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  1. Works great!!!! Now I want to make it to where it only plays that .wav file on the first collision. Is there a code for -stop after play=1? And not sure how to make it only play the sound once.
  2. Hey everyone. Here again. With another questions. I'm sure not the last time. I started with Qbasic and am slowly learning c++ and .lua. I was wondering if anyone had a script where; player touch-->call .wav file (I know this is probably the most basic way of saying it, so I hope you all can understand my request.)
  3. Attached is the door I was asking about. The vertical one.
  4. I was playing around with different door types and was wondering why gatevertical_door creates another copy of itself but invisible and with no collision? Just wondering. I am trying to make it move but having entity problems.
  5. Thank you!!!! I went through the flowgraph a bazillion times because I didn't want to bug anyone for help. Turns out it was the physics. Thank you so much guys!!!!!
  6. Here is a link to a a google drive document where you can view or download the .map file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9zFOvQLmemRNjA2a2hjNS1mTE0/view?usp=sharing edit 1: Thank you for all those that are helping. I have watched the video at least 10 times to try to figure out what went wrong. : [
  7. Determined to do these 40+ hours a week, school, and program!

  8. Not exactly, though this seems it shapes out an area if I collide it with another, or maybe I am reading it wrong. I was looking more for a cut out tool.
  9. I have followed many videos and I just can't get this door open. I linked the switch_handle and the slidingdoor_left I want to open with in the Flowgraph Editor, but for the life of me it won't work. I have spent an hour or so moving items around near then, disconnecting the door from the slidingdoorsingle_frame... I am just really stuck. Any ideas out there? Maybe someone was also stuck in this situation?
  10. Hey everyone! I am brand new, about 4 hours in. I am constantly remaking walls in order to build my structures (just messing around with the program) and I was wondering is there a faster way? Could I possibly cut into the walls in the Solid Perspective view? I didn't see any forums covering this.... most likely because it is a definite no. I wanted to ask anyways, thanks! NOTE: Attached is a quick example of what I mean. The green outline markers is where I might want to take away a piece of the wall. Thanks!
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