are unfortunately put under pressure to develop the game in a such way where managers (money makers) take the decisions so that it should be sold, the critics should be good, politic and such things will be fine and so on, so that at the end there is no room enough to give an idea the free way it needs to be well realized and, as it should be for a game, the fantasy just can't go free.

      There is today very well made games but this "commercial" feeling is almost everywhere.


    3. gamecreator


      Yes, it's kind of a balancing act that stifles creativity.  The team needs to be paid or the company fails so the decision makers are averse to taking a risk on something that's not known for making money.  Then there are the players, most of which just play what they know and already love; the FPS, the sports games, the MOBAs, etc., so it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      Thankfully there are the indies that are willing to take risks (on a smaller scale) though they often fail.  And a few companies like Double Fine that regularly produce creative games though the companies seem like they're barely surviving.

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