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  1. I don't know if my game project will open source or closed ? If i make a good game you think you can make a donation for kickstarter ? Are you interested this crowndfunding? What your though from this idea ? Pros and cons ? I am interesting if somenone say me what is your most important for a game ? Thanks
  2. khotan

    Moon Sky

    Good luck and keep it up
  3. khotan

    Fracture ?

    Cool thank you
  4. khotan

    Moon Sky

    Nice work ! Hope to see your finished game
  5. Leadwerks powa ! xD Hope to make someday a game for you.

    1. tipforeveryone


      Always looking forward new things :)

  6. A feature that control skeleton (pos,rot,size), bones over assigned influence , tree-thing all in programming access api. Thanks
  7. khotan

    Fracture ?

    Can i create a fracture sim based with voronoi in Leadwerks that control over on vertices or edges ? is it possible ? Lua or C++?
  8. There are several thing i will working on this project. 2D graphic : - Prototype of some object - concept character - vehicle prototype - guns and armors - background prototype 3D Creation : - Create character and robot for 3D models - Props and environment - futuristic vehicle - Animation character - gun and armor - 3D texture mapping Programming : - Prepare to make some programming in C++ or Lua - AI System -Path finding - interaction - Physics - trap - mechanics system - FX simulation - voice and music controlled - algorithms - 3D maths
  9. I created my project : The uncertain world
  10. Thirsty Panther thank you for knowing this project, before to join in but i am not sure, i would like to know more info from this project. What is it story? What is it style (action, adventure or horror?) for third person? can you send me a copy of their GDD ? I say my project because i have idea on how to create a game but i prefer as we can make together all work if they want to join me :)
  11. Anybody want to join to the little team for making cool game based on Third person ? I have not yet a plan for making but we can discuss for it, we can think of gameplay, story, characters, etc. In this team needs some 3D modeler, 3D animator, 2D artist for texture, coder, writer story and GDD, actor voice and musician. Somebody wanna to help each other for making a real game ? Just to try and do your own portfolio and CV from experience What do you think ? Sound cool or is too much for that ?
  12. Hi, Any have top games in 2018 made by indie who use Leadwerks ?
  13. khotan

    FBX Models

    Can i control for mesh polygon as vertex, edge or face to make animation in Lua or C++ ? Can i custom with bones to adding, removing, assigning to some mesh and animating (in Lua or C++ too) ? How to make these technics in programming ? Thanks.
  14. Leadwerks support for Orthographic camera for 2D games ? as 2D platform or RTS ?
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