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  1. Cannot compile binary

    gcc --version what output it gives ? This looks related to this: Try update your system.
  2. What are you working on :

    Implemented a simple menu system throughout the game, helps much with usability and all the console commands still exist under the hood. Main menu: Components menu:
  3. got new computer for use with leadwerks, amd ryzen 5 processor + gtx 1060 , should be future proof for awhile

  4. 4 Things You Don't Know About Ukraine

    Looks like nice city by watching you tube.Combination of former comunist city and modern. Some things reminds me of Bucharest 20 years ago, was the far west after the fall of comunism. Should be good for leadwerks heard they have good programmers
  5. Multiplayer Game Concepts

    Do it the simple way first, too see what problems come up. From valve:
  6. What game would you make if..

    I would go for single player turn base space strategy game in the line of master of orion and stelaris. But restrained to a single solar system and some strange alien civilisation.And follow their development from the first alien to a solar system civilization.Here im thinking the game civilization but much more complex , and understanding the aliens and they're culture should be like a big puzzle that follows you around the game. The game should have a persistent single world.For example if you die and you have a son/daugther you get to choose to continue using that character.Or maybe choose to be revived as certain character in the past to witness what your previous character did :). The action you done will remain persistent between plays so you will populate the world with events you will recognize.Say you become somehow a leader and start a war and you will see the remains of a battle or some monuments.
  7. EuroTrip II

    If you somehow pass by romania i can show you around, good places lots of beer
  8. updated to 4.4 with no issues, going to try the new gui

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. aiaf


      Tried that code and works, no crash.

    3. jen


      Thanks x

    4. aiaf


      Like the new gui, easy to use

  9. In-Game Menu

    Will this work from c++ ?
  10. Building a safer linked list for C++

    A strange implementation of a linked list (was really confused first time i saw this) , from linux kernel
  11. C++ Tutorials

    Im interested to do this.
  12. Documentation Update 2

    Searching works pretty well. But where are the c++ examples ?
  13. lensflare help

    LensFlare *anomally = LensFlare::Create(); anomally->SetPosition(0, 3, 0); anomally->SetRange(100); anomally->SetRadius(0.1, 10); Material *lfm = Material::Load("Materials/Effects/lensflare.mat"); anomally->SetMaterial(lfm); I dont understand how to use lensflare.I have a static white sphere with the code from above. what am i missing here ? Need to have something like this:
  14. Math::Random(float, float) ?

    Works! Should be added in api documentation:
  15. Math::Random(float, float) ?

    It should have is confusing. Thanks for help, seem ill use the c++ random facilities.