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  1. Lets verify/debug this a bit im curios, do this steps: delete gworld run Forth.exe +levelload 3 just exit game , dont press anything else Post content of gworld in this thread I want to see the exact content, we using some library that serialize lua tables to disk (https://github.com/pkulchenko/serpent) , maybe is a problem there. After this steps , run forth again normally (double click forth.exe) and press continue , it still loads level 1 ?
  2. Looks like you making really good progress with the new engine, Congrats! my plan to finish my game before turbo is released may not work
  3. I added a command line for loading single levels with proper state, for example: Forth.exe +levelload 3 Once is enough to be run , you can run Forth normally after if you want to finish that level. I have some problem with the buttons scripts , it crashes when it try to release sound.Ill see tommorow what is that.
  4. This console and amd/nvidia i find really strange, is not much rendering being done with that console. I dont know how publishing is working, never used it.We could do our own release distribution in worse case. But either way you are right , we will have problems when we get near release , only god knows now what assets are in use at this moment. And btw we have a limitation from bitbucket, has a max 2GB repository size , i noticed recently. We may have to reorganize at some point. Yes there is a way that fully respects states: I will create a game command line option to force load a level , and that command will just overwrite gworld file with the right stuff. At the moment you could be outside level in case you change by hand only the level id. I think this could work. Console doesnt really respect the states at the moment, needs some improvments also.
  5. Yep ,cool stuff. You can change the level like this: changenextstate = LEVEL3_STATE gstate:set(changenextstate) changemapname = "GameMaps/level03/level" Where you get the sounds from ?
  6. Quite nice , this cutscene will happen right after you finish the first level ? , before entering cryo room i suppose ? or on new game ?
  7. Agree. This sounds good but you are totally missing from this what happens with level03 VR and level01a second sleep. In my above post is described what is implemented now in vr level. Vr level is meant to be reusable from different levels , it has commands and must have effects in real ship rooms. - [LEVEL02 - alternate 1] subject 004 falls to floor (physics body or camera path). Fade to black...few seconds of black...fade from black. 004 can now explore room.Computer is malfunctioning and there is some info on some tablets(as you mentioned) that should enter vr to fix it. 004 is severely wounded, Enters vr by pressing some headset (will do this actions inside vr start/restart computer and activate the heal station). After exit from vr (back in level02) 004 crawls towards the heal station and when near it another blackout (fade in/out to black) that loads level01a. Level01a is finished, 004 wakes up near heal station almost dead and use it to heal himself. [LEVEL 02 - alternate 2] The same with what you said in your post. There will be a special real life room in the ship that has a chair and a vr headset. So all initial events with the sphere will not need the vr, will be available later. Second sleep level triggers when you actually go to sleep in a bed somewhere. I dont know.
  8. I think is good as final version also, adds flavor to the room. Let's discuss to figure out order of events: Player must blackout to enter second sleep level. So what will trigger the alarm? It will be before or after blackout? The headset to enter vr will appear after blackout? User must enter vr to input the commands: start/restart computer activate health station Input exit command to come back to cryo room and heal itself.And that finish the vr part for now. What other events you have in mind?
  9. I would like to keep the current way the teleporter works in vr. We can use buttons on the real world levels. If you want to make a better effect for teleport sure.Can you add a demo button in level01a so i see how it works, want to use that to activate an event that will rotate the pillars. Yes, a vr station in real world would be great far better then triggering off the table. At the moment to exit vr you need to input a command , i think we can keep this is consistent with how vr is used. I dont get it , im doing same thing and it works. For some reason the red teleporter doesnt show up on the white background, probably because of the alpha i dont know. Thats why i put some objects behind the teleporters for it to be visible. Its exactly the same emitter from the teleporter with color change.But for my purpose in that level i think it looks good.
  10. Ok ill change it to have only bars running at first and rest only on activation of teleporter.For less aggressive visuals. No need for one shot or timer because of the way the teleports are working, you activate one teleport by mouse over and press e key, I show a reader then show the emitters for that teleport , you are not required to walk in the teleport immediately you can just look at it.Once you pass a teleporter i hide the activated emitters.
  11. Done now , all teleports with particles + activation effect when pressing use. Pretty cool looking.
  12. I think will be using the emitters without the prefab , i setup one of the teleporters for now. I dont have much time this morning.I commited just one set of the emitters, once i get back from work ill finish and make activation only show when wou step through. Looking great.And i plan to use this effect as a one way teleporter in level01a to make the player know what it is.
  13. Works, and yes you need the game main lua because it uses the gui system classes. I will try to make this more robust, but i tried with level 2 and 3 after some changes and it works.
  14. Yes too annoying sound , visual effect is good.
  15. I dont know, i think besides me, Slas may have some time.Thirsty was not active for some time ,and the rest of the people were active at beginning only. But i think maybe after release v1 , we could get some more people interested, ar at least i hope. From my part you can go with it , i will try to help if i can.
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