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  1. aiaf


    Making steady progress, and preparing for a release by the end of year. I decided to not create a full blown in game tutorial. I have something simpler first time an action happen i have some kind of popups with instructions. There are also some howtos in game, but yeah will not for casual players , its a strange game i hope people will read and try things. Besides this ill create a manual and video tutorials on you tube. First minute or so in the game, not showing much gameplay yet, but you can get an idea: https://youtu.be/-VktDqz4_pc
  2. Nope , i don't use the GUI. Last comment here i applied brutal method , my game will only be played in windowed mode.
  3. Yes , because you get to have the 100% scale for those resolutions. Setup small resolution and increase scale and boom. The problem i describe is still there , you dont know how each player could have setup the windows scale ...
  4. Think was discussed before somewhere on forum , but now i have a more clear case and is very bad: resolution 3840x2160, scale factor 100% game works just fine resolution 3840x2160, scale factor 150% crash with this error: Structura start Initializing OpenGL graphics driver... OpenGL version 460 GLSL version 460 Device: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2 Error: Window is NULL Window is NULL This only happen when trying to use fullscreen, windowed is ok. But for 150% scale + window mode theres another problem the window will be very la
  5. Had older ryzen 5, had to do a bios update now i have a ryzen 3700 with nvidia card. Very fast and no problems. I have a tool from MSI that updates the motherboard/chipset drivers. And another tool from nvidia that installs the latest graphics drivers when they are released. From my experience you should always go to the latest drivers from the vendor, not the windows ones, they actually fix things from time to time. Also giving up on reinstalling windows could be good idea maybe you unlucky but is pretty stable lately , i didnt had to reinstall in ag
  6. Feels good to have game code that works and is flexible enough.Cool new features implemented in 10 minutes heh

    1. gamecreator


      Yeah.  I feel like works/flexible/efficient is the magic good coders work toward, for larger projects.  Good deal.

  7. Is there a way to disable physics completely in le4? I figured for what im doing i dont need physics. I read in the apis about setting mass to 0 : model->SetMass(0); Thanks
  8. aiaf


    I figured it out it was too dark ... finally haha , so new skybox and other improvements
  9. I noticed physic shapes (phy files) takes lot of time to load. Removing those for whats not 100% necessary should help.
  10. i spoke too soon The pick is ok. When i put the collapsed mdls in game , some have a green color all over the model ... other are just black area with some texture seen through When i put back the old mdls without collapse all looks good grey asteroids with textures. Any idea ? really annoying //Leadwerks Material File blendmode=0 castshadows=0 zsort=0 cullbackfaces=1 depthtest=1 pickmode=1 depthmask=1 diffuse=0.20000000,0.20000000,0.20000000,1.00000000 specular=0.501960814,0.501960814,0.501960814,0.501960814 alwaysuseshader=0 roughness=0.50000000000000000 mapp
  11. I found a workaround, i use TOOLS -> Collapse in the editor and now the pick and keys are ok.
  12. Sure, i attached a test, output on console for mouse click: lep-master.zip
  13. Yes it detects the entity if no key check, i put a print. Here is how i add the keys: for(int i=0; i < masrmax; i++) { mas.push_back(new MissileAsteroid(unitexpmat, GetPointOnSphere(currentUnit->GetModel()->GetPosition(), 10, Math::Random(0, 360), Math::Random(0, 360)), currentUnit->GetModel()->GetPosition(), false)); mas->GetModel()->SetKeyValue("mas" , String(i)); } Inside MissileAsteroid constructor: //model = Model::Box(0.1, 0.1, 0.1); model = Model::Load("Models/Asteroids/AsteroidMobileE_LOD3.mdl");
  14. Hello Have a problem with pick info an entity, i have setup a keyvalue on the model. if (pickinfo.entity->GetKeyValue("mas") != "") { System::Print("hit"); int val = stoi(pickinfo.entity->GetKeyValue("mas")); if (window->MouseHit(1)) { System::Print("hit"); console->mas[val]->DecrementHps(); } } Code above works if i use a boxes (Model::Box) model = Model::Box(0.1, 0.1, 0.1); If i use a model like
  15. i arrive at 30 fps in Debug mode and i started to worry about performance ... ,  but no :) Release mode 250fps

    1. Marcousik


      That makes me curious... Do you have somewhere a video gameplay to check what kind of game?

    2. aiaf


      I have very low poly count on screen (like 200k), but even with that i think it looks ok.

      I didn't arrive to the main gameplay but should give an idea:

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7kwqzhflur8bnr/test 2020.06.13 -

    3. Marcousik


      Yeah cool, gave me Nice feeling and immersion seems really good, you will need a solid tutorial but yes fascinates me at first

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