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  1. Thank you for the info
  2. Hello, I use the beta If I want to use Environment Probe, or want to start a new project, the error message comes up: Exception_Access_Violation and Leadwerks crashes. The update of 07.04.2018 did not fix the error.
  3. When will the purchase be possible?
  4. the same message appears in the Webbrowser.
  5. Hello Josh, I've been trying to buy Aggror's Spline Tools since yesterday, but Steam always gets the error message: Oops, sorry! When processing your request an error has occurred: An unexpected error occurred while authorizing your transaction. Please try again. Steam Support wrote me this: Hello, Thank you for the informations. It looks like this is a bug in Leadwerks Game Engine - Professional Edition and not a problem with Steam. To get help for Leadwerk's Game Engine - Professional Edition, support for the game is the right place to go. Please find the contact information of the corresponding support department in the following link: https://help.steampowered.com/wizard/HelpWithGameTechnicalIssue/?appid=287760 Steam Support Sonja
  6. I have not received a beta update on Steam!
  7. zipzup

    Version 4.4 beta update

    Where is the GUI ??
  8. zipzup

    Leadwerks GUI

    It looks very good
  9. I have uninstalled Leadwerks once and then reinstalled. Now it works again
  10. I was previously on the beta 4.3. After the beta update of 28.01 it was at once 4.0.
  11. Hello everybody After the last beta update of 28.01, always comes this error message when I would like to load my games in the editor!
  12. When I look to the left side , the Water Reflection is black.
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