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  1. A strange implementation of a linked list (was really confused first time i saw this) , from linux kernel
  2. Im interested to do this.
  3. Searching works pretty well. But where are the c++ examples ?
  4. LensFlare *anomally = LensFlare::Create(); anomally->SetPosition(0, 3, 0); anomally->SetRange(100); anomally->SetRadius(0.1, 10); Material *lfm = Material::Load("Materials/Effects/lensflare.mat"); anomally->SetMaterial(lfm); I dont understand how to use lensflare.I have a static white sphere with the code from above. what am i missing here ? Need to have something like this:
  5. Works! Should be added in api documentation:
  6. It should have is confusing. Thanks for help, seem ill use the c++ random facilities.
  7. Yes and i use the current time as a seed.Still it doesnt change the values. Below is a pseudo random generator from c++, it doesnt behave as Math::Random i just tested: std::random_device seed; std::mt19937 gen(time(NULL)); std::uniform_int_distribution<int> dist(0, 360); for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { printf("%d ", dist(gen)); }
  8. Have a look at the output of this program run for a couple of times: int main(int argc, const char *argv[]) { srand(time(NULL)); for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { printf("%d ", rand() % 360); } printf("\n"); for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { printf("%f ", Math::Random(0.0, 360.0)); } 159 153 117 103 57 293.300507 48.771721 326.085083 300.603088 45.715256 168 350 54 276 33 293.300507 48.771721 326.085083 300.603088 45.715256 181 136 214 26 243 293.300507 48.771721 326.085083 300.603088 45.715256 I dont understand what happens with Math::Random, it returns the same numbers. Using rand%360 looks ok.
  9. Cool idea Maybe think about doing the game battleships later, to show simple multi-player. I really liked r-type.Aside from that golden axe, double dragon, contra, punisher.
  10. I searched the forums for a way to read all file names in a directory. Didnt find any method. Want to request a function that return the names of the files in a directory(c++). Would like this in leadwerks ,i know there are other options: fs::directory_iterator but only available in standard c++17 boost (which i dont want to use) write your own for each platform
  11. Really nice, responsive design works reading from Android phone. Tutorials and community pages feels a bit off, can see is the old site looks bit different.
  12. good luck with the project looks well Have a look at this tool it catches all kind of programming errors related to memory and works on windows also:
  13. Thanks seems im tired and lazy, i wanted a window->MouseWheelHit() event
  14. Hi, Im getting the mouse wheel index(in the main loop) and use this in a menu: selectedDirection = (int)window->GetMousePosition().z; There is a function, or other way, that detects that Wheel moved ? Something like: if(window->MouseWheelHit()) { do something }
  15. For games created by 1 developer i can live with that as sign of support. They should at least optimize the game post launch. Studios are a different story. I remember this fps game (krieger) from couple of years back: Its 96kb on disk probably assets are procedural generated