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  1. New Tracks on the : 03.15.2016 I afforded myself FL Studio a few days ago that means I am actively working on new tracks, the site also has a new Design! : http://friedrich-betz.de/index.html Check it out to listen to my new tracks: "Distance So Near" My Second track (and first advanced one) with the new program. can be used for RPG type of game. Inspired by Kirill Pokrovsky. "Western Style" Can be used for a western styled minigame.
  2. Hey there ! And thank you for clicking this thread ! I provide you with game music completely for free ! Make sure to visit my site for further information: http://friedrich-betz.de/index.html The latest tracks: Download the track :"fastsong"(loopable) Could be used in a 2D Beat em up Download the track :"offhand house 2" Could be used in any modern style game and Main Menu Download the track :"Decisions" This Song could work for nearly every game Download the track :"Mystery in the woods.mp3"(experimental) Could work for a puzzle game Download the track :"Man in the streets.mp3"(experimental) Could work for an Epic RPG game Theme or ingame music
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