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  1. Nice To change from this to level1 put this code in the trigger for end of intro map (key press ?): changemapname = "GameMaps/level01/level" changenextstate = LEVEL1_STATE Put this map in GameMaps/level00/level (or how you want to call it) so we keep the convention with the others maps.
  2. Sure go for it with the changes for cryo room and mechanics. I want to keep some of the text boxes descriptions if possible it gives some interactive fiction feel i like.I can add them back when your done with the level. But for vr room i dont think it can be done without the reading. I think ill start to experiment with another strange room :) i have some ideas.
  3. Yep this is good.Dont need other effect for now, tank is pretty badass. Have a map with this kind of enemies after cryo room. Then we could add some simple variety: -tank teleporting randomly across the level -immobile tank (like a turret) Ill have some time today will do some things for cryo level and vr.
  4. Theres another way. Create in home directory the file: .xsessionrc And run your program from there dont forget the & at end. For example to autorun an gedit editor content should be: gedit &
  5. Hmm Ok , ignoring that Deskotp autostart and just running your pj01.sh from console , that works ? Ill get to my linux machine and do some tests later.
  6. Im not near my linux machine to test. Try like this: ./pj01 "$@" I think exec will terminate the current shell and replace it with your process.
  7. Create a run.sh: #!/bin/bash exec your app here shutdown -h now Make it executable chmod a+x run.sh. And your done.
  8. Have a look in Maps/canyons.map to see the spells. There is gravity push and electrosphere, press Q to trigger.And Tab to switch from one to another. Gravity push is really nice try it on the rocks. But electrosphere has some problem with the sprite sheet , seem to work but it shouldnt look like this , dont know how to fix that...
  9. Currently Slas is missing he said got new side job so less time.He was doing ai and weapons tests and dont know how to make that work again. So im only one active beside you and maybe Thirsty. Lets try and wrap up level2 , i will to add textbox back and describe some things in the room and simplify VR part and link it to cryo room better. At first the 3 doors should be inacive , and only purpose of VR will be to unlock that doors with a command , so we can open them. And add the traveling red light to that device you added in the second room. If you have other ideas do tell
  10. Looking good imo. You want to add some laser effects to it ? or just use it as gun ?
  11. Cool i just tested , opening doors seem to work. Is a small problem when you go down the ramp in middle , player gets a bit stuck in ground, you can maneuver around it but should be fixed. What im thinking you could add: a gun, some paper documents inside a locker to be picked Similar to HalfLife wall health charger ? or health cubes A closed book at some place There is a framerate drop when i look at the lights. I get around 12 fps when looking at those 60 lights. Dont bother with this for now. i have laptop and pretty old card (GeForce GTX950M).
  12. You are doing the door opening into the second room ? I was thinking to simplify the first contact to the VR room , and beside the explaining on how it works, to just ask the user the input a simple command that will open that door.
  13. Visual Studio 2019 is released.

    Just rebuild my game with no issues.

    1. reepblue


      Oh cool, so VS19 support out of the box then?

    2. aiaf


      well works for me,  we still have to get engine built with it from josh 

    3. reepblue


      If there is no benefit and 2019 compiles games, really don't see the real push.

  14. Lookin great. Can you also add a 004 on that opening chest/or locker ? im thinking to pick up some things from there , some food/health pack and the gun maybe. The light that was travelling the room/camera shake is in Scripts/Objects/Triggers/EnergyLightHandler.lua , may need changing. Ill wire back some text boxes when this is done model wise.
  15. aiaf

    Release ?

    Sound good to me. I will do some gui things , a timer and some kind of life metter.
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