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  1. Not finished but I will refine more this so more wip What do you think of my model ? It is low poly, althought it makes a little more 6000 poly but I think i can make less poly too for perfomance...
  2. Can have two vehicle as one small and one big ?
  3. Great your vehicle is better than mine ! Ok I will work this it
  4. What do you think for Vehicle for Mars ? Yes it is a work in progress This image is starting on the cockpit from the vehicle with Blender.
  5. Me I use Gimp, Blender and Lightwave for graphics mostly and I know some basic on Lua other as C++ and Python. If you want we can work as together for code in Lua you need to share as private for dropbox or Drive from your project ? What do you need for 3D Model in your project?
  6. Pretty one this idea Ok, we must already provide this kind of survival mechanism in the code, so it's you who makes the code? I learn to do the code so I can model in 3D if you want. What kind of 3D software do you use?
  7. Cool screenshot! It is good starting for story too, we can improve or change it if it is needed... We will see it if you are agreed And for gameplay, what it is kind on that ? Puzzle, Action, Adventure or other thing ?
  8. Great thank you for your consideration of creating your project ! Ok i have joined to your project and let's do to make the most successful project possible and by the arrival of other programmers too if all go right We will need now to find 3d artists, programmer, writer of gdd, etc... You have to tell us what is the story of your game and the gameplay that working ? Don't worry I am sure someone is very fluent in english and he can help us to making good too. Please, someone is interesting in this project, what we will do in first ? Thanks all.
  9. Do not worry about english even me is not my main language, sometime I use google translate to write good english, about your project you do not think it's better that we help you a little to complete your dream and we by experience we will also create our game as well. The problem is that the software Leadwerks is probably the easiest to use but for that it is necessary to use his potential as maximun to show what it is able to make it too There are all kind of people amateur or hobbyist, semi-pro, pro, expert and so on... If we can do something together it will be a solid team or a small group, do you not find it is better ? Selling a game is to talk before to everyone who are participated and then share between them the benefit if all peoples have agreed. But making an engine is more hard than making a games which is more easy because the tool game engine is complete and ready to make it.
  10. yes but the problem is also instead of doing everything alone in his corner he could even help someone with the same passion to create the games... example you have created your game in progress which the Mars project and if they would like to help you to create stronger and more complete too, right ?
  11. yes about free or hobby projects would be very interesting, of course if serious team wanna this commercial why not to make it too after to have experiences from free projects ? More likely up and not down side, right ?
  12. Maybe if somenone has created a game in between 30% and 50% for works I would happy to help him/her or their project, it needs to be organized and some show status and then the project club will be more visible, what do you think of that ? Because the others just scatter their project and then give down easily...
  13. see it in your blog, keep it up your good game
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