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  1. Great work for Alpha release ! One little something I would like to say is keyboard, w for walking in qwerty but think too for azerty as z for walking ! Can you fix that ? Everything else is very good.
  2. Very cool ! Yeah, something it doesn't show the objects who keeps with tires ? And windows I was making the alpha too but don't work ? 🤔
  3. Ah yes sorry I was looking quickly xD Ok I see what you mean.
  4. Ok I was working to Uv mapping for this vehicle, see it below One screenshot from Blender and another screenshot that I successfully import to Leadwerks ! Porject_Mars.zip
  5. Ok maybe anyone can help to fix this issue ? But i can't see the shadows as strange or change for angle to point of view ? Or better it is to model in Blender and export to FBX maybe it would work on this ?
  6. Good job Yue ! However, one question is to make terrain as flat is quite unrealistic, right ? What about for rock, hollow ground or walls or ground relief ?
  7. Thank you Thirsty Panther for joined us ! Sure you do what you can bright it as contribution
  8. See it in Modeling forum and General forum. Ask to Yue what 3D model he wants ? Or make your model if you want to contribute to project ?
  9. Hi adebgamesoft, Sorry for late to thank you for joined us and welcome So you say you are good in 3D modeling ? See to Yue what you can do it ? Ask any question or help here, thanks.
  10. Hi Yue, What do you need in your project for 3D model ?
  11. Nice video ! Any way for character to drive with vehicle ? Keep it up.
  12. Not finished but I will refine more this so more wip What do you think of my model ? It is low poly, althought it makes a little more 6000 poly but I think i can make less poly too for perfomance...
  13. Can have two vehicle as one small and one big ?
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