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  1. Hi. I hid a few of the locations beneath the surface. On my map there is a lake with water, from which extends the pyramid - which is a teleport to underground locations. How to turn off the water when crossing the trigger? How to disable fog? I used LUA. Sorry for my English, I use machine translator.
  2. Can't create a new project if its name begins with a number.
  3. Hi. I use the script created by Josh for platformer (can't find a link to it), and have a problem. The character controller is placed in the centre of the cylinder. How to attach it to the bottom edge? I noticed a nasty light bug. Dynamic source shines through the walls. I have configured it incorrectly?
  4. Six months ago I tried to enter my password in this class, but it didn't work
  5. Hi. Do you have plans to implement Matchmaking in Leadwerks Game Launcher? It would be great if we could publish small multiplayer games in the Workshop.
  6. Wow, I never thought of that! Thank you so much!
  7. Is it possible to temporarily put a blueprint in the viewport of the editor? For example as it do in 3d editors like 3ds max. Random pic:
  8. Visible joints projections. As far as I understand the problem with the render in SpaceEngine. I hope someone here knows how to fix it. http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/21-514-1
  9. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone tried to use SpaceEngine to generate a Cubemap? Sources: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=8D379017CFE022B4!3719&authkey=!AHZH1mfB_2hBjNM&ithint=file%2czip shots.zip
  10. Can't expand the subfolder in the folder tree. Tried double-click, click, the context menu (no option for "expand"). If open the script from the editor - folder still does not expand. There are problems with drawing elements of other windows (for example the tabs, page scrolls and checkboxes not visible). In the Launcher I cannot start any game because there are no buttons. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/14224-bugproblems-with-the-game-launcher-interface-no-of-some-elements-of-interface/#entry97547 I tried different themes shell and 2 different distribution - the problem i
  11. Due to the lack of buttons and tabs - can't launch any one of the products.
  12. Thanks, I just deleted these lines and it worked. Switching to beta and updating of the project did not change anything.
  13. Hi. I have a stupid question. I was getting this error simply by running the map from the example (AI & events). I have not changed anything in the code and in the scene. How to fix this error and why it occurs? In Windows everything works fine.
  14. Greetings to all. Want to contact the developers with a proposal on the technical side of the engine. To add a function that will be processed in the editor. For example, to draw lines, polygons, lead to miscalculations. Why is this? Then, users can implement their own tools for the engine. For example, the editor of roads, ponds and other things. - Sorry for my English, I use machine translation
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