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  1. See my Projects on www.maxaigner.de ! :)

  2. Indeed it really works! thank you so much! My driver seemed to be too old somehow - updating the Nvidia Driver solved the issue [Edit] I also had to force my notebook to use the GPU instead of the Intel Chip as martyj said. Dont know if there is a solution other than using the Nvidia driver(?) [/Edit] yours Max
  3. Hello People, I created a presentation software for a company and noted that the minimum requirements are OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 11 and Shadermodel 4 (not sure about this). Turns out that on the Notebook with a GTX 630M and a Intel HD3000 (Optimus Technology) Windows 8.1 It seems not to work at all..(neither Leadwerks Editor/Launcher nor my program): ( Failed to initialize graphics. Please ensure your graphics hardware is compatible and install new graphics drivers) Did I miss a requirement? thanks in advance for your help! yours Max Aigner
  4. Hi beo6, Oh ok, yes actually it works now - it took me some time to understand how to implement it into my code - now it works very well - thank you!
  5. Hm that is awkward - anyway I have an Idea - Probably it is because of the touchpanel that both my "infected" computers have! probably you can try out a surface pro 3 -> maybe there are some issues because of the higher scaled touchpanel or something what do you think? yours Max
  6. @Olby: thank you again! I did not quite get it to run but it makes sence so I will try it these days.. @YouGroove: I am currently using Notepad++ and NOT the LE3 Lua Editor because I want these features: autocompletion CTRL+Left / Right --> skip a Word function CTRL+Backspace --> delete a word CTRL+SHIFT+ Left/Right --> Select a whole Word. When I select a Word all other Words around (which have the same content) are highlighted Better coordination of the STRG+F Search (text in search-textbox should be selected after STRG+F -> F3 Key - "SearchNext" should work immedia
  7. Yes you are right - sounds good to me - thanks for the great and fast support!
  8. that's awesome! thank you Olby! that is even better! (am I allowed to use this in a comercial software, too? )
  9. Hello everyone, I know I ask quite some questions the last days - it's just that I have only three days a week to develop my customers needs.. I need a possibility to convert PNG files to TEX files. Because my software will include the customers PNG files in the 3d Scene. Is there a sourcecode for saving in the TEX file format? (or a simple file description of TEX files...?) thank you in advance! - yours Max
  10. OK.. I played a bit around and read through your code beo6 - Isn't the code just for like 4 points? I need a code for N-points... nevertheless it is a good starting and I think I get the math of spline slowy, too When I have it I'll write the code.. for now this is also helpful:
  11. Good evening, As Mentioned in the caption - is there a possibility to link Notepad++ to Leadwerks engine so that if I press F5 it "compiles" ? Would be super Awesome! yours Max Aigner
  12. ok I will try it out - Thank you Einlander!
  13. I have tested it on two computers with a HD 4000 from Intel: Intelchip PLUS Monitor on my surface there is an Intel Chip and no monitor ! both have the oversized Leadwerks screen. on GTX 980 there it Works completely fine (no issue!) ! with the same code (the same exe file) the error comes only on high or HD resolutions like 2160x1440 or 1920x1080 Do you have a notebook to test it with a high resolution?
  14. first I looped through the GetGraphicsMode() Modes with a and just picked the one that has the same aspect ratio it was something like this: resolution = Vec2(0) countmodes = System:CountGraphicsModes() for i = 0 , countmodes -1, 1 do vec = System:GetGraphicsMode(i) if math.floor(1024/768) == math.floor(vec.x/vec.y) then resolution.x = vec.x resolution.y = vec.y end end (it had the same Issue of too big Fullscreens) NOW I am using an External Launcher But still I have that Issue but ONLY on three of my INTEL chips - not on two tested Nvidia devices.... DOWNLO
  15. nono I am creating a 1920x1080 fullscreen window on a 1920x1080 native resolution screen
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