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  1. Great work for Alpha release ! One little something I would like to say is keyboard, w for walking in qwerty but think too for azerty as z for walking ! Can you fix that ? Everything else is very good.
  2. Very cool ! Yeah, something it doesn't show the objects who keeps with tires ? And windows I was making the alpha too but don't work ? ?
  3. Ok I was working to Uv mapping for this vehicle, see it below One screenshot from Blender and another screenshot that I successfully import to Leadwerks ! Porject_Mars.zip
  4. Hi adebgamesoft, Sorry for late to thank you for joined us and welcome So you say you are good in 3D modeling ? See to Yue what you can do it ? Ask any question or help here, thanks.
  5. Interesting and thank you for sharing the code
  6. Hi Yue, What do you need in your project for 3D model ?
  7. khotan


    Nice video ! Any way for character to drive with vehicle ? Keep it up.
  8. Not finished but I will refine more this so more wip What do you think of my model ? It is low poly, althought it makes a little more 6000 poly but I think i can make less poly too for perfomance...
  9. Can have two vehicle as one small and one big ?
  10. Great your vehicle is better than mine ! Ok I will work this it
  11. What do you think for Vehicle for Mars ? Yes it is a work in progress This image is starting on the cockpit from the vehicle with Blender.
  12. Me I use Gimp, Blender and Lightwave for graphics mostly and I know some basic on Lua other as C++ and Python. If you want we can work as together for code in Lua you need to share as private for dropbox or Drive from your project ? What do you need for 3D Model in your project?
  13. Pretty one this idea Ok, we must already provide this kind of survival mechanism in the code, so it's you who makes the code? I learn to do the code so I can model in 3D if you want. What kind of 3D software do you use?
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