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  1. Marcousik

    Forth demo 1

    I was speaking about a cemetery of dead games, because I feel sad about great games that gone dead...just like hellraid that promised to be so fun. I know there are many political and economic reasons to leave a project, but the main question should be why the motivation is going down to finish something that was so promising and maybe exciting? At which step of the development are the people beginning to doubt about the project? Or loosing the fun it needs to become a great thing. So much great ideas gone lost, and it is really sad if only money was deciding about this.
  2. How now was exactly the solution for this ? Could somebody maybe simply sum up ? thx
  3. Actually I got the idea in adding steampunk elements in the game, so I came to trying building machine. It's fun to populate an open world, maybe it is possible to build a travel locomotive with this mechanic or whatever.
  4. Using joints Hinge() Joints are funny and powerful to build machines. They allow to use mass (gravity), different masses on different part of the machine depends on what you need, frictions, and limits. By this machine, the only enabled motor is the first big oval cylinder, which is turning. The rest is articulated with disabled hinge joints.
  5. Is there any possibility with a script to access the editor screen, like real time emitter does or shader can do???

    1. Josh


      Maybe with a post-processing effect?

    2. Marcousik


      Äh yes I thought about this, but I'm a 0 at this... Do you know if you can access Vec3() positions within a shader and summon a pivot point or whatever we can see in the editor ? 

      Will you build this for Turbo, like little real time script module?

    3. Josh


      I don't know about LE4, it would be a real hack. The next editor will be designed to be extendable in this manner.

  6. Hey 1) sorry I don't understand the question 2) look in the workshop, there is a free weapons pack, you should find what you want if you study how this is done.
  7. Hellö Here are a few thoughts about finding the best way to create a dense forest, with different models, quickly, dense and allowing good performances by walking and driving. I first try with the vegetation tool. https://www.leadwerks.com/community/profile/15151-marcousik/?status=10763&type=status I got good results but not by driving and I find that the collision checked causes the lost of 40 FPS (from 60 by to 20) making the game unplayable. Sure this depends on the view range and the density. I could get such a good beautiful looking map, allowing fast driving, but NOT allowing collision enabled, so that was sadly a no go. I tried on a another map to write a little script allowing a random generated forest with 2 colliding trees models and making the not colliding vegetation with the vegetation tool. I obtained good results, possibly ok to be used in a game or a part of. The positive thing is that you can rotate the generated trees in x and z axes too, or changing the basis height easily, making a more realistic forest. There are performances limitations with this method too for sure: not the collision (setting collision to none didn't actually change very much regarding FPS, strangely?) but the density and the global range you wan't to be covered with trees. So it stays totally impossible to cover all the map (1024) with trees if you wan't a dense forest, like in the video here, with this method. The vegetation tool should be better for covering all the map, if requested. But I found that I could create little dense forest allowing faster driving through. That's cool. I expected too much from setting the view range to medium or far. I thought that not rendering the trees that are far away would be equal to a none performance cost. Sadly it is not like this. So if the generated forest is big and very dense, even if invisible because far away from the player (by setting medium view range), the FPS are sinking drastically. Strange ? What/Where are the performances gone for? Another problem with this method is that the nav mesh will not be able to assimilate the trees as they are build in the start function. Except you generate the nav mesh after this from the script... Car lights are not supported, FPS sinking immediately under 20. Perhaps can here something be done with shadow disabling? Not tested. Light are ok if the forest is not so dense. (but especially when the forest is dark and dense are the car lights really useful!) Conclusion, this tool script is ok for making little forests allowing fast movement and looking more diverse and realistic in my opinion... It is possible to add an if statement on the Terrain:GetSlope() and/or GetElevation() to choose if the trees should be summoned or not depending on the Height and Slope of the map, same options as in the vegetaion tool. The GetTerrain() function runs with the spline tool - but you can find the terrain using a selection with if GetClassName()=="terrain" on all entities on the map until it find it. You can summon all what you want with this, randomly, add more options... Rocks, mushrooms, flowers whatever. Using Terrain:GetElevation() is a much more powerful as with Pick() Script and video showcase following + beautiful screenshots done ingame with this tool:
  8. Collision is so expensive... I'm loosing 40  FPS by activating the collision option on the vegetation trees 😕

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Marcousik


      Okay thank you. 

      Is there maybe a way to catch from script (only) the positions of generated instances? (with lua) thx for help

    3. Josh


      No, not really.

    4. Marcousik


      ok so then only in c++, right?


  9. Marcousik

    Forth demo 1

    For sure - just wanted to honor this with a little poetry.
  10. Marcousik

    Forth demo 1

    in the cemetery where never borned ideas are crackling silver dust under your feets, you could walk on tiny fossil bones bleeding out past hope of future memories.
  11. Hi You can use source without problems, just create it in start() function like this for example: (out of the car script - available in workshop) -------- After this you can use the source with more options available in UpdateWorld() this should run ok and let you adjust volume, distance, pitch....
  12. yes all right thx 👍 Happy it can be done. So only set the specular to 0 on material and the effect of the shader is gone, cool thing really.
  13. Right thx adebgamesoft and Russel Actually it would be nice to use this shader on a specific material as it seems to turn the entire scene to marble: It is so impossible to compose a scene with old creepy material and marble
  14. Hey Russel Nice showcase. How did you do the floor reflections may I ask? It s cool and realistic
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