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  1. aiaf

    Turbo Mode

    Sounds nice We should also use those falling bricks you put in your level, are quite cool.
  2. aiaf

    Vertex coloring out of the box

    You can vertex paint those models yourself in blender then export fbx to lw. I noticed you need many vertexes on model for this to look good.Doesnt work well for very low poly models.
  3. aiaf


    Screen from latest version now with models:
  4. aiaf

    Dread Loop

    Awesome!!! But a bit too hard for me.
  5. aiaf

    Development kickstart

    Was very busy with work last month. But now is more okay i can give some time to this. First level of dream world is mostly done.But i show this to some of my friends and they didnt figure out the mechanic. Maybe is too unusual, and need more description in game ... Guys please play the first level and tell me what do you think ? can you figure this out with the current in game message. Aside from this we should focus on the cryo room level. Add some gameplay, and use the awesome level by mdgunn.
  6. Hey everyone, Lets start development again! Latest design document is here: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=12969 Go and pick something you would like to do. We should focus on the cryo room. Post here if you have the time to help, need to know who we can count in this period. Cheers
  7. aiaf

    Leadwerks Requirements?

    Just put more ram , with 2G windows 10 barely runs.
  8. aiaf

    Ubuntu 18.04 and Leadwerks

    I suppose you first tried the ubuntu updater in gui and that didn't work either.Thats usual way to install. You could try ubuntu 18.10, is not an lts version.
  9. aiaf

    Ubuntu 18.04 and Leadwerks

    it always worked for me to install the proprietary drivers from ubuntu ui .. if you have nvidia you could try to install driver manually: https://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html
  10. aiaf

    Ubuntu 18.04 and Leadwerks

    What graphic card you have ?
  11. aiaf

    Dream world

    Sounds good to me. In few days ill have more free time to focus on this.
  12. aiaf

    Dream world

    Well i recognize could be confusing for player, but I was not switching characters, you are not the monolith you helped it navigate, not by choice.And remember this as a dream. Anyway this does not matter i was just trying to come up with short mini gameplay that is easy to do and backstory. This doesn't help me on the quest to advance this project.At the moment don't know what to do. The way we are going now and design document, the story is important you cannot avoid it. But that can change, we could ditch dream world idea to simplify things. And have just combat mechanic and simple puzzles no stories. Let's clarify this, so we all go in same direction.
  13. aiaf

    Fire and Ice Mechanics

    We could add default attacks to the player (fireball and ice attack). And this to be the magic part of the game. Maybe player need to learn to use his magical powers.Some destructible objects in environment could be cool.
  14. aiaf

    Dream world

    Heres an idea. Lets say the monolith flies through space like a comet , nice graphics etc Then an asteroid field show up and gameplay is to dodge asteroids for a small time. Dream ends then comes the cryo room.Some things happen there and on way to surface we can have small dream world levels as you say with simple puzles. We could have another level even when monolith is close to the islands gameplay to dodge several islands and player choose the island to crash on. This is nice since your choice will affect the game, you will find a crash site on selected island. Once monolith is crashed we can use "The Trials" dream level is already done.
  15. aiaf

    Dream world

    I was thinking the level "The Trials" is too minimalistic in style and unusual in gameplay to be the first level We should use cryo room as first level.The game should start with some really good graphics and not scare people too much. So i propose beside the islands to have a dream world (story wise) where you enter from time to time.Lets say you communicate with the monolith etc. First level to be "The Trials", then we can do more levels there.