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  1. Is there a way to get an offline version of the API reference (html or pdf)? When I am on the road, it is sometimes difficult to get internet access, and not having the API reference makes it impossible to program Leadwerks. I found a pdf that was generated in 2010 in the forum, but I do not know if contains the reference from the latest version of LW. E.
  2. Thanks everybody for replying. My first problem is my model itself. In the editor, I chose "Polymesh". Like MrShawkly said, they are problematic. I also read that the "Polymesh" react as if it has a mass of 0. Which is not good. So first thing I did, I change the "Polymesh" to the "ConvexHull". Second, when I was rotating the foosmen, I rotated the object itself. Unfortunately, rotating an object by itself does not affect the physics of the game. So I had to change the waythe rotation was done. This was more complicated than I though. Before, everything was controlled through a piv
  3. I am developping a small Foosball game. I set the ball object physics to Rigid Body, Prop, and with a mass of 5. The foosmen on a rod are attached to a pivot which controls their rotation. Each foosman physics is set to Rigid Body, Scene, Nav Obstacle = true. When the ball is moving, it can react to the foosmen rotating. If the ball is stopped, the foosmen pass through the ball. I suspect the way I set the physics is responsable for this. Does someone have a suggestion on how to set physics setting correctly so the foosmen can hit the ball when they are rotating. Thanks. E
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