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  1. In the Leadwerks engine v2.3 vegetation layer were in option of terrain, but in leadwerks engine 3 they were moved away. How create a grass now?
  2. For example, I create new class in c++ code. In API.cpp I can create new object on base of this class, but in Editor i can't create this object. An i want to learn: Can I create object on base of c++ classes in editor. Thanks in advance.
  3. I think, that if you use Map::Load(), you load new map. And it is necessary to me that in one world some terrains were loaded. And I get open world
  4. I want to create a terrain, which will be loaded when player to be in it. How I can do it? Be desirable, if you can give me example on c++ code. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, everybody. I've a question. I want to create subloading for big map. Map more 4096x4096. How I can to do it?
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